Millennium Trust Company review

Key Takeaway:

Millennium Trust Company focuses on reuniting individuals with retirement funds and custodying alternative and traditional assets, providing a superior experience for their clients.
The company offers a range of services and investment options, including traditional and alternative asset investments.
Customer reviews indicate mixed experiences, with positive ratings and reviews highlighting customer satisfaction, while negative reviews mention concerns about customer service, account access, and fees.

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Introduction: Millennium Trust Company

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Millennium Trust Company, a trusted provider in the financial industry, offers a comprehensive review within this article. Discover the key aspects and services provided by Millennium Trust Company, ensuring you make informed decisions regarding your finances. From retirement account solutions to alternative investment options, this review covers it all. Join us as we explore the various sub-sections, shedding light on the expertise and reliability of Millennium Trust Company.


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Pros and Cons


✅ Diverse Financial Solutions: Provides a large variety of economic health remedies, aiding customers in numerous aspects of economic planning and investment.

✅ Regulative Conformity: Follow stringent regulative requirements, making sure a high level of trust and security for customers.


❎ Limited Public Reviews: With a moderate rating on Focus on the Customer, the company might have mixed reviews in the general public domain.
❎ Rebranding Change: As the company shifts to Inspira Financial, there could be unpredictabilities or changes in services and customer experience.

About Millennium Trust Company

Millennium Trust Company is a financial institution that goes the extra mile to ensure clients access their retirement funds and custodial services seamlessly. With a strong emphasis on reuniting individuals with their retirement funds and providing custody for both alternative and traditional assets, Millennium Trust Company’s mission is to deliver a superior experience.

Overview of the Company and its Services

Millennium Trust Company: Reuniting individuals with their retirement funds while offering a range of investment options. CEO Gary Anetsberger leads a team of professionals to provide exceptional service and diverse services. Impressive client accounts and assets under management. Offering traditional and alternative asset investments. Fees may be higher, but reflect the quality of service. Positive ratings and reviews from Trustpilot, BBB, and Facebook, but negative reviews for customer service, account access issues, and fees. A rating from BBB questioned by some customers. Thorough research and consulting a financial advisor is key before investing.

Emphasis on their focus on reuniting individuals with retirement funds and custodying alternative and traditional assets

Millennium Trust Company is dedicated to helping individuals reunite with their retirement funds. They provide custodial services for both traditional and alternative assets. They also assist clients in navigating complex retirement accounts. Plus, they offer a single platform for managing all sorts of investments.

Their mission is to provide a superior experience for clients. They have a team of knowledgeable professionals to help people make informed decisions. And, they offer personalized attention and comprehensive support tailored to clients’ unique financial goals.
Millennium Trust Company also has an impressive background in the financial services industry. It was founded to address evolving investor needs. And, under the leadership of CEO Gary Anetsberger, they’ve become a trusted custodian in the industry.

It’s recommended to consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Millennium Trust Company vows to give clients an experience so superior, it’ll make your regular customer service interactions seem like a comedy sketch gone wrong.

To sum up, Millennium Trust Company stands out with its focus on helping individuals access retirement funds and providing custodial services. They prioritize customer satisfaction with personalized support and a range of services.

Company Background and Leadership

Millennium Trust Company, a prominent player in the financial industry, has a strong foundation rooted in its founding principles. Led by CEO Gary Anetsberger, an experienced professional in the field, the company boasts a highly skilled team that provides a wide range of top-notch services. Stay tuned to learn more about the fascinating background of Millennium Trust Company and the leadership that drives its success.

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Brief information about the founding of Millennium Trust Company

Millennium Trust Company was founded to address a need in the financial services industry. Its focus is on reuniting individuals with retirement funds and custodying traditional and alternative assets. It strives to provide a superior experience for its clients.

CEO Gary Anetsberger is a financial services expert. He leads a team of professionals who offer a wide range of services to meet their clients’ needs. Millennium Trust Company puts an emphasis on customer satisfaction and has become a trusted custodian and asset manager.
Millennium Trust Company was created because of the demand for efficient retirement fund reunification and custodying solutions. Anetsberger’s expertise and guidance have been a major factor in its success.

The team provides tailored solutions to meet clients’ needs. They offer traditional asset custodying and complex alternative investments. Millennium Trust Company’s commitment to providing excellent service is reflected in its ratings and reviews from Trustpilot, BBB, and Facebook.

Unfortunately, some customers have reported issues with customer service, difficulties accessing accounts or funds, and high fees for administration and storage. An individual’s experience may vary.

One positive experience involved a customer praising the helpful and courteous staff. On the other hand, some customers have reported discrimination, high fees, and difficulty accessing funds. It’s important to understand that these are individual cases and may not reflect the overall quality of service provided. For a thorough review of Millennium Trust Company, check out this Millennium Trust Company Review on Trustpilot.

Millennium Trust Company is devoted to providing an incredible experience for their clients. They prioritize client success and satisfaction with tailored services. Focusing on reuniting individuals with retirement funds and custodying both alternative and traditional assets, they aim to meet every unique client need.

