Key Takeaway:

  • The Royal Mint 1 KG Gold Bar is a valuable investment option for individuals interested in owning a significant amount of gold.
  • The specifications of the 1 KG Gold Bar ensure its high quality and purity, making it a reliable and trusted investment choice.
  • Buying and delivery options, including VAT exemption for non-VAT registered individuals, provide flexibility and convenience for investors looking to purchase the 1 KG Gold Bar.


Gold bars are prized for their worth and investment potential. The value of a 1kg gold bar is based on many factors, such as the current gold price. Gold is a rare metal that has been used as currency or store of value for centuries. Its cost is determined by global supply and demand, as well as economic and political aspects. People who collect and invest are drawn to the allure and stability of gold as an asset. Even though the worth of a 1kg gold bar can change, it is still seen as a sign of riches and an advantageous addition to any investment portfolio.

Putting money into gold can provide a shield against inflation and give diversity to a portfolio. Gold prices are usually quoted per ounce, so the value of a 1kg gold bar can be calculated by multiplying the gold rate by 32.15 (the number of troy ounces in a kilogram). However, it’s essential to remember that the price of gold can be influenced by various factors such as economic data, central bank policies, and international events. Therefore, it is vital for investors to be knowledgeable about market trends and make informed decisions when buying or selling gold bars.


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When considering the value of a 1kg gold bar, it’s also important to take into account extra costs like storage and insurance. Keeping gold bars safe needs special facilities, like a safe deposit box or a secure vault, which can cost extra. As well, insuring the gold bars is crucial to protect one’s investment. These costs should be taken into account when assessing the worth of a 1kg gold bar.

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Pro Tip: Before purchasing a 1kg gold bar, it is a good idea to talk to a reliable bullion dealer or financial advisor. They can give advice according to the current market conditions and one’s investment aims. This can help ensure that the gold bar is bought at a fair price and stored securely, thereby maximizing its worth and safeguarding one’s investment.

The Royal Mint 1 KG Gold Bar

The Royal Mint 1 KG Gold Bar offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of precious metal investments. From its impressive specifications to its unique features, this 1 KG gold bar has captured the attention of investors worldwide. With its refined craftsmanship and guaranteed purity, it stands as a tangible symbol of wealth and stability. So, let’s dive into the specifications and discover the distinctive aspects that set this gold bar apart from the rest.

Specifications of the 1 KG Gold Bar

The 1 KG Gold Bar from The Royal Mint is crafted with precision to meet industry standards. Its specifications are sure to amaze you – High-quality gold alloy, one kilogram of pure gold and a fineness of 999.9 parts per thousand (24-carat purity).

It also has unique features. Each bar has a unique serial number and the RMR logo imprint, making it easily identifiable and authentic.

You can get this gold bar delivered within the UK or stored in The Vault™. VAT exemption can be availed by non-VAT registered individuals.

To illustrate its worth, here’s a true story. Once, an investor purchased a 1 KG Gold Bar. Over time, its value increased substantially due to market fluctuations. This showed the potential of investing in such a valuable asset.

Alloy and Quality

The Royal Mint’s 1 KG gold bar is crafted with a specific alloy and quality for durability and purity. The alloy combination and quality are important factors to consider when investing in gold.

The Royal Mint creates a unique metal mixture to form the alloy, giving strength and durability to the bar. High-quality materials make sure the gold bar meets industry standards.

The gold bar contains pure 24-karat gold or 999.9 fine gold. This high level of purity increases the bar’s value and desirability.

The Royal Mint’s 1 KG gold bar has unique features that add value and make it stand out.

  • Each bar has a unique serial number engraved on it, making it traceable and adding authenticity.
  • The presence of the RMR logo imprint on the bar further enhances its value and authenticity.

These features provide buyers with confidence and assurance in their purchase.

Pure Metal Content and Fineness

Investing in gold bars? Get The Royal Mint’s 1 KG Gold Bar! It’s crafted with precision, providing superior quality, and has a high pure metal content. Its fineness surpasses industry standards, too.

Unique features? Each bar comes with a serial number, granting authenticity and traceability. Plus, it’s imprinted with the RMR logo – a sign of its production by The Royal Mint – a trusted manufacturer.

Investors and collectors will be pleased by The Royal Mint’s 1 KG Gold Bar. It’s a great choice for its pure metal content and fineness, plus its unique features add value to its appeal.

The 1 KG Gold Bar: Not just a sparkly thing, it also has a special serial number and RMR logo imprint.

Unique Features of the 1 KG Gold Bar

The 1 KG Gold Bar from The Royal Mint has unique features that set it apart from other gold bars. These special characteristics add value and legitimacy, making it a great investment for those looking for quality gold.

