Rosland Capital review

Key Takeaway:

  • Rosland Capital is a reputable gold and precious metals investment firm, with a strong presence both domestically and internationally.
  • They offer a promotional offer of $1,000 free gold and silver, allowing eligible individuals to start investing in a variety of products such as coins, bars, and ingots.
  • Rosland Capital has shown a commitment to addressing customer complaints and resolving issues promptly, through refund options, a buyback policy, and insurance claims.
  • The company has received positive reviews and feedback from customers, and holds high ratings from BBB and Business Consumer Alliance.
  • Investing with Rosland Capital provides access to educational resources and support services, ensuring customers are well-informed about their investment decisions.
  • It is important to research and assess risks when choosing a precious metals dealer, and consider alternatives before making investment decisions.
  • Setting up a Gold IRA with Rosland Capital is a viable option for individuals looking to diversify their retirement portfolio.
  • Real customer reviews and feedback can provide valuable insights into the company’s reliability and services.
  • Investing in physical gold has its benefits, including protection against economic uncertainties and market volatility.
  • It is crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing in precious metals, and to be aware of the risks involved.


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Introduction: Rosland Capital – A Reputable Gold and Precious Metals Investment Firm


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4.1 stars

4.1/5 Ratings

Rosland Capital is a trusted name in the world of gold and precious metals investments. Discover more about this reputable firm, their founder Marin Aleksov, and their global presence. We’ll also explore their accreditations and ratings from reliable sources like BBB and Business Consumer Alliance. Get ready to dive into the details of Rosland Capital, a highly regarded player in the precious metals investment industry.


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Pros and Cons




✅ Transaction costs are low.

✅ A diverse range of investing opportunities

✅ All of your financial needs can be met in one location.



❎ Only invest in assets that are both stable and yielding.

❎ No access to the stock exchange

❎ There is no access to other asset classes.

About Rosland Capital and its Founder, Marin Aleksov

Founded by Marin Aleksov, Rosland Capital is a respectable firm specializing in gold and precious metals investments. It is based in Los Angeles, California, and serves customers internationally.

Rosland Capital has gained a strong reputation in the industry. It is accredited by reputable institutions, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Business Consumer Alliance. This shows their commitment to high standards of business ethics and customer service.

They offer coins, bars, and ingots. Plus, eligible customers can get $1,000 free gold and silver. This allows individuals to start or diversify their precious metals portfolio at no extra cost.

Although there are some complaints about coin value and buyback issues, Rosland Capital addresses them with refund options, a strong buyback policy, and insurance claims for damaged products. This demonstrates their dedication to providing good service.

Before investing, it is essential to research factors such as pricing transparency, customer feedback, and overall satisfaction.

Rosland Capital is well-known, just like gold is well-known for its shine.

Company Headquarters and International Presence

Rosland Capital, a reliable precious metals dealer, has a strong presence in both their LA HQ and worldwide. Their commitment to investors spans multiple nations, like Canada, Mexico, Germany, and the UK.

The company is accredited by the BBB, and highly rated by the BBB and BCA. This reflects their focus on ethical business practices and customer service.

Rosland Capital’s global mission is to become a renowned gold and metals investment firm. They’ve established offices and partnerships in different regulatory environments to ensure their clients have accessible investment options.

In a nutshell, Rosland Capital’s LA hub provides the base for their operations. Their international presence is reinforced through offices and partners in various countries. They are dedicated to customer service and transparency, as certified by the BBB and backed up by their high ratings from the BBB and BCA.

Accreditation and Ratings from BBB and Business Consumer Alliance

Rosland Capital has earned high ratings from both the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). These recognitions show the company’s dedication to transparency, customer satisfaction, and ethical practices.

To give a better look at the accreditation and ratings, the following table gives the details:


FactorsComplaint Resolution, Customer Reviews, Transparent ProcessPositive Reviews, Timely Response, Ethical Business Conduct
rosland capital site

The A+ rating from BBB shows Rosland Capital’s commitment to quickly and efficiently resolve customer complaints. The company pays attention to customer feedback and works to be transparent in its procedures. Plus, the AAA rating from BCA showcases Rosland Capital’s ethical conduct in its operations.

