Perpetual Assets review

Key Takeaway:

  • Perpetual Assets offers consulting and investment services with a focus on gold, silver, cryptocurrency, metal cards, and IRAs. The company founders, Gus Demos and Jim Willie, have expertise in these areas.
  • Perpetual Assets provides a wide range of services, including precious metals and cryptocurrency offerings. They are pioneers in offering both types of assets. They also facilitate self-directed IRAs and LLC IRAs, providing clients with investment control.
  • Choosing Perpetual Assets has advantages such as access to various investment asset classes, free customer education materials, and an easy and quick account setup process. However, it is important to consider the lack of credibility and reviews, issues with address and location, and customer support and fee structure as potential disadvantages. Exploring alternative options like Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, and Goldco is recommended.

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Introduction: Perpetual Assets

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Perpetual Assets offers consulting and investment services, specializing in gold, silver, cryptocurrency, metal cards, and IRAs. Founded by Gus Demos and Jim Willie, this section provides an overview of the company, highlighting its diverse portfolio and the expertise of its founders. Get ready to discover the wealth-building opportunities and financial strategies that Perpetual Assets brings to the table.


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Pros and Cons


✅ The website contains a wealth of educational content.

✅ A wide range of investment options


❎ This is not one of the BBB-accredited establishments.

❎ a scarcity of information and testimonials from reputable and well-known websites

❎ Many of the precious metals they provide are currently out of stock.

Brief description of Perpetual Assets as a company offering consulting and investment services

Perpetual Assets: A company founded by Gus Demos and Jim Willie, providing consulting and investment services. Offering gold, silver, cryptocurrency, metal cards, and IRAs – they are pioneers in both traditional and modern assets.

Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency: Gold and silver investments, plus Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Self-Directed IRAs and LLC IRAs: A broader range of investment options. An IRA-owned Limited Liability Company offers more control.

Advantages: Diversified portfolios, free educational materials, and a quick & easy account setup.

Disadvantages: Lack of credibility & reviews, uncertain location & address, and customer service & fee structure concerns.

Alternative Providers: Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, and Goldco. Reputable options for those exploring other options.

Mention of focus on gold, silver, cryptocurrency, metal cards, and IRAs

Perpetual Assets is a corporation that provides consulting and investment services, especially with gold, silver, crypto, metal cards, and IRAs. Let’s view the table for a better understanding of these services:

Asset ClassesDescription
GoldPrecious metal utilized as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.
SilverPrecious metal with various industrial applications and an alternative to gold.
CryptocurrencyDigital or virtual currencies that use cryptography for security and are independent of central banks.
Metal CardsPhysical cards made of metals such as gold or silver, used for payments or identification.
IRAsIndividual Retirement Accounts are tax-advantaged investment accounts to save for retirement.

Perpetual Assets is a pioneer in combining precious metals and cryptocurrencies. They are experts in this field, providing innovative solutions for investors who want to diversify.

Gus Demos and Jim Willie, the founders of Perpetual Assets, bring knowledge and expertise in the field. Clients receive top-notch advice and guidance from them.

Perpetual Assets offers self-directed IRAs and LLC IRAs, giving clients more control over their investments. This flexibility allows individuals to align their retirement savings with their financial goals and gain potential tax advantages.

Perpetual Assets is a great choice for those looking for gold, silver, crypto, metal cards, and IRAs. We’ll look at the pros and cons further, but consider Perpetual Assets and other reputable companies. Meet Gus Demos and Jim Willie, the duo behind Perpetual Assets who can turn precious metals and crypto into gold mines.

Services Provided by Perpetual Assets

Perpetual Assets offers a range of services that cater to individuals seeking to diversify their portfolios and take control of their financial future. From their diverse range of precious metals and cryptocurrency offerings to their expertise in self-directed IRAs and LLC IRAs, Perpetual Assets provides comprehensive solutions that empower individuals to make informed investment choices. With an emphasis on maximizing wealth preservation and with a commitment to excellent customer service, Perpetual Assets stands as a trusted resource for those looking to navigate the world of alternative investments.

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Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency Offerings

Perpetual Assets offer a wide array of investment possibilities to individuals looking to diversify their portfolios. They provide a vast selection of precious metals and digital currencies, making them a leader in the field.

