How much is 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold worth

Key Takeaways:

  • 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold is a small quantity and may be more affordable for individual investors.
  • The Gold Bank’s 2.5 Gram Phoenix Edition Gold Bar offers a convenient and reliable option for purchasing this amount of gold.
  • PAMP Suisse is a reputable company known for their expertise in gold refining and assaying services.
  • Money Metals Exchange provides competitive pricing for 2.5 gram gold bars and offers quantity discounts for larger purchases.
  • When buying or selling gold, it is important to consider factors such as packaging, manufacturers, and other forms of gold offered.
  • Money Metals Exchange offers a seamless buying and selling process, including a buyback price and various shipping options.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the quality and service of the gold product and provider.
  • Overall, 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold can be a valuable and accessible investment option for individuals.


Introducing the Gold Bank’s 2.5 Gram Phoenix Edition Gold Bar – uncover the worth and value of this exquisite piece of 999.9 gold. Delve into the details of this sub-section and discover the fascinating aspects that make this gold bar highly sought after in the market. Uncover the significance, craftsmanship, and allure of this precious metal investment.

The Gold Bank’s 2.5 Gram Phoenix Edition Gold Bar

The Gold Bank offers a one-of-a-kind 2.5 Gram Phoenix Edition Gold Bar. It’s renowned for its 99.99% purity and crafted by PAMP Suisse. Plus, it features a stunning mythical phoenix design, which symbolizes rebirth and immortality.


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It’s an ideal investment option for collectors and investors. The Gold Bank offers convenient availability and purchase options, with various packaging options available.

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Be amazed by the amazing features of this Gold Bar from The Gold Bank!

Features and Specifications

The 2.5 Gram Phoenix Edition Gold Bar from The Gold Bank is a great investment option! It has exclusive features and specs. Here’s a table explaining them:

Mint FacilityManufactured by PAMP Suisse
Purity999.9 fine gold
Metal Weight2.5 grams

This gold bar stands out for its top-notch quality and design. PAMP Suisse, a leader in gold refining, guarantees its authenticity and purity. It’s 99.9% pure with only trace amounts of impurities. This ensures each bar has value and meets industry standards.

Plus, it’s 2.5 grams so it’s easy to store and transport. Also, The Gold Bank has options for purchasing and packaging to fit any preference.

In conclusion, the 2.5 Gram Phoenix Edition Gold Bar is a great choice for those looking to diversify their portfolio with physical gold. High quality, purity, and size make it a great investment!

Availability and Purchase Options

The Gold Bank is offering their 2.5 Gram Phoenix Edition Gold Bar! To make an informed decision, check out the availability and purchase options.

Availability: Limited edition, subject to stock availability.

Purchase Options:

  • Online purchase through the official Gold Bank website or authorized dealers
  • Secure payment options including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency
  • Delivery method: Safely packaged and insured shipment

Customers should note that there may be specific terms and conditions associated with the purchase. For further information, it is advised to visit the official Gold Bank website or contact authorized dealers.

For those interested in buying the Gold Bar, the Gold Bank offers a variety of options. These include online purchasing through their website or through authorized dealers. Payment methods accepted include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrency. Plus, customers can expect their gold bars to be safely packaged and insured for secure shipment.

To make sure you get your own piece of this limited edition gold bar, check availability with authorized dealers or visit the official Gold Bank website today!

PAMP Suisse and Their Expertise in Gold Refining

PAMP Suisse, a renowned name in the gold industry, holds unparalleled expertise in gold refining. In this section, we will explore PAMP’s refining and assaying services, as well as their rigorous quality and verification processes. Discover how PAMP Suisse ensures the purity and authenticity of gold, making them a trusted source in the market.

Overview of PAMP’s Refining and Assaying Services

PAMP Suisse is a leader in gold refining and assaying services. They are renowned for their top-notch quality and purity standards. They use advanced techniques and equipment to refine and assay gold, meeting international regulatory needs.

A rigorous process of melting, sampling, and chemical analysis helps separate impurities from raw gold material. Fire assays are also conducted, involving intense heat to extract precious metals accurately.

Assaying services ensure customers receive genuine gold products that meet strict industry standards. Quality control measures are in place throughout the whole refining and assaying stages. Professionals conduct regular checks to identify any anomalies or deviations.

PAMP Suisse also offers exceptional customer service. Their knowledgeable staff is available to answer any queries or concerns.

In summary, PAMP Suisse is trusted for their commitment to producing high-quality gold bars with stringent quality control steps. If you’re looking to invest or collect gold, PAMP Suisse is the way to go! A gold bar from them is sure to have gone through more verification steps than the average person’s Facebook friend request!

Quality and Verification Processes

PAMP Suisse guarantees high-grade gold bars, through meticulous process. Refining, assaying and packaging are the main components of their excellence. Every 2.5 gram gold bar is tested rigorously for purity and quality.

Advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment are used to check the gold bar’s content. Spectroscopy and x-ray fluorescence are employed to detect impurities and counterfeit materials. These processes provide customers with trust in the value and authenticity of their gold bars.

PAMP Suisse is globally renowned and trusted in the gold industry. This is seen through their expertise in refining and verifying the quality of metals. Get ready to add gold to your wallet as we explore the pricing and exchange options for those 2.5 gram gold bars!

Money Metals Exchange and Pricing for 2.5 Gram Gold Bars

At Money Metals Exchange, discover the worth of 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold through a detailed analysis of pricing. Dive into sub-sections unveiling the sell to us price, quantity discounts, available packaging and manufacturers, as well as other forms of gold offered. Uncover the facts, figures, and events that will help you make informed decisions when it comes to investing in this precious metal. Get ready to navigate the world of gold exchange and pricing with confidence.

Sell to Us Price and Quantity Discounts

“Money Metals Exchange’s Sell to Us Price and Quantity Discounts for the 2.5 Gram Gold Bar bring important financial benefits. These help customers receive a fair rate per gram when selling their gold.

The Sell to Us Price is based on the current market value of gold. The Quantity Discounts reward those who sell more, with higher rates for larger quantities. Here’s an example:

Quantity RangePrice per Gram
Up to 5$XX.XX

Money Metals Exchange also offers convenient and secure packaging options. Maximize earnings by taking advantage of quantity discounts. It pays to sell in larger amounts!

When buying a gold bar, it’s like getting a present. Except, it costs a lot and there’s no fun surprise.”


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Packaging and Manufacturers Available

Money Metals Exchange offers customers a variety of packaging and manufacturers for their 2.5 gram gold bar.

Check out this table to see the different options available:

Packaging OptionsManufacturers Available
Sealed Assay CardsPAMP Suisse, The Gold Bank
Certi-Lock® Authenticity SystemsMoney Metals Exchange
Tamper-Evident PackagingValcambi Suisse

If you want a special touch, you can customize your 2.5 gram gold bar packaging. Perfect for special occasions or gifts.

Throughout history, gold bar manufacturers have created high-quality products. They’ve innovated packaging for safety and to prove authenticity. So customers can feel secure when buying gold bars.

Other Forms of Gold Offered

Gold offering? Yes, please! There are lots of options available. We’ve got the lowdown on the different types of gold here. Take a look at this table:

2.5 Gram Gold BarSmall and compact bar. Great for a lower quantity.
Gold CoinsLegal tender coins made from pure gold.
Gold RoundsCircular discs of pure gold.
Gold Bullion BarsLarger bars as an investment tool.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone – 2.5 Gram Gold Bar, coins, rounds, bullion bars. Different formats for different budgets and strategies. Plus, each one has its own special characteristics and benefits.

For example, a 2.5 Gram Gold Bar is super portable and accessible. But if you’re thinking long-term investments, then legal tender coins or larger bullion bars might be the way to go.

(Fun fact: This info came from the article ‘Other Forms of Gold Offered’ in the reference data.)

Detailed Specifications of the 2.5 Gram Gold Bar

When it comes to the 2.5 gram gold bar, understanding its detailed specifications is crucial. In this section, we will explore the mint facility and quality/type of the gold bar, as well as its purity and metal weight. By delving into these sub-sections, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of this valuable piece and its worth.

Mint Facility and Quality/Type

Money Metals Exchange offers a 2.5 gram gold bar. It is important to understand the mint facility and quality/type.

They source the bar from trusted mints, such as PAMP Suisse. This company is known for their gold refining and assaying.

Customers can see the detailed specifications of the gold bar. It has a purity of 999.9, which means 99.99% pure gold. This is important for the intrinsic value and marketability of the gold bar.

When buying or selling from Money Metals Exchange, it is best to verify the certification markings on the PAMP Suisse gold bar. This can be done by using official methods from PAMP Suisse or other reputable sources.

Purity and Metal Weight

Money Metals Exchange provides specifications that are important to consider when looking at a 2.5 gram gold bar. A table showcasing relevant details like mint facility, quality/type, purity, and metal weight can be created.

Mint FacilityQuality/TypePurityMetal Weight
The Gold Bank and PAMP SuisseGold bar999.9 (24 karat)2.5 grams

This particular gold bar is part of The Gold Bank’s Phoenix Edition collection, which offers unique features and design.

PAMP Suisse is renowned for gold refining and their commitment to quality shows in their products. They make sure each gold bar meets strict standards before releasing it.

By knowing the purity and metal weight of the gold bar, investors or collectors will be able to confidently engage in transactions. Money Metals Exchange makes it easy to buy and sell gold.

Buying and Selling Process with Money Metals Exchange

When it comes to the buying and selling process of gold, understanding the ins and outs can make a significant difference. In this section, we will explore the various aspects of the buying and selling process with Money Metals Exchange. We will take a closer look at the buyback price and limitations, as well as the available shipping options and insurance coverage. By diving into these details, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to navigate the process with confidence and make informed decisions.

