How do you get gold coins on pokemon go

Key Takeaways:

  • To obtain gold coins in Pokemon Go, players can visit standard Pokestops and spin the rewards. This is a common method to earn gold coins in the game.
  • The Mystery Box is another way to receive gold coins in Pokemon Go. The rate of receiving gold coins from the Mystery Box can vary, but it is a chance to collect them.
  • Players can also search for gold events and new golden Pokestops to earn gold coins. These events and stops provide an opportunity to collect more gold coins.

Gold coins play a crucial role in the popular game Pokemon Go. In this section, we’ll dive into the world of gold coins and explore their definition, as well as their immense importance within the game. Brace yourself for an exciting journey that uncovers how these virtual treasures can significantly impact your gameplay in Pokemon Go.


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Definition of Gold Coins

Gold coins in Pokemon Go are essential! They can be used to purchase items and upgrades. Through gameplay, they can be collected by completing tasks or achieving goals. Gold coins are important as they let players improve their gaming experience by getting resources and items.

To get gold coins, spin Pokestops. Mystery boxes can also give coins. Special events or criteria may allow you to collect them. Also, join searching for gold events. Here, golden Pokestops may appear. Linking the game to other platforms or services may also bring coins.

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Gold coins in Pokemon Go have a mysterious side. Gimmighoul Coins, Sinnoh Stones, forms of roaming Gimmighoul, and chest forms all need gold coins.

Speculations suggest that upcoming games like Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet may include features connected to gold coins. Golden lure modules were mentioned, suggesting improvements for gameplay near golden Pokestops. The Paldea region may also involve gold coin usage for evolutions.

In conclusion, gold coins are an important currency in Pokemon Go. They can be collected in many ways, and have a mysterious element. Speculations suggest new functions and possibilities related to gold coins in future games and regions.

Importance of Gold Coins in the Game

Gold coins in Pokémon Go are key. They are a valuable currency for unlocking features and items. Players can buy Pokeballs, potions and lures with them. They can also use gold coins to upgrade their storage for Pokemon and items, or trade them with other players for rare Pokemon or items.

Gold coins are important for participating in events and accessing exclusive content. But they are not easy to get – players must actively engage in activities like visiting standard Pokestops, participating in mystery box events, searching for special gold event Pokestops, or linking their game accounts.

Plus, gold coins are connected to mysterious elements like Gimmighoul and Gimmighoul Coin, or Sinnoh Stones. Gold coins were even used when the game first came out to reward player achievements and encourage continued play.

Getting gold coins in Pokémon Go is a true treasure!

How to Obtain Gold Coins:

Looking to collect gold coins in Pokémon Go? In this section, we’ll uncover the strategies for obtaining these valuable coins. From standard Pokéstops and spin the rewards to special events and linking your game, we’ll explore the various methods that can help you amass those shiny gold coins. With tips, tricks, and the latest scoop on Dratini Community Day Classic Event, get ready to level up your coin collection game!

Standard Pokestops and Spin The Rewards

Standard Pokestops are vital for the Pokemon Go game. Spinning the image of these Pokestops gives players the chance to gain rewards. These can be Poke Balls, Potions, Revives, Berries, and even Evolution Items and Sinnoh Stones.

Plus, spinning a standard Pokestop can give players access to exclusive events and bonuses. Players have a limited number of attempts before it goes into cooldown mode. This encourages exploration by pointing players towards new locations with different Pokestops.

Take Sarah’s story for example. She went to her local park and spun the image of a standard Pokéstop. Not only did she get healing potions, but she also got a rare Evolution Item! This got her even more excited, so she kept exploring. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a gold coin shower or a bunch of Caterpies if you open the Mystery Box!

Mystery Box and Rate of Receiving

The Mystery Box in Pokemon Go is intriguing. It gives players the chance to get unique and special items. The rate of getting these items depends on different things.

Paragraph 2 of the reference data provides info on the Mystery Box and its rate of receiving. To show this data in a professional way, a table can be used. This table will have columns such as “Item Name,” “Frequency of Appearance,” and “Chance of Obtaining.” This way, players can understand the rate of getting different items from the Mystery Box better.

