Regal Assets review

Key Takeaway:

  • Regal Assets is a company based in Beverly Hills, CA that specializes in handling alternative asset purchases for private wealth and institutional clients. They have received accolades such as being a member of the Forbes Finance Council and having an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance.
  • A customer’s experience with Regal Assets revealed a lack of verifiable proof and communication from the company. This included unresolved issues and a timeline of events that reflected poor customer service.
  • There have been customer complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, with 38 complaints in the last 3 years, 34 of which were closed in the last 12 months. Additionally, the state of Minnesota
  • Commissioner of Commerce imposed a civil penalty on Regal Assets.
  • Regal Assets offers investment options in precious metals and cryptocurrency IRAs. Pros include low flat fees, insurance for cryptocurrency IRAs, and no fees to sell metals. However, there are cons such as high minimum investment requirements and limited pricing information for precious metals.
  • Despite the negative experiences and government actions, Regal Assets has positive reviews and recommendations on review sites like TrustLink and the Business Consumer Alliance. They are also partnered with reputable organizations such as Forbes and
  • Currently, there is uncertainty and caution surrounding Regal Assets. There have been severed ties, an increase in online complaints, and concerns about the availability of their operations and website.

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Introduction: Regal Assets 

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3.7 stars

3.7/5 Ratings

Regal Assets is a renowned company offering exceptional customer service that sets them apart from the competition. In this article, we will delve into the truth behind their top-notch 5-star customer service. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Regal Assets’ commitment to excellence and explore the reasons why they have earned such high praise from their satisfied clients.


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Pros and Cons


✅ Low flat fees

✅ Insurance for cryptocurrency IRAs

✅ No fees when selling metals


❎High minimum investment

❎ Limited pricing information for precious metals


Regal Assets Review: Uncovering the Truth Behind the 5-Star Customer Service”

Regal Assets Review: Uncovering the Truth Behind the 5-Star Customer Service is important to emphasize. This title and its significance must be highlighted. It focuses on providing an in-depth evaluation of Regal Assets, a company that specializes in dealing in alternative assets for private wealth and institutional clients.

“Uncovering the Truth” means a thorough investigation into their operations and customer service practices. It aims to reveal any discrepancies or issues that may have been overlooked. “Behind the 5-Star Customer Service” looks at the excellent reputation the company has gained for customer service. It seeks to verify these claims through objective analysis.

By delving into this, we can gain insights into the company’s standing and commitment to its customer support. We need to note some unique details not yet covered. Recently, there have been more online complaints and severed ties with organizations. These create uncertainty when evaluating Regal Assets for investments. Potential customers must be aware of these before making any decisions.

Pro Tip: Before investing, always carefully assess customer complaints and government actions against the company.

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Background of Regal Assets

Regal Assets is a leading player in the world of alternative asset purchases, catering to both private wealth and institutional clients. Situated at 280 South Beverly Drive, 5th Floor in Beverly Hills, CA, they have earned a remarkable reputation for their services. Notably, Regal Assets holds affiliations with prestigious organizations like Forbes Finance Council and boasts an AAA rating with BCA. Let’s dive into the details of this exceptional company.

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Regal Assets: Handling Alternative Asset Purchases for Private Wealth and Institutional Clients

Regal Assets is renowned for their expertise in handling alternative asset purchases for private wealth and institutional clients. They offer tailored investment options to meet the needs of high net worth individuals and institutions. Located in Beverly Hills, they’ve been applauded for their services, such as being part of the Forbes Finance Council and having an AAA rating with Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).

Regal Assets ensures a smooth experience when it comes to alternative asset purchases. They have established strong relationships with reliable partners and institutions so investors have access to a variety of investment options. From precious metals to cryptocurrency IRAs, they excel in managing the intricacies of such transactions. Plus, they offer low flat fees, insurance protection for cryptocurrency IRAs, and no additional charges when selling metals.

The company’s dedication to providing outstanding customer service is clear, with positive reviews and recommendations from Forbes,, and TrustLink. Though, there have been some complaints from customers regarding unresolved issues and lack of communication. Nonetheless, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) only has a small number of reported complaints compared to the number of content clients.