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Variation of the main Title to satisfy search intent Immediately

To make sure search intent is fulfilled, it’s key to create a variation of the main title that catches user attention and is relevant. “Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: A Review of Millennium Trust Company’s Services” is a variation that answers search intent by concentrating on customer satisfaction and providing details about the company’s services.
Millennium Trust Company is a dependable financial institution that provides a variety of services to people wanting to reconnect with their retirement funds and invest in traditional and alternative assets. Providing customers with a superior experience is the company’s main goal.

Founded with the purpose of aiding people access their retirement funds, Millennium Trust Company has become a leader in the industry. CEO Gary Anetsberger, with his expertise in the financial services sector, has built a team of professionals with different specializations and services.

Millennium Trust Company takes care of several client accounts and assets under management. It offers investments in traditional and alternative assets, providing its clients with various options to expand their portfolios. They have fees for storage and running that may be higher than average, but they strive to provide an outstanding service.

Trustpilot, BBB (Better Business Bureau), and Facebook show positive comments and ratings for Millennium Trust Company. Many customers are content with the helpful and kind representatives who assist them throughout their investment process. However, some negative reviews have been posted about customer service experiences, account access problems, and high fees.

Examining Millennium Trust Company’s credibility further, we examine its BBB rating. BBB has given the company an A rating, but some customers believe this rating doesn’t reflect their bad experiences. It’s essential for individuals who want to invest through Millennium Trust Company or any other financial institution to do extensive research and talk to a financial advisor before deciding.

The adjusted title, “Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: A Review of Millennium Trust Company’s Services,” summarizes Millennium Trust Company’s experience and highlights customer reviews. It also stresses the need to research independently and get professional help for investment decisions.


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Mention of the Company’s Mission to provide a Superior Experience for their Clients

Their mission is to give an unparalleled experience. Through experienced pros, they commit to personalized attention and expertise. Moreover, they take pride in their excellence and build relationships of trust and reliability. Their transparency in fees and customer support allows clients to easily navigate investments with confidence.

Benefiting clients is at the heart of Millennium Trust Company. They offer comprehensive services, personal attention, and transparent processes. Their commitment to excellence sets them apart, so individuals can manage and grow retirement funds with peace of mind.

Creatively reuniting retirement funds and custodying assets is a skill of Millennium Trust Company.

Introduction to the CEO, Gary Anetsberger, and his experience in the financial services industry

Gary Anetsberger is the CEO of Millennium Trust Company, and brings long-term experience in the financial services sector. He understands the needs and issues faced by investors, making him well-suited to lead the firm in providing exceptional services.
Anetsberger has been active in the industry for years, giving him an intimate knowledge of market trends and investment strategies. Before joining Millennium Trust Company, he held important roles with reputable companies which enhanced his ability in client relationship management and business development.

The team at Millennium Trust Company, led by Anetsberger, is devoted to offering a great experience for their clients. They recognize each investor’s distinct needs, and are committed to providing personalized solutions and customer service. With a diverse line-up of professionals, Millennium Trust Company offers proficiency in various investment areas while adhering to regulatory standards.

In conclusion, Anetsberger’s guidance as CEO has been essential in forming Millennium Trust Company into a dependable custodian for retirement funds and alternative assets. His team of professionals are skilled in reuniting retirement funds and managing the mix of traditional and alternative assets with expertise.

If you need help reuniting with your retirement funds and securing custodying solutions for your assets, Millennium Trust Company is the way to go. Just be aware that fees may leave your wallet feeling a bit lighter!

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Millennium Trust Company is subject to a vast array of customer reviews and ratings across trusted sources like Trustpilot, BBB, and Facebook. While positive ratings point towards high customer satisfaction, there exist concerns surrounding customer service, account access, and fees. Let’s explore the customer feedback, both positive and negative, to gain a comprehensive understanding of Millennium Trust Company’s reputation and performance.

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Overview of various sources, such as Trustpilot, BBB, and Facebook, where Millennium Trust Company has been reviewed

Millennium Trust Company has been reviewed on various sources. For instance, Trustpilot, BBB, and Facebook. These sources offer customers the chance to express their experience with the company’s services.

Trustpilot: Customers can post reviews on Trustpilot. This platform is known for its unbiased and transparent feedback. It permits potential clients to check out firsthand experiences from recent and past customers.
BBB (Better Business Bureau): BBB is a trusted organization that supports marketplace trust. It provides customers a platform to review businesses. The reviews on BBB can provide helpful information about Millennium Trust Company’s standing and customer satisfaction.
Facebook: This social media platform is another place where Millennium Trust Company has been reviewed. Customers can share their opinions, both positive and negative, with a huge audience through posts or comments on the company’s Facebook page.

These sources are useful references for those looking at Millennium Trust Company’s services. By using different platforms such as Trustpilot, BBB, and Facebook, customers have several ways to share their views about the company.

Millennium Trust Company might also be reviewed on other websites not mentioned in this article review report. It is important to thoroughly research and consider information from these sources to gain a complete understanding of customers’ experiences with the company.

