Cigna Retirement Plan

Key Takeaways:

  • Afiliatys Pension Plan offers a retirement option for Cigna employees.
  • CIGNA Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees is a defined benefit plan with specific retirement benefit calculations.
  • The Cigna Group Retirement Plan provides a 401k program with employee ratings and feedback.
  • Cigna Retirement Plan for International Retirees offers comprehensive healthcare coverage abroad, personalized plans, and coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • Cigna Retirement Plan has customizable options, coverage for various healthcare needs, and services for chronic condition support.
  • Cigna Pension Plan provides corporate pension fund details with contact information and dedicated team members.

Introduction to Cigna Retirement Plan

Introduction to Cigna Retirement Plan

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The Cigna Retirement Plan offers a comprehensive solution for individuals planning their retirement. In this introduction, we will explore the Afiliatys Pension Plan, a standout sub-section of the Cigna Retirement Plan. Discover the unique features and benefits it offers retirees, providing a solid foundation for a secure and fulfilling retirement.

Afiliatys Pension Plan

Afiliatys Pension Plan is the perfect retirement pick! It offers you peace of mind and total coverage. Signing up is a breeze – the application is simple and straightforward. And all the forms you need are outlined, so you won’t miss anything.

Afiliatys Pension Plan makes it super easy for retirees. It will give you the security you need for your golden years. So, if you’re thinking about retirement, don’t miss out on this great choice. Get started planning for your future now and enjoy financial stability with the Afiliatys Pension Plan.

Sign-up process and application submission

The sign-up process for the Afiliatys Pension Plan offered by Cigna Retirement Plan requires certain steps. Firstly, fill out the application form with accurate personal information and contact details. Secondly, gather documents such as ID and proof of employment or retirement eligibility. Thirdly, review and submit the application. After submitting, a verification process will be done by Cigna Retirement Plan’s team. Once approved, you’ll receive confirmation of enrollment and commencement of benefits. Lastly, double-check your application and documents to avoid delays.

Document submission requirements

To sign up for the Cigna Retirement Plan’s Afiliatys Pension Plan, document submission is needed. This makes sure all necessary paperwork is sent in to start the application process.

To apply for the Afiliatys Pension Plan, documents must be provided. These are: a filled out application form, proof of identity (e.g. passport or ID card), proof of address (e.g. bills or statements) and any extra documents that Cigna Retirement Plan needs.

Completed application form Proof of identity (valid passport or national ID card) Proof of address (utility bills or bank statements) Relevant supporting documents

When signing up, more document details may be given. It is important to read Cigna Retirement Plan’s instructions and guidelines about document submission. These can change depending on the person’s circumstances or plan.

Document submission has always been important for retirement planning. By providing correct documents, people can make sure their pension plans are processed quickly. Cigna Retirement Plan sees documents as essential to check eligibility and enroll people into their retirement programs.

CIGNA Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees

CIGNA Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees

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CIGNA Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees offers vital information that former employees need to know. This section covers the defined benefit plan details, retirement benefits calculation, and an explanation of the “frozen” plan. Understanding these aspects is crucial for those who were part of the CIGNA retirement plan, as it helps them navigate their pension benefits with clarity and make informed decisions for their future.

Defined benefit plan details

The heading ‘Defined Benefit Plan Details’ can provide info on the CIGNA Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees. This plan ensures a secure retirement income with additional benefits and services.

To depict these details in an appealing way, we can build a table like this:

Defined Benefit Plan Details
Calculating retirement benefits
Lifetime annuity options
Cost-of-living adjustments
Beneficiary options

These elements make up the defined benefit plan, like calculating retirement benefits, lifetime annuities, cost-of-living adjustments, and beneficiary options.

CIGNA also gives flexibility and personalization for retirement planning. Support and guidance is given to each retiree based on their individual circumstances and goals. This helps them make the right decisions about their pension benefits.

CIGNA’s defined benefit plan gives retirees financial security and peace of mind. This allows them to enjoy their golden years.

Calculation of retirement benefits

Retirement benefits at Cigna are calculated by taking into account certain criteria and factors. The process assesses various elements to decide the amount of benefits an individual can receive on retirement.

  • Years of service with Cigna are a major part of the calculation. The more years one has worked for the company, the greater their benefits may be.
  • Salary history is another factor that is considered. Those who have been paid more over the course of their employment may expect higher retirement benefits.
  • Employees’ contributions to the pension fund are also taken into consideration. Regular pension contribution may lead to higher retirement benefits.
  • The age at which retirement is chosen can also affect benefits. Early retirement may reduce benefits, while delayed retirement can increase them.
  • Plus, Cigna uses certain formulas to figure out precisely the amount of retirement benefits each employee is entitled to.
  • It is important for employees to understand how their retirement savings and contributions affect future income, so that they can plan accordingly for post-employment financial needs.

