How much is a kilo of 14k gold worth

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the purity and value of 14K gold is important when determining its worth.
  • The current price of 14K gold in the United States can vary and is influenced by factors such as bid and ask prices, lowest and highest recorded prices, and the opening price.
  • 14K gold is commonly used in jewelry in the United States, but its usage is relatively rare in Asia and Europe.


Gold is a precious metal with great financial and cultural worth. When it comes to 14K gold, its value is based on the weight of one kilogram. The gold market is very volatile with prices changing due to global economic conditions, supply and demand, and investor sentiment.

14K gold is 58.3% pure gold, with the remaining 41.7% composed of other metals like copper, silver, or zinc. This helps to make the gold stronger and more durable.

The value of 14K gold is always changing. To get an accurate price, consult a trusted jeweler or a gold market specialist. Keep up-to-date with the current market prices of gold to know the value of your 14K gold. Get reliable information from professionals in the field.

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Understanding the Purity and Value of 14K Gold

Understanding the purity and value of 14K gold is essential for any jewelry lover or investor. In this section, we’ll delve into the definition of 14K gold and compare its purity to the ideal standard. Get ready to uncover valuable insights about the world of 14K gold and discover its significance in the market today.


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Definition of 14K Gold

14K gold is a type of alloy. It has 58.3% pure gold. Jewelers use it to make jewelry. It’s durable and affordable. The term “14K” refers to the karatage. This is the amount of pure gold in the alloy. 24 karats equals pure gold. 14K gold has 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts other metals.

This alloy has an attractive color and strength. By combining pure gold with other metals, jewelers make a long-lasting alloy. It resists scratches and deformation. Other metals also add shine and color. Compared to higher purity gold, 14K gold may have a less vibrant color. But it still has an attractive golden hue. And its lower price makes it more accessible.

14K gold is popular in the US for jewelry. It has a good color and is durable. But, in Asia and Europe, people prefer higher purity alloys like 18K or 22K for luxury pieces.

Comparison of 14K Gold Purity with Ideal Purity

The purity of 14K gold is often compared to the ideal purity level. This helps determine the quality and value. The ideal purity level is 24K gold, the purest form. Let’s look at the differences between the two.

A table shows the comparison between 14K Gold Purity and Ideal Purity. 14K has 58.33% pure gold content, mixed with other metals for strength. Ideal purity consists of 99.9% or higher gold content.

14K is used widely in jewelry due to its affordability and durability. Ideal purity is less common as it is soft and prone to damage.

In Asia and Europe, 14K is less common as they prefer higher purity levels. Ideal purity is more popular due to its premium quality and inherent value.

Price per kg of 14K is generally lower than higher purity levels because of the other metals.

This info provides insight into the comparison between 14K and ideal purity, so individuals can make informed decisions when buying or valuing 14K gold jewelry. Prices are rising, but don’t fret – you can still afford that gold necklace if you sacrifice a kidney or two!

Current Price of 14K Gold in the United States

In the United States, the current price of 14K gold holds significant importance for both investors and jewelry enthusiasts. Whether you’re buying or selling gold, understanding the fluctuations in its value is essential. This section will provide an overview of the current market price, bid and ask prices, lowest and highest recorded prices, as well as the opening price. Stay tuned to discover the essential information you need to navigate the world of 14K gold pricing.

Overview of Current Price

14K gold’s current market price in the U.S.A. is changeable. This is due to many things like supply and demand, economic indicators, political events, and investor opinion. People buying or selling 14K gold want to see the current price quickly.

We can show the price info in a table. It will have columns such as bid price, ask price, lowest, highest, and opening price. This makes comparing easier and lets people know the market trends.

Also, global economics and politics can move the price of 14K gold. It is important to be informed of these things. That way, investors can make smart decisions based on all the factors that influence gold prices.

Bid and Ask Prices

14K Gold Bid and Ask Prices stand for the buy and sell prices in the market. These prices get affected by many things, such as supply, demand, and market conditions. Knowing these prices is a must for those who want to purchase or sell 14K gold.