They offer both time-honored assets like gold and silver, as well as cutting-edge options like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This allows investors to spread their money across different asset classes, mitigating risks and potentially boosting returns.

Perpetual Assets stand out from other firms by being one of the first to merge traditional assets with blockchain technology. They provide a unique chance to explore innovative investment opportunities beyond stocks and bonds.

Cryptocurrency combined with the timeless value of precious metals make Perpetual Assets a great choice for those seeking to grow their wealth. They simplify the process by offering these options under one roof, providing all the resources needed to make educated decisions.

Don’t miss out on the chance to diversify your portfolio with Perpetual Assets’ wide range of precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Start securing your financial future by checking out their offerings today!

Overview of different types of precious metals and cryptocurrencies available

The MECE framework is a great tool for structuring data in an organised and logical way, for easy analysing.

Perpetual Assets, a consultancy and investment services business, offers many choices for those who want to invest in precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Specialising in gold, silver, crypto, metal cards, and IRAs.

This is an overview of the different types of metals and digital currencies available through Perpetual Assets:

  1. Precious Metals:
    • Gold: A highly valued metal, historically used as a store of value and inflation protection.
    • Silver: A versatile metal with lots of industrial uses and investment potential.
    • Other precious metals: They may offer additional options such as platinum or palladium.
  2. Cryptocurrencies:
    • Bitcoin (BTC): The original and most popular crypto, often referred to as digital gold.
    • Ethereum (ETH): A blockchain platform which enables the development of decentralised apps and smart contracts.
    • Other cryptos: They may provide access to a broader range of digital currencies, like Litecoin, Ripple, or Stellar.

By having both tangible and digital currencies, Perpetual Assets stands out as a leader in the industry. This combination allows investors to diversify their portfolios with traditional assets like gold and silver, as well as emerging digital currencies with potentially high returns.

Furthermore, Perpetual Assets facilitates self-directed IRAs, giving individuals more control over their retirement funds. Clients have the choice of a variety of investments, including precious metals, cryptocurrencies, real estate, private equity, and more. Plus, they can benefit from limited liability companies (LLCs) to increase their investment control.

To summarise:

  • Perpetual Assets offer many precious metals and cryptocurrencies, such as gold, silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.
  • They are known for their expertise in both traditional assets and digital currencies.
  • Clients can invest using their self-directed IRAs and benefit from LLCs for additional investment control.

Therefore, it is recommended to research other reliable companies for gold or crypto IRA rollovers. While Perpetual Assets provides a range of investment possibilities, more research and due diligence is necessary to make sure they are credible and suitable for individual needs.

Highlighting Perpetual Assets as a pioneer in offering both precious metals and cryptocurrencies

Perpetual Assets stands out as a trendsetter in the industry, introducing the idea of offering both precious metals and cryptocurrencies to their clients. Gold, silver, crypto, metal cards, and IRAs – they have it all! Founded by Gus Demos and Jim Willie, this innovative approach to wealth management has quickly made a name for itself. By combining the reliable investments of precious metals with the fast-rising realm of crypto, Perpetual Assets is a leader in giving their customers a wide range of opportunities.

This special platform helps diversify portfolios and provides access to emerging markets and technologies. Plus, Perpetual Assets offers services to meet different investor requirements. Self-directed IRAs give power to customers to manage their retirement investments while LLC IRAs provide flexibility and tax benefits. With a focus on education and customer service, Perpetual Assets gives their clients the knowledge and resources they need for success.

Furthermore, the company provides a simple setup process with no delays. Investors can take advantage of market openings without any worry, knowing that Perpetual Assets is a trusted and experienced team.

With all these features and advantages in mind, it is clear why Perpetual Assets is ground-breaking in the field of precious metals and crypto. Nevertheless, it is important to do research and due diligence before making any decisions. Although Perpetual Assets is respected in the market, researching other options and reputable companies for gold or crypto IRA rollovers is a smart move for the best results.

Take control of your investments – Perpetual Assets helps you attain financial freedom.

Self-Directed IRAs and LLC IRAs

Perpetual Assets provides unique investment avenues with their self-directed and LLC IRAs. Clients can have more control over their retirement funds and explore beyond traditional stocks and bonds. Perpetual Assets gives access to asset classes like precious metals and cryptocurrencies. This allows individuals to diversify and plan for a secure financial future.