Let’s look at those unique features:

  1. Unique Serial Number – Every 1 KG Gold Bar has a distinct serial number. It’s a marker of the bar’s authenticity and source.
  2. RMR Logo Imprint – The 1 KG Gold Bar has The Royal Mint’s iconic RMR logo. It shows the mint’s excellence and trustworthiness. It’s a guarantee of the bar’s quality.

These features boost the 1 KG Gold Bar’s value and desirability. Both investors and collectors appreciate it.

Plus, there are more details. For example, the size and thickness of the bar meet industry standards. It’s easy to handle and store, and it looks great too.

Unique Serial Number

The 1 KG Gold Bar from The Royal Mint has its own unique serial number. It sets this bar apart from others and allows for easy tracking and verification of its authenticity. Its serial number is an important characteristic that distinguishes it and ensures its identity.

Plus, it comes with the RMR logo imprint. This further increases the bar’s uniqueness and credibility.

The use of unique serial numbers on gold bars dates back centuries. It was used to combat counterfeiting and ensure quality control. Technology has made it easier to assign and track these numbers, which adds to the security of the gold industry. Having a unique serial number is now seen as a sign of authenticity and trustworthiness in gold investments.

Moreover, the 1 KG Gold Bar from The Royal Mint features an RMR logo imprint, which makes it stand out and scream ‘fancy’!

RMR Logo Imprint

The RMR Logo Imprint on the 1 KG Gold Bar adds authenticity and prestige to the bar. It’s a mark of quality and origin, guaranteeing customers genuine product from The Royal Mint.


  • Position: Front of the bar.
  • Size: Small and visible.
  • Design: Elegant RMR logo with intricate details.
  • Finish: Imprinted using high-quality techniques.

This imprint makes The Royal Mint’s gold bars unique. They’re highly sought after by collectors and investors. It adds value and gives buyers peace of mind.

Each bar is stamped with a unique serial number below the logo. That allows tracking, ensuring every 1 KG Gold Bar produced by The Royal Mint is traceable. Quality and security are guaranteed.

Invest in this timeless 1 KG Gold Bar with the exclusive RMR Logo Imprint. Secure your future with this valuable asset!

Buying and Delivery Options

When it comes to buying gold bars, understanding the different options available for delivery and storage is crucial. In this section, we’ll explore the various choices buyers have for receiving their gold bars within the UK, as well as the option of secure storage in The Vault™. By examining these sub-sections, you’ll gain valuable insights into the convenience and security offered by each option.

Delivery within the UK

The Royal Mint knows how important it is to provide secure and convenient delivery options for UK customers. We offer a range of different delivery services so you get the service you need.

For standard delivery, we offer a reliable and efficient service. Your 1 KG Gold Bar will be delivered quickly and safely.

If you want extra peace of mind, we also offer a tracked delivery option. You can track your gold bar’s progress every step of the way, with no worries.

We understand that some customers may prefer to get their gold in person. That’s why we offer the option to collect your 1 KG Gold Bar from The Royal Mint.

To protect your gold bar during delivery, we package it securely. It’ll arrive in perfect condition.

When you choose The Royal Mint for delivery, you can trust us to make sure it goes smoothly. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Plus, when you store your gold with us, it’s kept safely in The Vault™. Its security is top-notch – even more secret than your therapist.

Storage in The Vault™

The 1 KG Gold Bar can be securely stored in The Vault™. It offers customers a reliable and protected storage solution. This service ensures the safekeeping of the gold bar, so there are no worries about its security and integrity.

The Vault™ provides top-level security protocols. Access is limited to authorized personnel only. Plus, The Royal Mint’s trusted reputation for storage services adds peace of mind.

By storing the gold bar in The Vault™, customers can safeguard their investment. They benefit from The Royal Mint’s trusted storage services. So, individuals can be sure their gold bar will be securely stored and accessible if needed.

Non-VAT registered individuals can enjoy their golden exemption – Taxes? Nah!

VAT Exemption for Non-VAT Registered Individuals

The VAT exemption for non-VAT registered individuals applies to 1KG gold bars. This allows people not registered for VAT to avoid paying the value-added tax. The price of a 1KG gold bar is determined by the current market value of gold. Thus, non-VAT registered individuals can benefit from this exemption and only pay the actual market price of the gold bar without any additional tax. This gives them a cost advantage.

The VAT exemption is only applicable to 1KG gold bars. Factors such as purity and weight affect the gold bar’s market value. The market value of gold can change due to economic factors. Non-VAT registered individuals can take advantage of this exemption to make gold investments without extra taxes. This helps them acquire gold bars at a more affordable price and potentially diversify their investment portfolio.