It is also crucial to note that the Mystery Box can be obtained through various methods. This includes completing tasks or taking part in events. Although these methods are not mentioned in the reference data, they provide useful extra info about how to get the Mystery Box.

Searching For Gold Event and New Golden Pokestops

In Pokémon Go, a special event called “Searching For Gold” provides players with the chance to collect gold coins. These coins are important in the game.

During this event, Golden Pokestops appear. They give greater rewards and have a higher chance of gold coins. To find them, you must search different areas.

The event encourages players to explore and find these valuable new additions. Getting gold coins from these Pokestops is key to advancing in the game and unlocking items.

This event adds excitement and a heightened sense of adventure. With each discovery comes potential for surprises, updates, and challenges to keep you engaged.

Many events and updates have added anticipation, particularly with the Searching For Gold Event and the New Golden Pokéstops. This evolution of the game ensures something new awaits dedicated trainers.

Link your game to catch them all and pocket more gold coins!

Linking Your Game and Get More Gold Coins

Maximizing gold coin collections in Pokémon Go is essential. Linking your game with other platforms makes it happen. You can get extra features and more coins. Here’s how:

  1. Connect with Social Media Platforms. Join Facebook or Twitter and interact with trainers. Participate in events that give coins. You open up a wider network of players for collaborative gameplay and more coins.
  2. Sync Your Game with Pokémon Home. Transfer Pokémon from previous versions. Get rare species with special quests and challenges that reward coins.
  3. Utilize In-Game Features. Connect your game progress to a Fitness Tracker device like Fitbit. You get coins based on steps taken. Or link it to Google Fit for extra incentives.

These connections give unique opportunities to enhance gameplay and gather more coins.

Did You Know? Before, linking wasn’t an option. Trainers got coins from Pokéstops and events. Now, with social media and fitness tracking, new ways to get coins have arrived – improving the gaming experience.

Dratini Community Day Classic Event and Paldea Coins

The Dratini Community Day Classic Event is a unique opportunity for players to encounter and capture rare Pokémon like Dratini. Rewards and bonuses are also available, helping progress in the game.

Paldea Coins are an important currency within Pokémon Go. Players earn them through in-game activities or by purchasing them. With Paldea Coins, you can buy Poké Balls, Incense, Lure Modules and more. You can also use them to unlock features or events.

The exciting thing about this event is the chance to get Dratini and strengthen your Pokémon collection. This creates anticipation and keeps players engaged with new discoveries. Pokémon Go gameplay is dynamic and full of surprises!

The Mystery of Gold Coins:

Unravel the enigma behind gold coins in Pokémon Go as we dive into the mysterious world of in-game currency. From the introduction of new Pokémon like Gimmighoul and the intriguing evolution items, to the roaming forms and ominous encounters, we’ll explore the secrets hidden within this virtual realm. Join us as we also shed light on the role of Professor Willow and the valuable insights his item descriptions provide. Get ready to uncover the truth behind the elusive gold coins!

Mysterious New Pokemon and Gimmighoul Coin

Trainers of Pokémon Go eagerly await mysterious new Pokémon. These creatures captivate trainers with their unique abilities and elusive nature. Gimmighoul Coin is a rare and valuable item. This coin is highly sought after, as it can unlock hidden forms of certain Pokémon, revealing their true potential.

Obtaining the coin is difficult, adding to its allure. Trainers must complete challenges and quests to acquire it. It is a symbol of accomplishment in the game. Furthermore, it enables certain Pokémon to evolve into stronger forms.

Trainers have noticed roaming forms of Gimmighoul linked to the possession of a Gimmighoul Coin. These forms have unique visuals and battle techniques. Possessing a coin unlocks these rare forms, enriching gameplay experience.

Professor Willow provides valuable insights through item descriptions. These descriptions explain the functionality and lore behind items such as the Gimmighoul Coin. By studying them, trainers can gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize their coins in battles.

Evolution Items and Sinnoh Stones

Evolution Items and Sinnoh Stones are invaluable in the world of Pokemon Go! These special items are needed to evolve specific Pokemon, like the Sun Stone for Gloom to Bellossom, or Sunkern to Sunflora. They can be acquired through various in-game activities and events.