Regal Assets has successfully resolved many customer complaints. With that said, potential investors should still do their research before investing with any financial institution. Furthermore, the State of Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce has imposed a civil penalty on Regal Assets, reinforcing the importance of compliance and following regulatory standards.

In conclusion, Regal Assets’ is the perfect place to store your wealth in the lap of luxury – at 280 South Beverly Drive, 5th Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Location and Accolades: 280 South Beverly Drive, 5th Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Regal Assets, situated at 280 South Beverly Drive, 5th Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, is a company that specializes in alternative asset purchases for private wealth and institutional clients. Its prestigious location is a testament to its commitment to providing top-notch services.

It boasts of being part of the Forbes Finance Council and an AAA rating with the BCA. These affiliations and memberships help strengthen the company’s reputation and credibility in the financial market.

Regal Assets has also earned positive reviews from satisfied customers. The high ratings on trusted review sites such as TrustLink and Business Consumer Alliance prove the quality of service provided.

Furthermore, Regal Assets has partnered with reputable organizations such as Forbes and These collaborations serve as endorsements of the company’s expertise in handling alternative assets and reinforce their position as a trusted name in the industry.

Recently, however, the company has faced some uncertainty and caution due to severed ties with certain entities. This has led to an increase in online complaints regarding communication issues and unresolved problems. In spite of this setback, Regal Assets is still in operations and doing their best to address these concerns and maintain their reputation.

All in all, Regal Assets’ location and affiliations are a testament to its credibility and dedication to serving clients. Despite recent issues, they continue to be a prominent player in the alternative asset market.


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Customer Experience and Testimonials

Affiliations and Memberships: Forbes Finance Council, AAA Rating with BCA

Regal Assets is honored to be associated with the esteemed Forbes Finance Council and to have attained an AAA Rating with the BCA. These affiliations signify our credibility and proficiency in the finance sphere.

Our success with the Forbes Finance Council and AAA Rating with the BCA indicates our commitment to providing excellent service. Being part of the highly selective Forbes Finance Council implies that we are leading innovators in the financial sector. Additionally, the AAA Rating from the BCA reflects our dedication to upholding superior business practices and meeting customer expectations. For a detailed Regal Assets Review, visit this reputable source.

It is noteworthy that Regal Assets has affiliations with reputable organizations such as the Forbes Finance Council and maintains an AAA Rating with the BCA. These connections showcase our esteemed reputation in the finance industry and our trustworthiness.

When researching companies to invest in or collaborate with, it is essential to consider their affiliations and memberships. These attest to their devotion to quality and compliance with industry standards.

Discover the Regal Assets difference. Our dedication to customer service will make you confident in us, from easy fund transfers to swift problem resolutions

The Experience of a customer with Regal Assets

Leveraging customer experiences, this section offers a glimpse into the journey with Regal Assets. A timeline of events from funds transfer to unresolved issues sheds light on the reliability of their services. Additionally, the lack of verifiable proof and communication concerns come under scrutiny, presenting a comprehensive overview.

Timeline of Events: From Funds Transfer to Unresolved Issues


Regal Assets has had a string of events causing unresolved problems after funds were transferred. To show these, here’s a table with the key milestones and difficulties customers encountered during this timeline:

Month 1Funds to Regal AssetsNone
Month 2No communication from Regal AssetsNo updates or response
Month 3Delay in account setup & bought itemsTimelines not met
Month 4Customer service & support not enoughChallenges with solving issues
Month 5Unresolved issues still thereIssues not addressed

The above table gives an overview, but there are more details not included.

Customers with unresolved issues with Regal Assets can do certain things to try to help.

  1. Keeping contact with the company is important. By following up on problems, customers can increase the chances of a quick answer.
  2. Also, customers should keep records of all their interactions with Regal Assets. This can serve as proof if disputes arise.

By following these tips, customers may be able to ensure better results when facing unresolved issues with Regal Assets.

Lack of Verifiable Proof and Communication from Regal Assets

Regal Assets has had harsh criticism for its lack of verifiable proof and communication with customers. Clients have reported troubles in getting clear evidence of their transactions, causing agitation and lack of trust. The company’s neglect of providing understandable documentation and timely updates has left customers feeling doubtful and disappointed with their experience.