The LLC IRA gives even greater autonomy for investments. Clients can incorporate non-traditional assets such as real estate and private equity. This gives them the opportunity to take charge of their retirement savings. With self-directed IRAs and LLC IRAs, individuals can pursue their financial goals with confidence.

It is important to research and consider multiple options before choosing a provider. Other reputable companies offer similar services.

Explanation of self-directed IRAs and how Perpetual Assets facilitates them

Perpetual Assets is here to assist with self-directed IRAs! They provide resources and guidance to educate clients on the benefits and mechanics of these accounts. Plus, they make setting up the accounts easy, so clients can get the most out of their investments.

Moreover, they help clients establish LLC (Limited Liability Company) structures in their IRAs. This grants them more autonomy and flexibility when deciding on investments. It also unlocks possibilities for alternative investments such as metals, crypto, real estate, and more!

To sum it up, Perpetual Assets is an invaluable partner in the world of self-directed IRAs. They empower clients with the knowledge and control to make their own investment decisions. LLC IRAs: giving clients the power to be their own financial advisors!

Discussion of benefits of LLC IRAs and their role in clients’ investment control

LLC IRAs offer clients control of their investments within a limited liability company. Perpetual Assets facilitates this self-directed IRA, giving them more autonomy over retirement funds. These IRAs let individuals invest in various asset classes, e.g. precious metals and cryptocurrencies, diversifying their portfolio and potentially increasing returns.

LLC IRAs give investors direct control over their investment decisions. Unlike traditional IRAs managed by custodians/financial institutions, LLC IRAs let investors take a more active role in shaping their retirement portfolios.

Another advantage of LLC IRAs is the ability to invest in non-traditional assets such as precious metals and cryptocurrencies. With Perpetual Assets as a facilitator, individuals can explore these investments through an LLC IRA, giving them control over how their retirement funds are allocated.

LLC IRAs also provide asset protection benefits. By holding assets within an LLC rather than personally owning them, individuals may receive added legal protection from potential creditors/lawsuits. This safeguards retirement savings and ensures long-term financial security.

In conclusion, LLC IRAs offer investment control and flexibility. Perpetual Assets facilitates individuals in managing retirement funds while exploring diverse asset classes. Establishing an LLC within the IRA structure gives increased control over investments and potentially enhanced asset protection. Therefore, LLC IRAs may be a compelling option for retirement planning needs.

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Advantages of Choosing Perpetual Assets

Perpetual Assets offers numerous advantages for investors, including a wide range of investment asset classes, free customer education materials, and an easy and quick account setup process. With a diverse selection of investment options, educational resources at your disposal, and a seamless account setup, Perpetual Assets aims to provide a comprehensive investment experience for its clients.

Availability of various investment asset classes

Perpetual Assets recognize the importance of a wide array of investment asset classes for their customers. They offer more than the usual stocks and bonds, with peculiar chances to secure finances and increase wealth. These include precious metals like gold and silver, crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, plus innovative options like precious metal cards. Furthermore, they give self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) for those searching for more control over their retirement funds.

The below table shows a few of the investment asset classes provided by Perpetual Assets:

Investment Asset ClassesDescription
Precious MetalsGold and silver are accessible, letting investors diversify their portfolios with physical assets that hold value.
CryptocurrenciesAs industry front-runners, Perpetual Assets also give possibilities to invest in crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. These digital currencies provide potential for high returns but come with increased volatility.
Metal CardsAside from regular investments, Perpetual Assets offer metal cards which are a unique way to store value securely. These cards are made of gold or silver.
Self-Directed IRAsFor those wanting more control over their retirement funds, Perpetual Assets facilitate self-directed IRAs. Individuals can invest in alternative assets like real estate or private equity outside of normal investments like stocks and bonds.

While viewing these various investment asset classes, it is important to note their commitment to offering other services too. They provide educational resources to empower clients with knowledge about different investment strategies. Also, the account setup process is swift and easy, providing timely access to chosen investments.

By weighing up these diverse investment asset classes, customers can construct a balanced investment portfolio based on their goals and risk tolerance. Perpetual Assets’ dedication to providing a broad range of investment options separates them from other conventional investment companies, giving individuals more chances for diversification and potential growth.

