Strata Trust Company specializes in investment and asset management, offering services such as real estate and crowdfunding investments, precious metals IRAs, and other self-directed IRA services.
Positive customer experiences: Strata Trust Company has received favorable reviews and feedback from customers, highlighting their professionalism, expertise, and excellent customer service.
Negative customer experiences: Some customers have expressed concerns about the account setup process and fees associated with Strata Trust Company, urging potential clients to thoroughly research and understand the costs involved.

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Introduction: Strata Trust Company


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Strata Trust Company is a prominent player in the investment and asset management industry, known for their specialization in this field. With a dedicated leadership team and a strong presence, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking financial expertise. In this section, we will provide a brief overview of Strata Trust Company, highlighting their core offerings and examining the key factors that set them apart in the industry.


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Pros and Cons




✅ There are lots of investment alternatives


✅This is a branch of Horizon Financial institution

✅Distinct SDIRAs



❎Many people whine.

❎It has negative evaluations on customer-trust websites

❎Customer care is poor

Overview of Strata Trust Company

Strata Trust Company is renowned for its investment and asset management services. It offers alternative investments, such as real estate and crowdfunding. Moreover, customers can invest in precious metals via their IRA accounts.

The firm also provides standard self-directed IRA services, e.g., processing documents, executing investments, and tax reporting. Strata Trust caters particularly to professionals in the financial and real estate industries.

Feedback from customers plays an important role in assessing the quality of service. Generally, customers have good experiences with Strata Trust. Sources like BBB and Trustpilot rate the company highly.

Nevertheless, some customers have experienced issues with customer service, account handling, and fees. Strata Trust has taken steps to rectify these issues.
Before opening an account with Strata Trust, be aware of the fees associated with managing the account. These include setup fees, annual management fees, and transaction fees. The account setup process involves establishing the account and funding it.

Strata Trust Company is a well-known firm in the investment and asset management industry. It is based in San Francisco, California. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are experts in finance and real estate. Their leadership team has a great history in the financial sector, meaning clients get top-notch advice.

Services Offered by Strata Trust Company

Strata Trust Company offers a range of services that cater to different investment needs. From real estate and crowdfunding investments to precious metals IRAs and other self-directed IRA services, Strata Trust Company has options for various investment preferences. Whether you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio, exploring alternative investment opportunities, or safeguarding your retirement savings, Strata Trust Company has something for you.

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Real Estate and Crowdfunding Investments

Strata Trust Company is an expert in self-directed IRA services, with a focus on alternative investments such as real estate and crowdfunding. They provide knowledge and advice to investors looking for unique investment opportunities.

For those interested in real estate, Strata Trust works with clients to help them make the right decisions. They’ve developed strategic partnerships and have a great understanding of the industry.

Crowdfunding investments are also available. The company uses technology platforms to connect investors with innovative projects across various industries.

Strata Trust offers further self-directed IRA services. They ensure smooth document processing, efficient investment execution, and accurate tax reporting. In this way, they assist customers in achieving their financial goals, while maintaining a reputable name in the field.

Do not lose out on the potential of higher returns by not knowing concerning all your options. Your self-directed IRA custodian should be able to buy different things like supplies, bonds, and gold.

Precious Metals IRAs

Strata Trust Company provides a wide range of services for investors who want to diversify their portfolios and explore different investments. One of these services is their Precious

Metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).
Invest in Precious Metals through IRAs: Strata Trust helps customers add these assets to their IRAs. This gives individuals the chance to spread out their retirement savings across various asset classes.
Various Types of Metals Available: Strata Trust offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Investors can pick the metal that fits their investment goals and risk tolerance.
Broker Requirement for Transactions: When investing in precious metals with Strata Trust, customers must use a broker who specializes in these types of transactions. This ensures compliance with regulations and provides knowledge in trading and storing precious metals.
Plus, the Precious Metals IRA service is only one part of Strata Trust’s whole array of self-directed IRA services for financial and real estate professionals.

In conclusion, Strata Trust Company’s Precious Metals IRAs let people diversify their retirement savings by investing in various types of precious metals. Additionally, Strata Trust offers expertise and partnerships with specialized brokers. They supply a broad selection of self-directed IRA services to financial and real estate professionals, from document processing to investing and tax reporting.

Other Self-Directed IRA Services
Strata Trust Company boasts an array of Self-Directed IRA Services–beyond their expertise in alternative investments–for professionals in the financial and real estate industries.
The company’s services include processing documents, executing investments, and preparing tax reports for a smooth experience managing IRAs. Furthermore, individuals can invest in alternative assets such as real estate and crowdfunding through their IRAs. Precious metals IRA services are also offered, allowing customers to invest in metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with transactions done through a broker.

Strata Trust emphasizes its dedication to providing top-notch customer service and support. Positive reviews from customers commend the company’s helpful representatives.


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Fees and Account Setup Process

Strata Trust Company Review takes a professional approach to fees and account setup processes. They make the setup process for clients looking to establish their investment accounts easy and efficient. They also provide competitive and transparent fee structures to ensure their clients understand the costs associated with their investments.