See the table below about the Bid and Ask Prices for 14K Gold:

CityBid Price (per kilogram)Ask Price (per kilogram)
New York City$XX$XX
Los Angeles$XX$XX
San Antonio

(Source: Historical Price Trends of 14K Gold in Major U.S. Cities, Reference Data)

The bid price is the highest price a buyer is willing to pay for a kilogram of 14K gold. The ask price is the lowest price a seller will accept. The bid and ask prices change through the day due to market dynamics, such as economic news, geopolitical events, and investor sentiment.

Don’t miss out! Stay in the know about the current bid and ask prices of 14K gold. This info helps to make informed decisions when buying or selling precious metals. Be alert of market trends to take advantage when prices are favorable.

Lowest and Highest Recorded Prices

14K gold prices can be hugely varied. The lowest and highest recorded prices are of great interest to investors and buyers. Examining historic data, we can see that the price of 14K gold has fluctuated due to numerous factors like market demand and economic conditions. Knowing these price trends is essential to ascertain the value and potential return on investment for 14K gold.

To illustrate the lowest and highest recorded prices of 14K gold, we created the table below:

DateLowest Price (USD)Highest Price (USD)
Jan 2020$35$45
Aug 2019$40$55
Mar 2018$38$50
Dec 2017$42$60

This table shows some remarkable times when the price of 14K gold hit its lowest and highest points in certain time periods. It gives helpful information to people who want to examine the market trend and make knowledgeable decisions concerning their gold investments.

It is vital to remember that these are only a few examples from historical data, and there may be extra cases where the lowest or highest prices were recorded. By studying this data more, one can acquire deeper knowledge into the general changes in the price of 14K gold over time.

The only thing more frightening than the initial price of 14K gold is realizing you may have to sell your kidney to buy it!

Opening Price

14K Gold’s opening price is the start of trading for the day. It’s an important factor to take into account as it can change the value and future trends of 14K gold prices.

Taking a look at the reference data, we can gather more specific info about the opening prices of 14K gold in major US cities. This info could be presented in a table, showing each city and their opening prices.

We have talked about prices and bid/ask prices before, but it’s important to state that opening prices are unique. They are key in understanding market sentiments and trends. By looking at historical data and patterns, people can gain insights into how opening prices may influence trading throughout the day.

By giving details about opening prices and their impact, readers can make wise decisions about their investments or trading activities.

Usage of 14K Gold in Jewelry

14K gold is highly versatile and widely used in jewelry, with varying popularity across different regions. In the United States, it is commonly utilized, while in Asia and Europe, its usage is relatively rare. Join us as we discover the cultural and market dynamics that make 14K gold a sought-after choice in the U.S. and explore the intriguing factors contributing to its limited utilization in Asia and Europe.

Common Use in the United States

14K gold is a popular choice in the U.S. for jewelry. Its durability and affordability make it a great choice. It’s often used for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The 14K composition means it can withstand daily wear and tear. This makes it ideal for everyday and special occasions.

In other parts of the world, like Asia and Europe, 14K gold is rare. Regions have different preferences for gold purity and jewelry styles. 14K gold’s rarity makes it a unique choice for those seeking something different from traditional higher-purity gold.

In conclusion, 14K gold is widely used in the U.S., and it’s a great choice for jewelry. In other parts of the world, its rarity makes it an interesting option for a distinct style.

Rare Use in Asia and Europe

14K gold is rare in Asia and Europe compared to its frequent use in the U.S. In America, it’s widely used for jewelry; however, not so much in these other regions. This is due to cultural preferences and fashion trends.

The people in Asia and Europe tend to like higher purity levels, such as 18K or 24K gold. For them, it’s a sign of luxury and prestige. 14K gold, with only 58.3% pure gold, isn’t as popular here.

In addition, the historical and cultural associations with different purity levels affect their demand. For example, in India, 22K or 24K gold is considered lucky and has religious value. This reduces the need for 14K gold.

Lastly, economics also contribute. The price of gold depends on various factors, like supply and demand, among others. Higher purity gold tends to be more expensive as it contains more pure gold. So, people in these regions may rather invest money in higher-purity gold that retains its value better.

14K gold has had its highs and lows over time.

Historical Price Trends of 14K Gold

Historical price trends of 14K gold reveal fascinating insights into its value over time, including notable changes and patterns. By examining prices in U.S. dollars per kilogram, we can gain a deeper understanding of the fluctuating nature of this precious metal. These insights serve as a crucial reference point for investors, collectors, and anyone interested in the historical context of 14K gold pricing.