Buyback Price and Limitations

Money Metals Exchange offers a competitive buyback price for customers who sell back a 2.5 gram gold bar. This price is based on the current market value of gold. The table below details the buyback price and any limitations.

Column 1Column 2
Buyback PriceBased on market value
LimitationsNone mentioned

Money Metals Exchange provides customers with various shipping options to send back their gold bars, including insured shipping services for security. It is recommended to contact Money Metals Exchange before any sell-back transactions to confirm the current buyback price and potential changes or limitations.

Ensure your gold’s safety with our shipping options and insurance coverage. Your worries shouldn’t be as heavy as the brick of gold!

Shipping Options and Insurance Coverage

Money Metals Exchange has got you covered when it comes to shipping your 2.5 gram gold bar. We offer standard delivery and expedited shipping. Plus, you can trust that your valuable investment will be fully protected during transit with our insurance coverage.

  • Our default option is standard shipping, which provides secure transit within a specified timeframe.
  • For faster delivery, we offer expedited shipping options for an extra fee.
  • We take full responsibility for your purchase’s safe transportation – so if it gets lost or damaged during shipping, our insurance covers you.
  • Our insurance policy covers the full value of your gold bar – giving you peace of mind.

We put customer service first and will guide you through any specific requirements. And with our insurance coverage, you can trust that your gold bar will arrive securely. People love the 2.5 gram gold bar – saying it’s worth its weight in gold and their savings account feels the Midas touch!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold. Through reviews and testimonials, they have shared their experience and perception. This provides potential buyers with valuable insights to make an informed decision.

  • The purity and quality of the 999.9 gold has been praised.
  • The packaging and delivery of the gold has been commended.
  • The transaction process has been described as easy.
  • The customer service has been praised for being helpful and knowledgeable.
  • The investment potential of this gold has been highlighted.
  • The overall experience of owning 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold has been expressed as satisfactory.

Unique details about personal preferences and reasons for acquiring this gold have also been shared. These details broaden the perspective on its value and desirability, helping potential buyers in their decision-making process.

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Gold is a precious commodity! The worth of 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold can be calculated by its purity and current market price. This type of gold is known as “pure gold,” with 99.99% gold content. This high purity level boosts its value.

The market price of gold also impacts its worth. The reference data doesn’t give the exact market price, but it’s common knowledge that gold prices can vary daily due to various economic factors. To find out the accurate worth of 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold, it’s best to consult real-time market prices or professional sources.

Considering its purity and market price, 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold can hold substantial value. However, without knowledge about the current market price, it’s hard to give an exact estimation. To determine its exact worth, it’s wise to refer to reliable sources and consult with experts in the field. This way, one can get a more precise assessment of the worth of 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold.

Some Facts About How Much Is 2.5 Grams of 999.9 Gold Worth:

  • ✅ The Gold Bank’s Phoenix Edition Gold bar weighs exactly 2.5 grams and has a fineness of 999.9. (Source: Gold Bank)
  • ✅ The Phoenix Edition Gold bar features an iconic Phoenix design and comes with a certificate embedded on the rear for authenticity. (Source: Gold Bank)
  • ✅ PAMP Suisse, a trusted brand in the bullion industry, is known for refining precious metals and offers assaying services to its customers. (Source: PAMP Suisse)
  • ✅ Money Metals Exchange offers 2.5 gram gold bars for sale, with prices automatically updating every minute. The current sell price is $156.56 each. (Source: Money Metals Exchange)
  • ✅ Fractional-sized gold bars, such as the 2.5 gram gold bar, are popular for portfolio diversification and can be purchased from reputable manufacturers like PAMP Suisse, Sunshine, Republic Metals, and the Perth Mint. (Source: Money Metals Exchange)


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FAQs about How Much Is 2.5 Grams Of 999.9 Gold Worth

How much is 2.5 grams of 999.9 gold worth?

As of the current gold price of $1,922.35 per troy ounce, a 2.5-gram gold bar with a purity of 999.9 is worth approximately $78.48.

Can I log in to my account to purchase the 2.5-gram gold bar?

Yes, you can log in to your account on the website to purchase the 2.5-gram gold bar.

What are the key features of the 2.5-gram gold bar?

The key features of the 2.5-gram gold bar include its 24 karat pure gold 999.9 composition, iconic Phoenix design, minting in pure gold 999.9, seal of authenticity, and integrated tamper-proof protection.

Where can I find the 2.5-gram gold bar for purchase?

The 2.5-gram gold bar can be found at authorized distributors of the Gold Bank.

What is the origin of the material used in the 2.5-gram gold bar?

The Gold Bank ensures the legitimacy, ethics, and responsible business conduct of its suppliers and verifies the origin of the materials used in the 2.5-gram gold bar, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Can I sell the 2.5-gram gold bar back to Money Metals Exchange?

Yes, Money Metals Exchange offers a buyback program for the 2.5-gram gold bar at a price of $156.56 each, up to 20 ounces.


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