When it comes to the Cigna Retirement Plan, understanding the calculation of retirement benefits brings to light how various elements such as length of service, salary, contributions, age of retirement, and formulas all contribute to decide an individual’s entitlements. Taking these factors into account helps people make educated decisions about their financial welfare in retirement.

The special thing about the calculation of retirement benefits at Cigna is that personal contributions to the pension fund are also taken into account. This highlights personal responsibility and encourages individuals to actively build their long-term financial security. By doing so, employees can have more control over the amount of their retirement benefits and properly plan for their post-employment finances.

When it comes to the Cigna Retirement Plan, the only thing that’s frozen is their description of the ‘Frozen’ plan.

“Frozen” plan explanation

A “Frozen” plan is part of the CIGNA Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees. It means that new participants cannot join the plan. However, existing members still receive retirement benefits. Individuals already enrolled will still get their entitled benefits when they retire.

The reason the plan is frozen could be due to many factors. These include changes in company policies or a switch in retirement benefit offerings.

This explanation only covers the “frozen” plan within the CIGNA Pension Plan for Certain Former Employees. There are more details about the retirement plan in other sections of this article. So, don’t miss out on exploring all the available info. Join the Cigna Group Retirement Plan and say goodbye to work stress, hello to endless possibilities!

The Cigna Group Retirement Plan

The Cigna Group Retirement Plan

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The Cigna Group Retirement Plan offers an insightful insight into the 401k program, employee ratings and feedback, as well as the absence of a pension plan. Let’s delve into the details and explore the features and advantages of this retirement plan.

Overview of the 401k program

Cigna Retirement Plan provides a 401k program – a comprehensive retirement savings plan. This gives employees the chance to save pre-tax salary for their future.

The major benefit of the 401k program is that employees can choose their own investments, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Contribution made by employees is tax-free until they withdraw during retirement.

Plus, Cigna supports employee savings with matching contributions. Every dollar contributed by an employee, Cigna matches up to a certain limit – a free money bonus!

Furthermore, the 401k program allows employees to change their contribution levels and investment allocations over time. This means they can adjust their retirement savings strategy accordingly.

To conclude, Cigna Retirement Plan’s 401k program is a comprehensive retirement savings plan. It enables employees to save pre-tax salary, invest in various options, receive matching contributions, and adjust their savings strategy.

Employee ratings and feedback

Employee ratings and feedback give a full understanding of an individual’s performance, featuring their strengths and growth areas. These ratings help decide promotions, wage raises and awards. Constructive opinions from employees allow Cigna to find and implement changes to improve the work atmosphere. This includes managing workload, communication and team dynamics.

Moreover, ratings and feedback also decide how effective Cigna’s training programs are. Gathering feedback from employees allows for alterations to ensure objectives are met.

Furthermore, these ratings and feedback promote engagement and empowerment in the organization. Regular assessments make employees feel appreciated and supported, while also fostering personal growth and organizational success. Cigna encourages all staff to take part in performance evaluations and give honest feedback. This is a chance to shape your career at Cigna and create a positive work atmosphere!

Absence of a pension plan

The Cigna Group Retirement Plan doesn’t include a traditional pension plan. Instead, their focus is on a 401k program that allows employees to contribute and invest.

This means that employees must take charge of their retirement savings and investment decisions. Customizable options and flexible payment are still available, plus inpatient, daypatient, and emergency care needs are covered. Cigna also provides support for chronic conditions and global crisis response services.

Employees can shape their financial future with the 401k program and receive tailored healthcare coverage. Cigna strives to provide comprehensive support for retirees – both domestically and internationally.

Cigna Retirement Plan for International Retirees

Cigna Retirement Plan for International Retirees

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Cigna Retirement Plan offers international retirees a comprehensive healthcare coverage abroad, personalized plans based on age, medical history, and location, as well as coverage for pre-existing conditions and cancer care. With flexibility in choosing worldwide care areas, Cigna Retirement Plan ensures that retirees receive the necessary support and medical assistance wherever they are.

Comprehensive healthcare coverage abroad

Retirees can create their own personalized healthcare plans with Cigna’s Retirement Plan. Factors like age, medical history and location are taken into account, so retirees can enjoy tailored care. Whether they’re travelling or staying in one place, they can rest assured that their health needs will be met.

This plan even covers pre-existing conditions and cancer care. So, retirees with ongoing medical concerns can still get the care they need. Plus, there are extra benefits, like flexible payment options, coverage for inpatient, daypatient and emergency care, support for chronic conditions, and global crisis response.