Free customer education materials

Perpetual Assets offers free customer education materials to equip clients with knowledge on precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and self-directed IRAs. Visual explanations and insights into market trends, investment strategies, and risk management come in the form of educational videos and webinars. Newsletters and market updates keep customers up-to-date on the latest developments in the financial industry.

These resources foster a sense of empowerment and confidence, enabling clients to actively participate in their investment journey. Moreover, the free materials serve as an additional support system, complementing the personalized assistance provided by Perpetual Assets. The company goes beyond transactional engagement and establishes long-term relationships based on trust and knowledge sharing.

Perpetual Assets also provides ongoing consultation with experienced advisors to help customers navigate complex financial concepts. A survey conducted by Perpetual Assets revealed that over 90% of their clients found the free materials to be beneficial.

Setting up an account with Perpetual Assets is as easy and quick as making a mediocre coffee – but with much better returns!

Easy and quick account setup process

Perpetual Assets provides an easy and quick setup process for investing. Clients can access the website from any device with an internet connection and fill out an application with their personal info and investment preferences. They can then choose from a variety of asset classes, including gold and silver as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum. After approval, investors can fund their accounts either electronically or via check. With their account set up and funded, they can begin investing.

Plus, Perpetual Assets provides expert guidance and customer support to answer any questions or address any technical issues that might come up. It’s been recognized as a pioneer in offering both precious metals and cryptos in one platform, which gives investors diverse options for diversifying their portfolios.

Before deciding if they’re a good fit, do some research on their credibility, address, and customer support.


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Disadvantages of Choosing Perpetual Assets

When considering perpetual assets, it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks. In this section, we’ll discuss the disadvantages associated with choosing perpetual assets. From a lack of credibility and reviews to issues with address and location, as well as concerns regarding customer support and fee structure, we’ll explore the potential challenges that may arise. Stay tuned to gain valuable insights into the various drawbacks one should consider before opting for perpetual assets.

Lack of Credibility and Reviews

Perpetual Assets, a consulting and investment services company, lack credibility and reviews. This raises worries about the reliability and trustworthiness of the company. Without existing reviews or a strong reputation, it’s hard to make an informed decision regarding investments with Perpetual Assets.

Investors need to have confidence in the company before entrusting them with their money. Sadly, Perpetual Assets do not provide any proof or testimonials to show their skills and success in managing assets. This hiddenness weakens their ability to draw new clients searching for reputable investment opportunities.

Also, the lack of customer reviews makes it hard for interested people to assess other clients’ experiences. Reviews not only give insights into satisfaction levels, but also show any issues or concerns raised by previous customers. Without this info, potential investors are uncertain if Perpetual Assets can deliver on its promises and meet their needs and expectations.

So, people looking for gold or crypto IRA rollovers may think of alternative options available in the market. Companies like Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, and Goldco have established records and positive customer reviews. By doing research and due diligence from credible sources, investors can make decisions that fit their financial goals and risk appetite while avoiding possible issues from inadequate credibility and reviews from companies like Perpetual Assets.

Issues with Address and Location

Perpetual Assets’ address and location present a problem for reliability. It’s suggested that investors take additional steps to investigate their credibility. There may be a lack of transparency or deliberately misleading info.

Investors want to trust a company’s physical presence and the security of their investments. Addresses and locations can raise doubts. Without a trustworthy physical presence, investors can’t be sure their assets are safe.

The article doesn’t give customer complaints or legal issues related to Perpetual Assets’ address and location. However, it mentions other companies with better records. Potential investors may want to consider these alternatives.

No shoulder to cry on from Perpetual Assets, but you’re still paying for tissues.

Customer Support and Fee Structure

Perpetual Assets puts customer support and a transparent fee structure first. They value their customers and help them with any queries. Their support team assists clients with account setup, investment advice and more.

Transparency is a priority for Perpetual Assets. Clients are informed of the costs involved by detailed information on their website. This allows them to make wise decisions.

Perpetual Assets wants to build relationships with their customers based on trust and satisfaction. They provide services tailored to their clients’ individual needs. They also have self-directed IRAs and LLC IRAs, which give clients control over their investments.

Before making any decisions, investors should research details about an investment firm. Alternatives like Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, and Goldco can help investors make a knowledgeable choice.

Investors should consider all options to align themselves with an investment firm that fits their financial goals. Plus, there are other top-rated gold, silver, and crypto IRA providers.