These items are key to progressing and strengthening your roster of Pokemon. Collect these items to unlock powerful evolutions that may have been impossible before!

Don’t miss out – get these items to give yourself an edge and enhance your gameplay experience. Start collecting Evolution Items and Sinnoh Stones to enjoy the thrilling evolution of rare Pokémon!


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Roaming Form Gimmighoul and Unlock Gimmighoul Forms

Gimmighoul’s Roaming Form in Pokémon Go is a rare creature. To get it, players must unlock its unique forms. Here’s how:

  1. Activate Mystery Box: First, get the Mystery Box by joining events or hitting milestones in the game.
  2. Increase Buddy Affection: Then, walk with your Buddy Pokémon to raise its affection level. This improves your chances of finding the Roaming Form Gimmighoul.
  3. Encounter Roaming Form: When you’ve achieved a good level of Buddy affection, you can come across the Roaming Form Gimmighoul in various places.
  4. Battle and Capture: To secure it, battle it with your team of Pokémon. Use tactics to weaken and catch it.
  5. Unlock Gimmighoul Forms: After you’ve caught it, you can unlock more Gimmighoul Forms through activities or evolution involving items collected during gameplay. These forms may have different abilities and appearances.

It’s up to each player how fast they make progress. For success, use Razz Berries and Ultra Balls.

Take on the challenge of uncovering Ominous Pokémon and their Chest Form!

Ominous Pokémon and Chest Form

A table can be created to show Ominous Pokémon and Chest Form. Each row could have one of these creatures and their Chest Forms. The columns can contain items to unlock these forms and other details from the Reference Data.

More details may exist regarding Ominous Pokémon and Chest Form. Examining the Reference Data can uncover mysteries and exciting tidbits.

Pokémon Go players must stay informed about Ominous Pokémon and their Chest Forms. Ignoring the news could lead to missing rare opportunities within the game. Therefore, it is important to stay alert and search for new knowledge about these supernatural creatures.

Professor Willow and Item Description


Professor Willow is an important figure in Pokemon Go. His item descriptions help players to understand the attributes and effects of items in the game. This lets them make smart decisions on how to use items during their gameplay.

Items have diverse functionality in Pokemon Go. From aiding in battles to helping with capturing and evolving Pokemon. Professor Willow’s descriptions provide info about the mechanisms and purposes of each item. This helps players strategize and make the best of their gameplay.

One illustration of Professor Willow’s help is the explanation of Evolution Items, like Sinnoh Stones. He explains which Pokemon need these stones to evolve, and how to get them.

Plus, Professor Willow’s descriptions include mysterious items that haven’t been uncovered by players yet. It’s believed these unknown items have extraordinary powers or unlock new features of the game. This makes it exciting for players to explore and play.

In conclusion, Professor Willow’s item descriptions give players knowledge about the game. This helps them make wise decisions and make the most out of their gameplay. Whether it’s understanding known items or discovering hidden ones, Professor Willow’s help boosts the enjoyment for players.

Future Events and Possibilities:

Discover the exciting future events and possibilities in the world of Pokémon Go! From the highly anticipated upcoming Pokémon game to the intriguing Pokémon Scarlet, Pokémon Violet, and Golden Lure Modules, there’s plenty to look forward to. With the introduction of Golden Pokéstops and the mysterious Paldea Region, potential new evolutions await trainers. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with surprises and new adventures in the world of Pokémon Go!

Upcoming Pokémon Game and Pokémon Scarlet

Pokémon Scarlet is an upcoming game that has got Pokémon fans excited! We can look into the details to see what’s in store.

This game will bring innovative features and thrilling encounters with new Pokémon species. It looks like there’ll be golden lure modules in Pokémon Scarlet too. These will give players more opportunities to catch rare and powerful Pokémon.

We can trust the info we have about Pokémon Scarlet. It comes from reliable sources within the Pokémon community.

Plus, there’s even mention of another game called “Pokémon Violet”! That’s sure to bring even more anticipation for fans of this franchise. With golden lures, your pocket monsters will feel like they’re walking the runway!

Pokémon Violet and Golden Lure Modules

Trainers in the Pokemon Go world are so excited for the release of Pokemon Violet and Golden Lure Modules! These new features offer amazing experiences.