Considering these points of view can help individuals in making informed decisions about engaging with Millennium Trust Company’s services. Taking into consideration both positive and negative reviews from reliable sources allows potential clients to assess the company’s trustworthiness before making any investment decisions or commitments.

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Client Accounts and Performance

Millennium Trust Company’s client accounts and performance showcase an impressive range of traditional and alternative asset investments. With a substantial number of client accounts and a strong track record of asset management, this section unveils the company’s remarkable performance. Additionally, we will delve into the fees for administration and storage, which, while higher than average, are justified by the exceptional level of service and expertise provided.

Mention of the fees for Administration and Storage, which are higher than Average

Millennium Trust Company stands out for its wide range of services, like administration and storage. However, these services come with fees that are higher than average. Clients should expect to pay a premium for the security and convenience provided.
Their mission is to provide an exceptional experience, by connecting people with their retirement funds and safeguarding traditional and alternative assets. This comes with a cost, because higher admin and storage fees can influence returns.

They have received positive ratings and reviews. But, some customers are not happy with their customer service, account access, and fees. So, they have voiced their dissatisfaction.
The Better Business Bureau gave them an A rating. This has raised questions, as customers have had bad experiences with customer service, account access, and fees. People should be aware of this before making decisions about investments.

Before investing, it is best to consult a financial advisor. They can offer tailored advice based on individual needs and goals. Investigating independently is also important for making informed choices.

Customer opinions can differ greatly. So, let’s look at Millennium Trust Company’s ratings and reviews. Is it really worth the cost?

Millennium Trust Company Final Thought

In conclusion, this article provides a comprehensive review and assessment of Millennium Trust Company. It offers a summary of the overall review, a recommendation to consult a financial advisor before making investment decisions, and an acknowledgment that experiences may vary and individual research is essential. Remember, when it comes to investing, conducting thorough research and seeking professional advice are crucial steps towards making informed decisions.

Millennium Trust Company recently underwent a review and assessment. Their mission is to provide a great experience for clients, with customer satisfaction a top priority. The CEO, Gary Anetsberger, brings his financial services expertise to the company. They offer a range of services to meet their clients’ needs.

The review includes details about the number of client accounts and assets managed. They offer traditional and alternative investments, making diversifying portfolios possible. Though their fees are higher than average, the expertise and service make it worthwhile.
Trustpilot, BBB, and Facebook reviews have been consistently positive. Clients appreciate the helpful and courteous representatives. However, there have been some negative reviews about customer service quality, account access issues, and high fees.
Individual customer experiences vary from great to not-so-great. Some praise the assistance they received, while others experienced discrimination, high fees, and difficulty accessing funds.

BBB’s A rating for Millennium Trust Company has been questioned, due to some negative experiences. Investors should consider these perspectives when evaluating the trustworthiness of this financial institution. It is best to consult a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

Some Facts About Millennium Trust Review:

✅ Millennium Trust has over 1.2 million client accounts. (Source: Team Research)

✅ The company specializes in reuniting individuals with retirement funds left behind in employer’s retirement plans and custodying alternative and traditional assets in self-directed IRAs. (Source: Team Research)

✅ Millennium Trust Company is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has received an A rating from them. (Source: BBB)

✅ The company offers a wide range of services, including self-directed IRAs, Solo 401(k)s, alternative asset custody solutions, private fund custody services, automatic rollover programs, and registered investment advisor services. (Source: Team Research)

✅ Millennium Trust Company has over 305,000 accounts and $11 billion under management. (Source: Gold IRA Guide)


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FAQs About Millennium Trust Company Review

What services does Millennium Trust Company offer?

Millennium Trust Company offers a range of services including retirement plan management, custody solutions for alternative assets, self-directed IRAs, private fund custody services, automatic rollover programs, and registered investment advisor services.

What are the fees charged by Millennium Trust Company?

Millennium Trust Company charges various fees for their services, including administration and storage fees. The specific fees may vary depending on the type of account and services chosen. It is recommended to review their fee schedule or contact a representative for detailed information.

How can I close my account with Millennium Trust Company?

To close your account with Millennium Trust Company, you will need to follow their account closure policies. It is suggested to reach out to their customer service team or refer to their website for instructions on how to initiate the account closure process.

What security measures does Millennium Trust Company have in place?

Millennium Trust Company has implemented security measures to prevent identity theft and protect their clients’ assets. These measures may include identity verification processes, encryption methods, and secure online portals. Specific details regarding their security measures can be obtained by contacting a representative of the company.

How can I contact Millennium Trust Company?

You can contact Millennium Trust Company by calling their phone number, (800) 258-7878. Additionally, their website may provide options for contacting their customer service team through email or live chat.

Are there any customer reviews or ratings for Millennium Trust Company?

Yes, Millennium Trust Company has received various customer reviews and ratings. Their ratings can be found on platforms such as Trustpilot, BBB, and Yelp. It is recommended to explore these sources for a comprehensive understanding of customer experiences and opinions.

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