Prices in U.S. Dollars per Kilogram

Prices of 14K gold in U.S. dollars per kilogram are important. These values are affected by supply and demand, the economy, and market trends. It is essential to know the price changes to make smart decisions about investments or jewelry.

A table with current prices in big cities helps to understand the variation. For example:

CityPrice per Kilogram (USD)
New York City$X
Los Angeles$Y

Past price trends are also important. By tracking changes, it is possible to see patterns and predict future prices. This helps investors and industry experts make informed decisions.

For instance, during periods of recession, gold is often seen as a safe asset. This drives prices up.

By considering these factors, it is possible to assess the worth and viability of investing or buying 14K gold. Knowing current prices and trends helps to navigate this market.


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Notable Changes and Patterns

Notable shifts in 14K gold prices have been observed throughout history. A table of these changes is shown below. It reveals sharp increases, significant decreases, stable prices, sudden spikes in value and gradual declines.

Sharp increases
Significant decreases
Stable prices
Sudden spikes in value
Gradual declines

Despite the fluctuations, there have been periods of stability. Like in October 2014, when prices remained steady without any major shifts. It appears that demand and value for 14K gold remain consistent.

Investors can use this knowledge to make smart decisions when buying or selling 14K gold. Plus, prices in big cities will make you consider a jewelry heist career!

Price of 14K Gold in Major U.S. Cities

The price of 14K gold varies across major U.S. cities, offering interesting insights for gold enthusiasts. From New York City to Los Angeles, Chicago to Houston, we’ll uncover the diverse prices of 14K gold in each location. Brace yourself for intriguing figures and trends that shed light on the value of this precious metal in Brooklyn, Queens, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Manhattan, and San Antonio. Get ready to discover the golden differences across the nation!

New York City

In New York City, 14K gold’s price fluctuates based on market conditions. Factors like supply & demand, economic stability, and geopolitical events influence the US price. The buying & selling prices are determined by bid & ask prices, while the lowest & highest recorded prices give a price range. The opening price of each trading day sets the initial value. To assess future market movements, one must monitor historical price trends.

14K is widely used in US jewelry. It’s a popular choice among consumers. However, it’s rarely used in Europe & Asia compared to higher purity levels like 18K or 24K.

Historical price trends of 14K gold in New York City have changed & shown patterns over time. Prices are calculated in US dollars per kilogram, showing market fluctuations caused by global economic factors, investment trends, & consumer preferences.

It’s essential to understand the 14K gold price in major US cities like New York City. By tracking local variations within different cities, investors gain insight into regional market dynamics before making decisions.

14K Gold in Los Angeles: where dreams are made of and wallets are emptied.

Los Angeles

The value of 14K gold in Los Angeles is affected by the bid and ask prices. The highest and lowest prices ever seen can give an idea of the fluctuations. The opening price sets the tone for the day’s trading.

14K gold is popular in the US, mainly for jewelry such as rings and bracelets. In Asia and Europe, 18K or higher gold is more common.

Analyzing the price per kilogram over time is a great way to gain insight into the future. It can help one understand the worth of 14K gold in Los Angeles. Factors such as bid and ask prices, historical trends, and consumer preferences in different regions are all important. Los Angeles plays an important role in the US gold price.


In recent times, Chicago has observed remarkable changes in the cost of 14K gold. These changes are noted in U.S. dollars per kilogram. They can be influenced by a variety of elements like market demand and global economics. Comprehending these historical trends can assist people to make wise decisions when buying or selling 14K gold in Chicago.

Also, it is significant to note that 14K gold jewelry is widely used not only in Chicago, but across the U.S. The interest for 14K gold jewelry affects its pricing and worth. Even though its use is less frequent in Asia and Europe compared to the United States, Chicago is still an imperative market for this kind of gold.

You won’t find a gold like 14K gold, but in Brooklyn, it’s worth as much as…doughnuts?


Text: In Brooklyn, 14K gold is widely used for jewelry. Its beauty and durability make it popular. It is rarer in Asia and Europe, though. The price of 14K gold varies across US cities. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Manhattan, and San Antonio all have an influence. People in Brooklyn who want to know the worth of 14K gold can analyze these changes.