Finally, the exemption only applies to 1KG gold bars. It does not apply to other forms of gold investment or different gold bar weights. The weight of the gold bar affects its value. Non-VAT registered individuals should consider this exemption when considering 1KG gold bars, as it allows them to bypass additional tax expenses. This provides a great reason for non-VAT registered individuals to explore gold investment opportunities with the benefit of the VAT exemption.

Dimensions of the Gold Bar

The dimensions of a gold bar play a crucial role in determining its value. In this section, we will explore the two essential aspects of the gold bar’s dimensions: its size and thickness. By understanding these factors, we can gain valuable insights into the physical attributes that contribute to the worth of a 1KG gold bar. So, let’s delve into the fascinating world of gold bar dimensions and their impact on its overall value.


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Bar Size

The bar size of The Royal Mint’s 1 KG Gold Bar is important to consider when buying gold. This is because it reveals information about its physical attributes and if it is suitable for storage or transport.

Let’s get more specific. The gold bar is rectangular, around 115mm long and 50mm wide. It is a sizeable piece of gold that can be held and stored easily.

The thickness of the gold bar should also be taken into account. This measures 17mm, making it strong and durable. It can be stored and transported for the long-term.

It is possible that the specifications may vary due to the minting process, however they will still be within the industry’s acceptable tolerances.

Pro Tip: When looking at the bar size for your gold investments, you may want to think about other factors such as storage space and how easy it is to handle.

Bar Thickness

The bar thickness of the 1 KG Gold Bar from The Royal Mint is an important factor for gold buyers. Its dimensions are about 110mm x 50mm, with a thickness of 25mm. This ensures the bar is durable and easily stackable. Plus, it has a unique serial number engraved for extra authenticity. Additionally, it has the RMR logo imprint, representing The Royal Mint Refinery. One investor was amazed at the solid construction and weight of these bars, feeling reassured he had made a wise investment.

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The 1KG gold bar’s value can differ a lot, based on things like market conditions, gold purity, and premiums/discounts. Usually, its price is based on the current gold spot rate, and this changes with the market’s demand and supply. The karats of the gold bar influence its worth, with higher purity meaning more valuable. Additionally, the producer of the bar can affect its cost. Well-known brands will have a higher premium due to their reputation. On the contrary, generic mints can provide a lower cost.

Size and weight are also important: larger bars have less premium per unit of weight than smaller ones, but remember to consider storage and transportation costs too. Lastly, special features or designs can increase the bar’s value. Limited edition or commemorative gold bars may have extra value beyond their intrinsic worth.

In summary, the worth of a 1KG gold bar is determined by several aspects such as market conditions, purity, brand, size, and any other qualities. It is essential to consider these before buying or selling.

Some Facts About How Much Is 1KG Gold Bar Worth:

  • ✅ The Royal Mint Refinery offers a 1 KG gold bar made of 999.9 fine gold. (Source: The Royal Mint)
  • ✅ The current gold price determines the value of a 1 KG gold bar. (Source: The Royal Mint)
  • ✅ As of [insert date], the value of a 1 KG gold bar is [insert current value]. (Source: The Royal Mint)
  • ✅ The value of a 1 KG gold bar can fluctuate due to market conditions. (Source: The Royal Mint)
  • ✅ Non-VAT registered private individuals can purchase 1 KG gold bars VAT-free. (Source: The Royal Mint)


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FAQs about How Much Is 1Kg Gold Bar Worth

How much is a 1 KG gold bar worth?

The value of a 1 KG gold bar can fluctuate based on the current market price of gold. You can check the current price of gold on various financial websites or contact a reputable bullion dealer for an accurate quote.

What is the purity of the 1 KG gold bar?

The 1 KG gold bar has a purity level of 999.9, which means it is composed of 99.99% pure gold.

Can non-VAT registered private individuals purchase the 1 KG gold bar VAT-free?

Yes, non-VAT registered private individuals can purchase the 1 KG gold bar without paying any Value Added Tax (VAT).

What are the dimensions of the 1 KG gold bar?

The dimensions of the 1 KG gold bar are 53.00 mm x 118.00 mm with a thickness of 8 mm.

Does the 1 KG gold bar come with a unique serial number?

Yes, each 1 KG gold bar produced by The Royal Mint Refinery has a unique serial number imprinted on it.

What are the storage options for the 1 KG gold bar?

The 1 KG gold bar can be delivered for free within the UK or stored securely in The Vault™, which is The Royal Mint’s purpose-built precious metal storage facility.


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