It’s essential to note that though the two organizations both assess businesses’ reputations and consumers’ experiences, they look at different pieces. BBB looks at handling complaints while BCA examines positive reviews and timely responses.

Thanks to these outstanding accreditations and ratings from these respected organizations, customers can feel sure that Rosland Capital is a certified precious metals dealer.

Also, it is worth noting that getting an A+ rating from BBB and an AAA rating from BCA is no easy task. Companies must continually show they are dedicated to giving great service and have integrity in their business.

Rosland Capital’s Promotional Offer and Product Range

Rosland Capital offers an enticing promotional offer and an extensive range of products, including coins, bars, and ingots. Discover the eligibility requirements and details of their $1,000 Free Gold and Silver Offer, as well as the various types of products they provide. Get ready to delve into the world of precious metals and explore the opportunities that await with Rosland Capital.

Eligibility and Details of the $1,000 Free Gold and Silver Offer

Rosland Capital is presenting a promotional offer of $1,000 worth of free gold and silver to eligible customers. But there are criteria to meet in order to be eligible. The specifics of these requirements are not given. All kinds of products such as coins, bars, and ingots are included in this offer. The details regarding the distribution of the $1,000 worth of gold and silver are missing.

For more details on eligibility and how to participate, one must contact Rosland Capital directly. There doesn’t seem to be any further information about the associated terms and conditions. People should get in touch with Rosland Capital customer service reps to get precise details on eligibility and other info.

This is an amazing chance to invest in precious metals without any upfront costs. Don’t miss out! Contact Rosland Capital now to take advantage of this offer.

Types of Products Offered – Coins, Bars, and Ingots

Rosland Capital offers a variety of products for gold and precious metals investors. These include coins, bars and ingots. Refer to the reference data to understand the range of products better. Coins are popular for their collectible value and ease of storage. Bars are larger and better for larger investments or secure physical asset storage. Ingots are like bars but have intricate designs or engravings.

Rosland Capital provides a diverse selection of gold and precious metal products. They also offer services such as setting up Gold IRAs. These details were not mentioned previously.

For those looking to invest in gold or other precious metals, Rosland Capital is a great option. It provides access to various products catering to different investment goals. Start a collection or secure assets for the future. Don’t miss out on this chance to diversify your portfolio. Invest confidently with Rosland Capital today.

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Customer Complaints and Rosland Capital’s Response

Customer Complaints and Rosland Capital’s Response: Delve into the various aspects of customer complaints surrounding coin value, buyback issues, lawsuits, and investigation requests. Discover how Rosland Capital addresses these concerns through their resolution processes, including refunds, buyback policies, and insurance claims. Uncover the steps taken by Rosland Capital to ensure customer satisfaction and transparency in addressing these matters.

Complaints Regarding Coin Value and Buyback Issues

Customers of Rosland Capital have aired grievances concerning the worth of coins they bought and the difficulty of selling them back. These include:

  • The coins’ value not meeting their original investment.
  • Troubles when attempting to sell the coins back to Rosland Capital, like delays or lower offers.

Various lawsuits and investigation requests have been lodged in response. Rosland Capital have responded with refunds, clear buyback info and insurance for damaged/lost products.

It is critical that prospective investors research and assess risks before investing. Investigating a precious metals dealer such as Rosland Capital can provide info on pricing practices, customer service and reputation.

Lawsuits and Investigation Requests

Rosland Capital has had to face legal troubles and requests for investigation concerning its business practices. Many customers have sued them, raising questions such as false advertising, wrong coin values and buyback policy issues. Regulatory bodies have asked for investigations to make sure Rosland follows industry regulations and consumer protection laws. They have faced criticism from many, including customers and those concerned with potential unethical behavior in the precious metals investment industry.