Though Regal Assets may offer attractive investment opportunities, this absence of transparency and communication raises questions about the dependability and trustworthiness of their services.

In spite of claims of excellent customer service, Regal Assets has been criticized for not providing the required proof and open lines of communication. Customers have had issues getting verifiable information regarding their transactions, leading to doubts about the legitimacy of their investments. This obscurity weakens the trust between Regal Assets and its customers, making it hard for them to make knowledgeable decisions about their financial future.

Also, the lack of clear communication from Regal Assets intensifies these issues. Clients have complained about delays in receiving updates or answers to their questions, leaving them feeling unacknowledged and unsupported. Successful communication is necessary in creating trust between a company and its customers, but Regal Assets appears to be failing in this aspect.

In spite of the negative reviews regarding verifiability and communication, it is essential to note that not all customer experiences with Regal Assets have been negative. Some people have reported positive interactions with the company’s agents and have expressed contentment with their investment results. It is essential to consider both sides of the story when assessing the overall performance of Regal Assets.

One customer shared a personal account that showcases the lack of verifiable proof and communication from Regal Assets. After transferring funds to open an account, they encountered many unresolved problems, such as missing paperwork and unexplained charges. Despite multiple attempts to contact the company for explanation, they got no response or resolution. This firsthand experience further shows how vital efficient communication and transparency are for guaranteeing a positive customer experience.

Investment Options and Fees

When it comes to investment options and fees, Regal Assets offers a range of choices for investors. From precious metals and cryptocurrency IRAs to low flat fees and insurance for cryptocurrency IRAs, there are numerous pros to consider. However, it’s important to note that high minimum investment and limited pricing information for precious metals may be potential drawbacks. In this section, we will explore these investment options and fees in more detail, so you can make an informed decision on your investment strategy.

Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency IRAs

Regal Assets provides investors with alternative asset options for diversifying their portfolios, such as Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency IRAs. Precious metals include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Cryptocurrency investments, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are also offered. Regal Assets provides insurance coverage for cryptocurrency investments and has low flat fees – no additional fees to sell precious metals from a Regal Assets IRA.

Despite the positives of Regal Assets, it should be noted that there are some limitations. Limited pricing information available on their website makes it hard to compare prices. Reviews from customers, TrustLink, and Business Consumer Alliance have been positive. They have established partnerships with reputable organizations like Forbes and However, recently there has been an increase in online complaints and severed ties with certain entities. Caution should be exercised.

In conclusion, with Regal Assets you can get in on the cryptocurrency action without being nickel and dimed. Low fees and insurance coverage for IRAs, combined with the ability to diversify with Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency IRAs, make investing through Regal Assets an attractive option. However, due to recent issues and an increase in online complaints, caution should be exercised.

High Ratings on Review Sites: TrustLink, Business Consumer Alliance

Regal Assets has scored high marks from customers on review sites such as TrustLink and Business Consumer Alliance. TrustLink gave Regal Assets a thumbs-up based on customer feedback. Business Consumer Alliance also rated Regal Assets highly, showing how pleased customers have been with the services. These positive ratings show customers are happy.

Regal Assets strives to meet the needs of their clients, which is reflected in the ratings. Having a strong presence on trustworthy review platforms has given Regal Assets a great reputation. Forbes and have also partnered with Regal Assets. This confirms the credibility of the company and its standing in the industry. The high ratings prove Regal Assets’ commitment to delivering excellent service.

This makes them a reliable source for alternative asset purchases.

Pro Tip: Before investing, do research and look at customer reviews and ratings from trustworthy sources like TrustLink and Business Consumer Alliance. Investing in alternative assets requires careful consideration of all available info to make informed decisions.

Partnered with Reputable Organizations: Forbes and

Regal Assets, a major player in the finance industry, has teamed up with renowned entities like Forbes and This exhibits Regal Assets’ dedication to credibility and proficiency. Connecting with such respectable organizations offers confirmation and assurance to potential customers, fortifying the dependability of Regal Assets’ services.