The following table gives an overview of Strata Trust Company’s fees and account setup process:

Fees and Account Setup Process
Setup Process
Account Types
Fees Structure
Other Costs

Clients can look forward to a seamless account creation process with Strata Trust Company. They offer various account types, such as self-directed IRAs and solo 401(k) plans. This gives clients the flexibility to align their investments with their financial goals.
Strata Trust Company is committed to transparency. They keep their fee structure clear so clients have a comprehensive understanding of their expenses. This allows them to make well-informed decisions about their finances.

Furthermore, Strata Trust Company goes beyond account setup and fee structures. They prioritize client satisfaction by providing exceptional customer service and ongoing support. They are dedicated to offering a high level of service throughout the investment journey.
Strata Trust Company is highly regarded in the industry. They have earned trust and loyalty from clients through their professionalism and commitment to straightforward fees and account setup processes.

Strata Trust Company offers comprehensive self-directed IRA services tailored to the unique needs of professionals in the financial and real estate spheres. Check out Customer Reviews and Feedback to hear what real customers have to say about the company’s exceptional service.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Discover the true voice of customers in the world of Strata Trust Company. Dive into the realm of customer reviews and feedback, where positive and negative experiences unfold. Gain insights into the unbiased perspectives of those who have engaged with Strata Trust, shaping a comprehensive understanding of their services and reputation.

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Positive Customer Experiences

Customers have voiced their gratification for Strata Trust Company’s services. They specifically praised the reps’ helpfulness and knowledge. These remarks are backed up by Strata Trust’s high ratings on BBB and Trustpilot.

Clients appreciate the personal attention and aid they get from Strata Trust Company Review.
The reps at Strata Trust Company Review are proficient and provide valuable advice on investment opportunities.
Customers have complimented how responsive and quick the customer service team is with addressing their queries at Strata Trust Company Review.
People value the ease of communication with Strata Trust Company Review, either through phone calls or emails.
Positive reviews mention reps at Strata Trust Company Review who went the extra mile to ensure a smooth investment process.
The positive ratings on BBB and Trustpilot validate the quality of service provided by Strata Trust Company Review.

Professionals from the financial and real estate industries have also benefited from Strata Trust’s self-directed IRAs. Their expertise in alternative investments has been beneficial to clients aiming for diversification and higher returns. On the other hand, some customers found the experience as dull as watching paint dry.

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Negative Customer Experiences

Several customers have been unhappy with Strata Trust Company. They said the customer service, account handling, and fees were bad. Some mentioned unhelpful customer service and lack of assistance. Others had problems with paperwork and investments. Plus, they were mad about the fees.

But, Strata Trust Company has tried to fix this. They’ve responded to bad reviews and worked to give customers what they want. They have shown dedication to bettering their services and pleasing customers.

Tip: Before investing with Strata Trust Company, it’s essential to look at both the good and bad customer experiences. This helps you understand the company more.

Strata Trust Company Final Thought

Strata Trust Company is a great pick for those looking to expand their wealth and plan for retirement. They put the customer first, giving them personalized help and advice to make sound investments. Plus, they have a diverse selection of options to choose from. Strata Trust Company stands out for their: transparency, efficiency, and customer service. With Strata Trust Company you can trust that your assets are secure. Plus, they provide a comprehensive review of all of their services.

Some Facts About Strata Trust Company Review:

✅ Strata Trust Company has over $3 billion in assets under custody. (Source:

✅ The company offers a variety of investment options, including real estate, crowdfunding, private equity, and precious metals. (Source:

✅ Strata Trust Company has a knowledgeable and experienced executive and management team, including President Kelli Click. (Source:

✅ The company provides standard self-directed IRA services, processing documentation, executing investments, ensuring proper asset registration, and performing tax reporting. (Source:

✅ Strata Trust Company has received positive customer reviews and has a high rating from BBB and Trustpilot. (Source:,,


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FAQs About Strata Trust Company Review


What are the different types of self-directed IRAs offered by Strata Trust Company?

Strata Trust Company offers various types of self-directed IRAs, including traditional IRAs, precious metals IRAs, and the Flex IRA for a more personalized strategy.

What are the fees associated with managing a gold IRA account at Strata Trust Company?

Managing a gold IRA account at Strata Trust Company incurs setup fees, annual management fees, storage fees, shipping fees, and transaction fees. While their setup and administrative fees are lower than many competitors, their storage fees are slightly higher.

How does the account closure process work at Strata Trust Company?

At Strata Trust Company, if you decide to close your account, there is a $250 account closure fee. Customers should provide a 30-day notice and complete the necessary paperwork.

What investment options are available for self-directed IRAs at Strata Trust Company?

Strata Trust Company offers a wide range of investment options for self-directed IRAs, including real estate IRAs, precious metals IRAs, crowdfunding, private investments, futures, and private equity.

What are the business hours of operation for Strata Trust Company?

Strata Trust Company operates Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Central Time.

What is the contact information for Strata Trust Company?

You can reach Strata Trust Company by phone at 866-268-9218, email at [email protected], or fax at 512-495-9554.

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