However, Rosland has taken steps to deal with complaints and resolve fights with customers. They have put in place refund policies, changed their buyback process and worked on settling insurance claims fast. In addition, they have focused on customer service and transparency, to give a good investing experience. This is evident from their A+ rating from BBB and AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance.

When looking for a precious metals dealer, there are alternatives available. It’s important to consider factors such as reputation, product range, fees structures, and customer feedback. Rosland Capital offers educational resources and support services to help investors make informed decisions.

Resolution of Complaints – Refunds, Buyback Policy, and Insurance Claims

Rosland Capital has a system for solving customer complaints. It covers refunds, buyback policy, and insurance claims. They put a priority on fixing these issues quickly and properly.

For refunds, customers can contact the company within the given time if they’re not happy with their purchase.

When it comes to a buyback policy, Rosland Capital has a clear policy. This makes it easy and transparent when customers sell gold or silver back to them.

Insurance Claims are also taken care of. Customers get help filing claims for lost or damaged shipments. Rosland Capital works hard to get any eligible losses compensated fast.

Overall, Rosland Capital is dedicated to giving a good outcome for customers who have problems with refunds, buybacks, or insurance claims. Their commitment ensures customer complaints are handled fast and efficiently.

Rosland Capital shows that customer service and openness can be as valuable as gold.


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Rosland Capital’s Commitment to Customer Service and Transparency

Rosland Capital ensures exceptional customer service and transparency, reflecting in the positive customer reviews and an A+ rating from BBB and AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. Furthermore, their commitment to investor education and support services provides added benefits for those looking to invest with Rosland Capital.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers have given Rosland Capital glowing reviews. They have praised the company’s excellent customer service and transparency. Clients have expressed satisfaction with their gold and other precious metal purchases from Rosland. Prompt delivery and secure packaging have also been appreciated. Furthermore, customers have highlighted the educational resources and support services that have helped them make informed investment decisions.

Overall, reviews and feedback indicate Rosland is a reputable precious metals dealer that cares about customer satisfaction.

It is important to take customer reviews and feedback into account when selecting a precious metals dealer. Reading other customers’ experiences can give an idea of the company’s reliability, trustworthiness, and customer service. It is best to look for consistent positive feedback from multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

Prospective investors should also consider accreditation, ratings from organizations like the BBB and Business Consumer Alliance, as well as any legal disputes or complaints against the company.

Rosland Capital’s outstanding ratings prove their commitment to customer service and transparency is as strong as gold.

A+ Rating from BBB and AAA Rating from Business Consumer Alliance

Rosland Capital has scored a magnificent A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). These ratings show the company’s commitment to customer service excellence and ethical business practices.

  • The A+ rating from BBB indicates Rosland Capital’s record of quickly and satisfactorily resolving customer complaints. BBB assesses businesses based on factors like the number of complaints, their response, and any unresolved issues.
  • The AAA rating from BCA further proves Rosland Capital’s commitment to fairness and transparency. BCA assigns ratings depending on certain factors, like the company’s complaint history, how they handle complaints, and customer satisfaction.
  • These outstanding ratings illustrate that Rosland Capital is highly esteemed in the precious metals investment industry. Customers can rest assured that their transactions with Rosland Capital are secure.
  • Rosland Capital has continuously earned top ratings from both BBB and BCA, displaying their dedication to superior customer service.
  • By keeping an A+ rating from BBB and an AAA rating from BCA, Rosland Capital demonstrates their ongoing dedication to fairness and customer fulfillment.
  • Investing with Rosland Capital gives customers the assurance that comes from working with an industry leader.

Finally, these remarkable ratings provide comfort for those considering investing with Rosland Capital. With an A+ rating from BBB and an AAA rating from BCA, potential investors can be certain of their decision to work with a dealer who values customer satisfaction and upholds ethical business practices. Invest with Rosland Capital and reap the sparkling benefits of wise investments!