We’ll look at the reference data. Paragraph 2 is titled “Upcoming Pokémon Game and Pokémon Scarlet.” It mentions Pokemon Violet and Golden Lure Modules.

Let’s learn more about them. Here’s a table with details:

Pokemon VioletA new type of Pokemon with unique gameplay elements.
Golden Lure ModulesSpecial lure modules that attract rare Pokemon with golden variations.

Players can now capture rare golden variants of their favorite Pokemon!

Paragraph 3 in the reference data talks about “Specific Function of Golden Pokéstops.” It may give clues on how to use Pokemon Violet and Golden Lure Modules.

Trainers around the world can’t wait for updates and surprises to catch ’em all!

Specific Function of Golden Pokéstops

Golden Pokéstops in Pokémon Go have a special purpose! They offer players lots of rewards; like Evolution Items, Sinnoh Stones, and Gimmighoul Coins. They can even be used in certain in-game events. Plus, they can give you special Pokémon encounters!

Players are always searching for these Golden Pokéstops, hoping to get something special. Who knows what’s waiting in the world of Pokémon Go when you interact with these extraordinary landmarks?

Paldea Region and Initiate Evolutions

The Paldea Region in Pokémon Go is significant. It lets players initiate evolutions for their Pokémon. This region brings in new features and elements, improving Pokémon abilities and strategies.

Let’s look at the table of its key aspects:

Evolution FeatureDescription
Unique StonesSpecial events or exploring areas in the Region give players unique evolution stones. These stones are integral for initiating certain evolutions for Pokémon species.
Enhanced MechanicsThe Region has enhanced evolution mechanics to evolve Pokémon in exciting ways. Requirements like leveling up or performing certain actions in battles or exploration may apply.
Exclusive FormsPokémon species have exclusive evolutionary forms with distinct looks and characteristics. This gives players more options and strategies when building teams.
Legendary EvolutionsSelect Pokémon species can unlock legendary evolutions with powerful moves and abilities. These are highly desired by trainers wanting to strengthen their battle teams.

The Paldea Region plays a major role in evolving Pokémon. Unique evolution stones open up unconventional paths. The enhanced mechanics make the experience dynamic and engaging. Plus, exclusive forms provide visual variety and extra team options.

To make the most of the Region, players need to take part in special events and explore it. This helps them get rare stones and Pokémon with exclusive forms. They should also stay updated on game announcements and updates about the Paldea Region. This way, they can plan their gameplay and maximize the potential of evolving Pokémon.

By seizing the opportunities, players can upgrade their experience and find success in Pokémon Go.

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Conclusion: Collecting Gold Coins and Anticipating New Discoveries:

In the conclusion of our exploration on collecting gold coins in Pokémon Go, we delve into the importance of amassing these coins and the anticipation that comes with discovering new updates and surprises. With the excitement it generates among players, collecting gold coins becomes a crucial aspect of the gameplay and fuels the continuous engagement of Pokémon Go enthusiasts.

Importance of Collecting Gold Coins

Gold coins in Pokemon Go are important. They give players advantages and opportunities. With coins, players can buy items like Pokeballs, potions, and rare evolutionary items. This makes it easier to win during battles and expeditions.

Plus, coins unlock special events and features. Dratini Community Day Classic is an example. Also, linking the game to external platforms gives extra coins.

The mystery of coins adds excitement. New Pokemon and evolution items unlocked by coins create mystery. Also, players can unlock special forms of Pokemon with coins.

Expectations are high for future events and possibilities related to coins. Maybe Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will have golden lure modules or golden Pokestops. The Paldea region may have new ways to collect coins and evolve Pokemon.

Anticipating New Discoveries and Surprise Updates

The thrill of new discoveries and unexpected updates in Pokemon Go is an important part of the game. With each update, players are excited to see what features, events, and Pokemon will be included. This new content keeps players motivated and invested in the game.

Previous updates have unveiled special events with new Pokemon, which adds to the gameplay experience and gives players the chance to add rare Pokemon to their collection. Surprise updates also often include new mechanics or improvements.

One exciting part is the potential of encountering unknown Pokemon. These creatures may need special conditions or tasks to be encountered, adding a mysterious challenge to the game.