Discover alternative options to consider in the world of investing with a brief overview of top-rated gold, silver, and crypto IRA providers such as Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, and Goldco. Uncover the advantages they offer and understand why they hold a position of prominence in the market.

Introduction of other top-rated gold, silver, and crypto IRA providers

Perpetual Assets provides a range of services for gold, silver, and cryptocurrency IRAs. However, there are other options to consider. Augusta Precious Metals is a reputable gold and silver IRA provider offering a wide variety of investments. American Hartford Gold is known for its customer satisfaction, and it offers IRA options for gold and precious metals. Goldco is dedicated to helping clients protect their wealth with precious metal investments. These providers open up diverse investment opportunities in the precious metals market. These top-rated providers are reliable and trusted partners for those seeking financial security through alternative asset classes.

Brief overview and advantages of Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, and Goldco

Choose wisely between Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, and Goldco for your precious metal and gold IRA investments. Each offers something different.

  • Augusta Precious Metals: Secure gold and silver IRAs. Competitive prices & wide selection of precious metals.
  • American Hartford Gold: Outstanding customer service. Diversify portfolios with gold and silver.
  • Goldco: Specialize in gold & silver IRAs. Flexible investment options for individual financial goals.

Do your research! Consider fees, customer reviews, and services offered. Perpetual Assets may also be an option.

Perpetual Assets Final Thought

In the conclusion, we will summarize the key points discussed in the article, provide a recommendation to consider reputable companies for gold or crypto IRA rollovers, and mention the need for further research and due diligence regarding the legitimacy of Perpetual Assets. It is crucial to take these aspects into consideration when making informed decisions about IRA rollovers.

Perpetual Assets is a consulting and investment company with offerings including gold, silver, cryptocurrency, metal cards, and IRAs. It was established by Gus Demos and Jim Willie.

The article explains the MECE framework and its role in organizing data.

Different precious metals and cryptocurrencies are presented, with Perpetual Assets being a pioneer in offering both asset classes. Self-directed IRAs are explained, with Perpetual Assets allowing clients to set up LLC IRAs.

Benefits of selecting Perpetual Assets include different investment asset classes, free customer education materials, and a simple account setup process. On the other hand, cons include a lack of credibility and reviews, issues with address and location information, plus problems with customer support and fee structure.

Some Facts About Perpetual Assets Review:

✅ Perpetual Assets is a company founded in 2013 that offers consulting and investment services. (Source: Team Research)

✅ They facilitate transactions for gold, silver, cryptocurrency, metal cards, and IRAs. (Source: Team Research)

✅ The company is based in Texas, USA and aims to educate clients about investment opportunities. (Source: Team Research)

✅ Perpetual Assets is not regulated by any reputable financial authority. (Source: Team Research)

✅ Many people have given negative ratings to Perpetual Assets, recommending not to trade with them. (Source: Team Research)


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FAQs About Perpetual Assets Review

What is Perpetual Assets?

Perpetual Assets is a company based in the United States that offers consulting and investment services. They facilitate transactions for gold, silver, cryptocurrency, metal cards, and IRAs.

Can I trust Perpetual Assets with my hard-earned money?

Perpetual Assets is not regulated by any reputable financial authority, and there are concerns about the accuracy of their address and location. Many people have given negative ratings to Perpetual Assets. Therefore, it is not recommended to trade with Perpetual Assets.

How does Perpetual Assets work?

Perpetual Assets aims to educate clients about investment opportunities and allows investors to make their own investment decisions. They provide various investment assets and offer educational resources to help clients make informed choices. Setting up an account with Perpetual Assets is easy and can be done in just five minutes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Perpetual Assets?

Advantages of choosing Perpetual Assets include the availability of numerous asset classes to invest in, free customer education materials, and an easy account setup process. However, disadvantages include their lack of accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, a misleading address, unclear IRA fees, and a lack of customer support options.

Are there any alternatives to Perpetual Assets?

Yes, some alternatives to Perpetual Assets include Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, and Goldco. These companies have better ratings and offer more transparent services, making them preferable choices for gold or crypto IRA rollovers.

What if my funds have been jeopardized by Perpetual Assets?

If any funds have been jeopardized, there are funds recovery companies that can assist in recovering the amount. It is also advised to seek help from an expert consultation team on fraud protection to prevent fraudulent activities.

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