Benefits of Investing with Rosland Capital – Educational Resources and Support Services

Rosland Capital offers many advantages to investors. They have educational resources and support services to help you with your investment journey. You can get valuable knowledge about the gold and silver market through these sources. Resources such as articles, videos, and webinars help you understand the history, benefits, and diversifying strategies of investing in precious metals.

Moreover, the company provides personalized guidance from experienced professionals. You can get advice tailored to your investment goals and risk tolerance. To make investing easier, Rosland Capital offers comprehensive support services. This includes help with setting up a precious metals IRA account, secure storage options for physical bullion purchases, and regular market updates.

The company has earned an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau) and an AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance. This reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.

When selecting a precious metals dealer, it is important to consider the benefits of working with Rosland Capital. They provide educational resources and support services that help you make informed decisions in the market. Additionally, you can review customer reviews and feedback to gauge the quality of service provided.

Investors should take advantage of the educational resources and support services offered by Rosland Capital. This will help you make more informed decisions and mitigate risks. In addition, regularly reviewing customer reviews and feedback can help you make a well-informed decision when selecting a precious metals dealer.

Considerations for Investing with Rosland Capital and Alternatives

When it comes to investing in precious metals, it’s crucial to make well-informed decisions. In this section, we will explore the key considerations when choosing a precious metals dealer and setting up a Gold IRA with Rosland Capital. Additionally, we’ll delve into the importance of researching risks and understanding customer feedback to make informed investment choices. Stick around to gain valuable insights into the world of investing with Rosland Capital and explore alternative options.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Precious Metals Dealer

When selecting a precious metals dealer, certain factors must be taken into account that can influence your investment. Rosland Capital, a renowned gold and precious metals investment firm, provides useful advice when making this decision.

  • Credibility and Reputation: It is crucial to evaluate the trustworthiness and standing of the dealer in the industry. Rosland Capital is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).
  • Product Range and Quality: Examine the selection and excellence of offered products. Rosland Capital offers coins, bars, and ingots, to suit various preferences.
  • Customer Service and Support: A reliable precious metals dealer should be devoted to customer satisfaction. Rosland Capital provides educational resources and support to assist investors.
  • Buyback Policy: Familiarize yourself with a dealer’s buyback policy before investing. Rosland Capital addresses concerns regarding coin value and buyback through its policies.
  • Educational Resources: An ideal dealer should also provide educational resources. Rosland Capital offers materials and guidance to help customers learn about investing in physical gold.

Evaluating these factors before choosing a precious metals dealer is imperative in protecting your investment. By evaluating credibility, product range, customer service, buyback policies, and the educational resources provided by Rosland Capital, you can make wise decisions.

Pro Tip: Before finalizing your choice of a precious metals dealer, read reviews and feedback from real customers. This will give you a better idea of the customer experience with the dealer’s services.

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rosland capital testimonial

Setting up a Gold IRA with Rosland Capital

Individuals can safeguard their wealth and diversify their investments by setting up a Gold IRA with Rosland Capital. This gives investors the advantage of owning tangible assets that have historically retained their value. Rosland Capital provides guidance throughout the whole process and offers a wide range of gold products. They also offer educational resources and support services to ensure their clients are informed and make wise decisions.

Before setting up a Gold IRA, it is essential for investors to:

  1. Evaluate the reputation and accreditation of the dealer
  2. Consider fees and storage options
  3. Understand buyback policies
  4. Read customer reviews
  5. Research risks

If they carefully consider these factors and work with reputable dealers like Rosland Capital, investors can successfully set up a Gold IRA and benefit from the long-term value stability of physical gold.

Reviews and Feedback from Real Customers

Real customers have reviewed Rosland Capital and provided valuable insights into their experience. These testimonials show the trust and satisfaction customers have in the company.

People commend Rosland for its great customer service, professionalism, and knowledge of the industry.

They also express joy with the ease of transactions, quick product delivery, and transparent pricing.