Previous updates have included achievements, items, and evolutions, but future updates may bring something completely different. This uncertainty keeps players curious and eagerly awaiting each update.

In conclusion, anticipating new discoveries and surprise updates is essential to the appeal of Pokemon Go. It adds excitement and keeps players invested in exploring the virtual world. As technology advances, it’ll be interesting to see how future updates will meet players’ changing expectations.

Excitement among Pokémon Go Players

Pokémon Go players are thrilled! They want to collect gold coins within the game. These coins are important; they can be used to get rewards and benefits. Seeking these coins captivates players and drives them to find ways to acquire coins.

Players can get gold coins by visiting Pokestops and spinning the rewards. There’s also the Mystery Box, which gives a better chance of obtaining coins. Plus, special events like the Searching for Gold Event and New Golden Pokestops have golden-themed content. Interacting with these Pokestops gives more chances to get coins.

Players can link their game accounts to other platforms or services. This can give access to exclusive offers and bonuses, including coins. And, events like the Dratini Community Day Classic Event reward players with Paldea Coins. These coins can be swapped for gold coins in the game.

There are still mysteries about earning gold coins. Gimmighoul Coin and evolving items like Sinnoh Stones are part of the puzzle. Unlocking Gimmighoul Forms by roaming from Gimmighoul adds to the mystery. Mysterious Pokémon and Chest Form also contribute, drawing in trainers yet leaving them confused about getting gold coins.

Looking ahead, Pokémon Go players are excited about collecting gold coins. Upcoming games like Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet bring more excitement. Players are wondering about the uses of Golden Lure Modules and Golden Pokéstops. Plus, they await exploring the Paldea Region, hoping it will have clues to initiate evolutions and unlock gold coin rewards.

Overall, the enthusiasm about collecting gold coins is strong. Players are determined to find ways to get coins.

Some Facts About How Do You Get Gold Coins on Pokemon Go:

  • ✅ Gold Coins can be obtained from Golden Pokestops. (Source:
  • ✅ The exact rate of receiving Gold Coins from these Pokestops is random and not confirmed. (Source:
  • ✅ Gold Coins appear as “????” in the player’s inventory and can be stored up to a maximum of 100 coins. (Source:
  • ✅ The purpose of Gold Coins in Pokemon Go is still unclear, leading to various fan theories. (Source:
  • ✅ The Pokemon Go team has hinted at a future event centered around Gimmighoul, suggesting that Gold Coins will play a role in it. (Source:


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FAQs about How Do You Get Gold Coins On Pokemon Go

How do you get Gold Coins in Pokemon Go?

To get Gold Coins in Pokemon Go, players need to spin the Golden Pokestops that have appeared on the map. These special Pokestops have a chance of awarding a mysterious gold coin called “?????? Coin” when spun. The rate of receiving Gold Coins from these Pokestops is random and not confirmed.

What can you do with Gold Coins in Pokemon Go?

The specific function of Gold Coins in Pokemon Go is still unknown. There are several fan theories about their purpose, including serving as evolution items for the new Pokemon Gimmighoul or playing a role in catching Gimmighoul, similar to the Mystery Box. However, none of these theories have been confirmed, and the coins remain a mystery.

How many Gold Coins can you have in Pokemon Go?

Players can store up to a maximum of 100 Gold Coins in Pokemon Go. The coins appear as “????” in the player’s inventory.

Can Gold Coins be used to catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go?

No, to catch Gimmighoul (Roaming Form) in Pokemon Go, players need to link their game to Pokemon Scarlet on the Switch. The usage of Gold Coins in relation to Gimmighoul is still unclear.

Are there any upcoming events related to Gold Coins and Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go?

There is an unnamed event scheduled for November 27, 2022, which could potentially feature more content from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in Pokemon Go. It is speculated that this event may provide more information about the purpose of Gold Coins and their connection to Gimmighoul.

What is the fastest way to earn coins in Pokemon Go?

The fastest way to earn coins in Pokemon Go is by keeping your Pokemon on a gym. Each minute your Pokemon stays on a gym, you will earn one coin. Keeping your Pokemon on a gym for five minutes will earn you 5 PokeCoins.


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