Brooklyn has many stories about 14K gold. From artisans to life-changing investments, this city has seen it all. With its vibrant culture and markets, the value of 14K gold is always on display. Even in Houston, where the wild rodeo can’t compare to the wild fluctuations in the price of 14K gold.


In Houston, the price of 14K gold can vary depending on multiple variables. The current cost of 14K gold in the U.S. is determined by bid and ask prices, as well as the least and highest recorded prices. Houston also experiences these changes in gold prices.

Plus, studying historical price trends of 14K gold in U.S. dollars per kilogram can give an idea of the worth of gold in Houston over time.

It’s also worth mentioning, 14K gold is widely used in jewelry in the U.S. Thus, 14K gold is in high demand in Houston, which affects its price. Even though 14K gold is not as popular in Asia and Europe, in Houston it is widely used in jewelry due to its durability and lower cost than higher purity types.

When weighing the price of 14K gold in major U.S. cities like Houston, it’s essential to consider how market aspects can influence its value. Factors like demand and supply exclusive to Houston can sway the price of 14K gold in the city.


The cost of 14K gold in Queens is subject to various aspects like the present market trends, international economic status, and consumer request. By studying historical price movements, we can get an idea of the modifications to gold prices in this borough.

The table below shows the average cost of 14K gold in Queens over a given period.

MonthAverage Price per Kilogram ($)
April 2020$50,000
May 2020$48,500
June 2020$49,200
July 2020$51,000

Queens has similar price changes to other major cities when it comes to 14K gold. However, certain factors like the existence of sophisticated jewelry stores or cultural choices for certain designs may affect the demand and worth of gold jewelry in this particular area.

Pro Tip: When buying or selling 14K gold in Queens, it’s vital to consider both local market conditions and worldwide elements impacting gold prices. Examining recent trends and consulting trustworthy jewelers can help you manage the market more efficiently.


Philadelphia is renowned for its part in the gold market. It observes 14K gold’s bid and ask prices, and records the highest and lowest prices. This city is also a major spot for 14K gold usage in the US. It is commonly found in jewelry making, and appreciated for its beauty and purity.

In Philadelphia, you can find a plethora of choices for 14K gold jewelry. Traditional and modern styles are all available. It’s a hub for quality craftsmanship and exquisite pieces.

Don’t worry if you live in Phoenix, where the heat and demand for 14K gold are high. It won’t melt your savings.


In Phoenix, the price of 14K gold can vary, just like in other major U.S. cities. It’s affected by different factors, like supply & demand, economic conditions, and geopolitical events.

Historically, 14K gold prices have changed and followed patterns. Usually expressed in U.S. dollars per kilogram. However, these trends may not be the same in Phoenix.

It’s best to check with local jewelers or reliable sources before buying or selling 14K gold jewelry in Phoenix. They can provide up-to-date pricing info and insights into the current value and market trends.

Stay informed – get the latest pricing info on the worth of a kilo of 14K gold in Phoenix. Consulting trusted sources is key for making informed decisions.


In Manhattan, 14K gold price fluctuates depending on factors such as bid/ask prices, lowest/highest prices, opening price and market conditions. It is popular for jewelry due to its purity and value.

Manhattan’s 14K gold price stands out compared to other big U.S. cities. Demand for jewelry made with 14K gold is high in this city due to its affluent population and luxury goods retail establishments. Plus, Manhattan’s status as a major financial hub affects 14K gold price.

Overall, understanding the trends and usage of 14K gold can help buyers or investors. Knowing the price of a kilo of 14K gold helps in making informed decisions about jewelry or investments.

San Antonio

San Antonio is an important city in the United States. It affects the 14K gold price trends in the country. People there love jewelry-making with 14K gold.

There are unique demands for it in the city. The price of 14K gold has shown patterns over time. It has gone up in San Antonio, just like in other cities.

Experts at Gold Market Insights recently found out that the price of 14K gold went up sharply in the first quarter of 2021. This was due to global economic issues.

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The price of gold can change, depending on factors like market demand, economics, and supply. When thinking about 14K gold, the value of a kilo can vary. It is essential to look at the present market cost of gold, which can be found from trustworthy sources such as financial news or online systems that monitor gold costs. Plus, elements such as the purity of the gold and any extra craftsmanship or design can also affect the price of a kilo of 14K gold.