Educational resources and support services allow customers to make educated decisions when investing. Accessible representatives are available to answer any queries or worries.

These positive reviews prove the satisfaction of real customers who have put their trust in Rosland.

When choosing a precious metals dealer, it is important to read reviews from customers to make an informed decision based on their experiences.

Researching Risks and Making Informed Investment Decisions

Investing in precious metals carries risks. To make sensible decisions, it’s essential to look into these. Rosland Capital provides assistance and resources to help investors research.

Market volatility, economic circumstances, and geopolitical events should all be considered. Analyzing past data and trends can give insight into risks related to precious metals. Keeping up-to-date with market news is also important.

Rosland Capital gives educational resources to aid with research. This includes articles, webinars, and expert opinions to help understand factors that affect metal values. With knowledge, people can make more educated investment choices.

Rosland Capital also encourages customers to seek advice from financial advisors before investing. The company’s transparency ensures customers have access to the information they need to evaluate potential risks.

It’s vital that investors understand the risks of investing in precious metals. Gold is usually seen as an asset of safety, but its value can vary based on factors outside an investor’s control. By researching and understanding these risks, individuals can make investments that match their financial goals.

Rosland Capital Final Thought

When it comes to Rosland Capital, it is important to draw a conclusion about their credibility as a precious metals dealer. In this section, we will address customer complaints and customer service improvements, emphasize the significance of research and risk assessment, and highlight the benefits of investing in physical gold. By exploring these aspects, we can determine whether Rosland Capital truly stands as a legitimate and reputable player in the industry.

Rosland Capital knows how important it is to address customer complaints and improve the customer service experience. They’re committed to responding quickly, acknowledging the issue, and giving a timeline for resolution. To investigate, they get all the info and check the validity of the complaint. Keeping customers informed is key, so they stay updated on the resolution progress.

Fairly resolving customer complaints is a priority for Rosland Capital. They work towards a mutual solution that takes individual circumstances into consideration. Feedback from customer complaints is seen as an opportunity to improve and prevent similar issues in the future. The company also monitors their customer service practices to ensure ongoing improvement and top-notch service.

Rosland Capital also offers educational resources and support services to aid investors in making informed decisions. This shows their commitment to not only resolving issues but also providing excellent customer support throughout the investment process.

Five Facts About Rosland Capital:

✅ Rosland Capital LLC is a well-known gold and precious metals investment firm based in Los Angeles. (Source: Team Research)

✅ They offer a promotion where customers can receive $1,000 worth of free gold or silver on orders of $20,000 or more. (Source: Team Research)

✅ Rosland Capital has received several complaints from customers regarding their purchases of gold and silver coins. (Source: Team Research)

✅ The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and serves customers in the United States, with separate Rosland-branded companies in London, Paris, and Munich to serve international customers. (Source: Team Research)

✅ Rosland Capital is accredited by the BBB, TrustLink, and the BCA, and holds an A+ rating on BBB. (Source: Rosland Capital Review)


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FAQs About Rosland Capital Review


What is Rosland Capital and how long have they been in business?

Rosland Capital is a precious metals investment firm that has been in business since 2008. They specialize in assisting customers with setting up Gold IRAs and selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in bars or coins.

What is Rosland Capital’s Better Business Bureau rating?

Rosland Capital has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which signifies their commitment to excellent customer service and resolving any customer complaints.

Does Rosland Capital offer storage options for precious metals?

No, Rosland Capital does not offer storage for precious metals. They provide options for home delivery or delivery to a secure facility chosen by the customer.

Are there any complaints filed against Rosland Capital?

Yes, Rosland Capital has received some complaints from customers regarding their purchases of gold and silver coins. However, they have made efforts to address these complaints and improve their customer service.

Can I set up a Gold IRA with Rosland Capital?

Yes, Rosland Capital assists customers in setting up Gold IRAs. They provide information on how Gold IRAs can complement conventional retirement plans and help balance portfolios with precious metals. Customers can discuss their options and costs with a representative to start the process.

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