Cigna’s Retirement Plan offers comprehensive healthcare coverage abroad. Retirees should review their plans to make sure it meets their needs. With this plan, retirement years will be filled with health, happiness and peace of mind.

Personalized plans based on age, medical history, and location

To get a better understanding of personalized plans, let’s look at this table:

Personalized Plans
Medical History

Cigna Retirement Plan takes these factors into consideration to make plans that are tailored to each individual’s needs and ensures they have access to necessary medical services.

Plus, Cigna Retirement Plan offers other benefits. They cover pre-existing conditions and cancer care. Retirees can pick their care areas worldwide according to their wishes. By providing these personalized options and payment methods, Cigna aims to give retirees total healthcare support during retirement.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions and cancer care

The Cigna Retirement Plan provides comprehensive coverage for pre-existing conditions and cancer care. Individuals won’t be denied access to medical services or medications due to existing medical issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, or asthma.

Cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and medication, are also covered. Plus, supportive services like counseling and rehabilitation programs are available.

Retirees can access a network of oncologists and specialists in cancer care to get the personalized care they need. All of this is designed to prioritize retirees’ health and well-being during their retirement years.

Enroll in the Cigna Retirement Plan today and rest assured that you’ll have access to quality care regardless of where you choose to live. There is no better way to ensure peace of mind for your retirement years.

Flexibility in choosing worldwide care areas

Retirees have the freedom to select medical care from a variety of global healthcare facilities and providers. Cigna Retirement Plan offers the flexibility to access quality healthcare no matter where they are in the world. This includes a network of trusted and reputable healthcare providers in multiple countries, taking into account language preference, cultural familiarity, and proximity to family or support networks.

With this valuable feature, retirees can feel empowered and confident in their healthcare decisions. Cigna also provides comprehensive coverage and support for those residing or traveling outside their home country. The customizable plans based on age, medical history, and location give retirees the flexibility to receive necessary medical treatment while allowing them to continue living their desired lifestyle. This flexibility in choosing worldwide care areas is a key benefit that makes Cigna Retirement Plan a valuable option for international retirees seeking comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Additional Benefits of Cigna Retirement Plan

Additional Benefits of Cigna Retirement Plan

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The additional benefits of the Cigna Retirement Plan go beyond simply having a secure retirement. Discover the customizable options, flexible payment methods, comprehensive coverage for inpatient, daypatient, and emergency care, as well as the services for chronic condition support and global crisis response. Don’t miss out on the coverage for preventive dental and eye care, ensuring your holistic well-being during your retirement years.

Customizable options and flexible payment

The Cigna Retirement Plan offers participants the ability to customize their benefits and choose flexible payment options. They can tailor their plan to fit their individual needs and goals, and select from a range of investment options.

The plan also provides participants with different payment options – lump sum payments, monthly installments, or a combination of both. It allows them to modify their retirement strategy if their situation or preferences change.

In addition, this plan provides comprehensive healthcare coverage abroad, personalized according to age, medical history, and location. It covers pre-existing conditions and cancer care, with the option to choose from worldwide care areas. Plus, preventive dental and eye care are included.

To top it off, the plan provides chronic condition support and global crisis response. This enables participants to manage ongoing medical issues and access help during unexpected crises.

The Cigna Retirement Plan thus gives individuals greater control over their retirement journey, enabling them to make decisions that best suit their unique needs. It offers the flexibility to personalize their retirement strategy accordingly.

Coverage for inpatient, daypatient, and emergency care

The Cigna Retirement Plan offers comprehensive coverage for inpatient, daypatient, and emergency care. This means people enrolled in the plan have medical expenses covered for hospitalization, day outpatient care, and urgent medical needs.

The plan offers customizable options and flexible payment methods. This allows retirees to pick a coverage plan that matches their needs and their budget. The plan also offers chronic condition support and global crisis response. This provides retirees with the necessary resources and support during difficult times.

It’s important to note that inpatient, daypatient, and emergency care coverage is just one aspect of the plan. The plan also covers preventive dental and eye care. Plus, it offers personalized healthcare plans based on age, medical history, and location.

The Cigna Retirement Plan strives to offer high-quality healthcare services worldwide. This way, retirees can rest assured knowing their healthcare needs are taken care of.

Services for chronic condition support and global crisis response

Cigna Retirement Plan provides essential services for chronic condition support and global crisis response. For those with chronic issues, they provide tailored care, treatment options, and resources to manage their conditions. In global emergencies, Cigna offers a proactive response to ensure the well-being of members.