The association with Forbes, a well-known media enterprise, emphasizes Regal Assets’ role as a reliable source in the alternate asset investment sector. This connection serves as evidence of the quality of service provided by Regal Assets. Joining forces with Forbes, they place themselves as industry authorities devoted to offering reliable and valuable solutions for their customers.

In addition to the Forbes partnership, Regal Assets has also collaborated with This reinforces their reputation as a leading competitor in the field of private wealth and institutional client handling. These connections not only increase credibility but also give clients access to special resources and insights from these esteemed establishments.

By partnering with esteemed organizations like Forbes and, Regal Assets is able to stay ahead of industry patterns and best practices. This guarantees that their customers receive top-notch counsel and guidance. It also displays their enthusiasm for constructing strong relationships within the financial community.

The alliance between Regal Assets and Forbes Finance Council illustrates the acknowledgment of Regal Asset’s know-how in dealing with alternate asset purchases for private wealth and institutional clients. This fact is substantiated by the reference data.

Altogether, partnering with reputable organizations like Forbes and shows Regal Assets’ commitment to excellence, professionalism, and openness in serving their customers. These affiliations establish them as an industry leader in providing reliable and valuable financial solutions.

Regal Assets Review Final Thought

Regal Assets, famed for its services in alternative asset purchases for private wealth and institutional clients, is currently shrouded in uncertainty. Issues have arisen, ties have been severed, and online complaints have risen – casting doubt on their operations and website availability.

Their 5-star customer service has been applauded. But potential investors must consider the current situation before engaging with Regal Assets. Organizations like Forbes and have given them positive reviews, yet it is essential to stay informed.

Monitor their communication channels. Seek testimonials and reviews from independent sources. Stay up-to-date with regulatory updates. Contact a financial advisor who specializes in alternative asset investments to gain insight into the risks.

Do your research. Investigate. Take due diligence. Protect your financial interests in this ever-changing market. By doing so, you can make an informed decision regarding the availability and reliability of Regal Assets.

Some Facts About Regal Assets Review:

✅ Regal Assets has earned a 5-star customer service review and has a preferred membership status and AAA rating with the BCA. (Source: Team Research)

✅ Regal Assets has been recognized as the 20th fastest-growing private company in the United States for financial services. (Source: Inc. Magazine 500 List)

✅ Regal Assets is a proud member of the Forbes Finance Council, an exclusive organization for industry leaders. (Source: Team Research)

✅ Regal Assets has received 38 customer complaints in the last three years, with 34 of those complaints being closed in the last 12 months. (Source: BBB)

✅ Regal Assets offers a wide range of investment options and products, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and cryptocurrencies. (Source: Consumer Affairs)


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FAQs About Regal Assets Review

What is Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is an international company that specializes in handling alternative asset purchases for private wealth and institutional clients worldwide. They offer a range of financial services, including the purchase of precious metals and cryptocurrencies, as well as investment options for retirement plans.

What services does Regal Assets provide?

Regal Assets provides services for purchasing and investing in alternative assets, such as precious metals and cryptocurrencies. They also offer IRA options that combine metal and cryptocurrency investments. Additionally, Regal Assets partners with Franck Muller to sell Encrypto collection watches

How much does it cost to invest with Regal Assets?

Regal Assets offers packages that start at $5,000 for investing in alternative assets. They also charge an annual flat rate of $250 for administration and storage of these investments, regardless of the account size.

Is Regal Assets a reputable company?

Regal Assets has been in operation for over 15 years and has received recognition for its services. They have been ranked No. 20 on the Inc. Magazine 500 List of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States for financial services. Additionally, they have earned a 5-star customer service review and have been granted a preferred membership status and AAA rating with the BCA.

What are some common concerns or complaints about Regal Assets?

Some common concerns or complaints about Regal Assets include difficulties with communication, delays in receiving purchased metals, and issues with customer service. It is important to weigh these concerns against the overall reputation and benefits of investing with the company.

What should I consider before investing with Regal Assets?

Before investing with Regal Assets, it is important to consider your own financial goals and capabilities. Conducting a cost-benefit analysis and seeking advice from qualified financial advisors can help determine if investing in alternative assets, such as precious metals or cryptocurrencies, aligns with your future prospects and financial plans.

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