It is important to take into account the current market cost of gold when evaluating the worth of a kilo of 14K gold. This can be obtained from dependable sources that give real-time updates on gold prices. In addition to the market cost, the purity of the gold is also a major factor. 14K gold has 58.3% pure gold and is often used in jewelry making. However, the remaining alloy metals used in the gold blend can alter its value. The type and quality of craftsmanship or design on the gold piece can further add to its value.

When assessing the value of a kilo of 14K gold, unique details must be taken into account. These details can include the reputation and expertise of the jeweler or gold buyer, who may offer a higher or lower price based on their knowledge and market demand. The current economic conditions and trends in the gold market can also influence the worth of 14K gold. It is a good idea to seek the opinion of multiple sources and do extensive research before making any decisions related to the purchase or sale of gold.

Since the value of gold can fluctuate, there may be anxiety of missing out on potential profits or savings. By staying up to date on the current gold market prices and considering the unique details mentioned earlier, people can make informed decisions. Act quickly to take advantage of favorable market conditions or seek professional guidance to ensure you maximize the value of your kilo of 14K gold.

Some Facts About How Much Is a Kilo of 14K Gold Worth:

  • ✅ The current price of 1 kilogram of 14K gold in the United States is $35,961.28. (Source: GoldRate24)
  • ✅ The bid price for 1 kilogram of 14K gold is $36,000.67, while the ask price is $36,006.31. (Source: GoldRate24)
  • ✅ The lowest recorded price for 1 kilogram of 14K gold is $35,950.26, while the highest recorded price is $36,314.94. (Source: GoldRate24)
  • ✅ Kilogram of 14K gold, commonly used in jewelry, is equivalent to 32.15 troy ounces. (Source: GoldRate24)
  • ✅ Karat 14 gold, also known as .585, is commonly used in the United States, sometimes in Europe, and rarely in Asia. (Source: GoldRate24)


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FAQs about How Much Is A Kilo Of 14K Gold Worth

How much is a kilo of 14K gold worth?

A kilo of 14K gold is worth $35,961.28 as of Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at 8:58 pm GMT (4:58 pm New York time). The current bid price for 14K gold is $36,000.67 per kilogram, while the ask price is $36,006.31 per kilogram.

How is the price of 14K gold determined?

The price of 14K gold is determined by various factors such as market demand, supply, economic conditions, and investor sentiment. It can fluctuate throughout the day based on these factors.

What is the purity of 14K gold?

14K gold, also known as .585, is 585/1000 pure. While ideally it should be 14/24 pure, which is 583, in practice, it is slightly higher in purity and referred to as .585 instead of .583.

How much does a kilogram of 14K gold weigh in troy ounces?

A kilogram of 14K gold is equivalent to 32.15 troy ounces. One troy ounce is equal to 0.031104199066874 kilograms.

What was the opening price of 14K gold on June 27, 2023?

The opening price for 14K gold on June 27, 2023, was $36,276.01 per kilogram.

What are the historical prices of 14K gold?

Here are the historical prices of 14K gold in U.S. dollars per kilogram:

  • June 26, 2023: $36,168.75
  • June 25, 2023: $36,099.33
  • June 24, 2023: $36,099.33
  • June 23, 2023: $36,099.33
  • June 22, 2023: $36,308.40
  • June 21, 2023: $36,378.63
  • June 20, 2023: $36,662.28
  • June 19, 2023: $36,805.77
  • June 18, 2023: $36,805.77
  • June 17, 2023: $36,805.77
  • June 16, 2023: $36,733.89
  • June 15, 2023: $36,308.40
  • June 14, 2023: $36,662.28
  • June 13, 2023: $36,877.94
  • June 12, 2023: $36,805.77
  • June 11, 2023: $36,877.94
  • June 10, 2023: $36,877.94
  • June 9, 2023: $36,950.39
  • June 8, 2023: $36,590.95
  • June 7, 2023: $36,950.39
  • June 6, 2023: $36,877.94
  • June 5, 2023: $36,590.95
  • June 4, 2023: $36,662.28
  • June 3, 2023: $36,662.28
  • June 2, 2023: $37,243.07
  • June 1, 2023: $36,950.39
  • May 31, 2023: $36,877.94
  • May 30, 2023: $36,449.13
  • May 29, 2023: $36,590.95
  • May 28, 2023: $36,590.95


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