They understand individuals with chronic conditions need ongoing support. Through their retirement plan, they offer personalized resources to help people navigate their healthcare journeys. This includes access to specialists, care coordination, and guidance on managing medication or treatment plans. Cigna aims to improve quality of life and support optimal health.

For global crises, they offer immediate assistance and resources to members. During natural disasters or pandemics, they ensure access to necessary healthcare services, medical evacuation if needed, and communication channels for updates and support.

The retirement plan also prioritizes preventive dental and eye care. Cavities and blurry vision won’t stand a chance with this plan!

Coverage for preventive dental and eye care

Cigna’s Retirement Plan emphasizes the importance of preventive measures for overall health and well-being. It provides coverage for dental and eye care, such as regular check-ups, cleanings, X-rays, prescription glasses or lenses, and discounts on vision correction surgery. Advanced procedures like fillings, root canals, crowns, and LASIK surgery are also covered.

Retirees should make regular appointments with their dentists and optometrists to maximize the benefits of Cigna’s coverage. They should also take advantage of the network of providers who specialize in dental and eye care. This proactive approach ensures early detection of potential issues, leading to improved quality of life during retirement.

Cigna Pension Plan Details

Cigna Pension Plan Details

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Cigna Pension Plan Details: Discover the ins and outs of Cigna’s corporate pension fund, find out who to contact and where to locate their office, delve into fund commitments and managers, and get to know the team members behind the Cigna Pension Plan.

Overview of the corporate pension fund

Cigna Retirement Plan offers a corporate pension fund, with an overview of its financial management and strategies. It’s designed to support Cigna employees’ retirement needs. The fund is managed by experts who follow a robust approach. They consider market trends, economic factors, and long-term goals to ensure security and growth of savings.

The fund has commitments and guidelines to protect employees. These include diversifying investments across asset classes, customizing strategies based on employees’ needs, and regularly reviewing the fund’s performance. The fund managers collaborate with experts to make decisions on asset allocation. This maximizes returns while managing risk.

The Cigna Pension Plan team provides support and guidance to participants. They answer questions and concerns regarding contributions, plan details, and future benefits. They communicate updates on the fund and offer educational materials on retirement planning.

Cigna’s pension fund is a reliable part of their retirement plan. With its management approach, employee satisfaction focus, and long-term financial stability, it’s essential for supporting employees’ retirement goals. Need help? Cigna’s contact info and office location are ready. Just don’t expect a retirement cake!

Contact information and office location

Cigna Retirement Plan cares about their members. So, they offer convenient contact info and location options. To find out more, members can go to their official website. It has all the necessary details. For specific queries, members can call the dedicated phone number. They can also email their questions. Plus, Cigna Retirement Plan has physical office locations. The addresses are listed on their website. If members need help getting there, they can call the customer service helpline.

International members have access to multilingual support. This includes phone, email, and online chat. Cigna Pension Plan’s goal is to make retirement easier and more enjoyable. They strive to create an environment of support and access to information.

Fund commitments and managers

The Cigna Pension Plan Details section gives info on the personnel and commitments of the corporate pension fund. We will show a table that outlines the fund commitments and managers simply. The table will have Fund Name, Commitments, and Manager(s) columns. Here is an example:

Fund Name Commitments Manager(s)
Fund A $100,000 John Smith
Fund B $250,000 Jane Doe
Fund C $500,000 Mark Johnson

This table shows the funds in the plan and their dollar commitments. It also shows who manages each fund. Note these numbers and names are only examples. This section may include extra info like investment strategies, risk management, and performance measures.

The Cigna Pension Plan Details section helps us understand how funds are managed. It shows who is responsible for the funds. The Cigna Pension Plan team works hard to make retirement dreams come true.

Cigna Pension Plan team members

Cigna Pension Plan team members have daily responsibilities, but also work together to make decisions on investments. They collaborate with financial pros to assess market trends, evaluate risks and increase returns on pension assets. To stay updated on laws and regulations, they take regular training sessions. This helps them provide accurate info to retirees about their benefits.

The team members are dedicated to serving retirees and prioritize customer satisfaction. They offer tailored help to individuals throughout their retirement journey. This ensures a secure and reliable retirement plan for all beneficiaries.



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The Cigna Retirement Plan is a perfect fit for planning retirement. It focuses on long-term financial security. The plan has multiple investment options to help your savings grow. It also offers tools and resources to simplify retirement planning. This allows you to make educated decisions about your financial goals. In short, the Cigna Retirement Plan is a great way to secure your financial future during retirement.

Some Facts About Cigna Retirement Plan:

  • ✅ The Cigna Group Retirement Plan is rated 3.9 out of 5 by 431 employees. (Source: Glassdoor)
  • ✅ The plan offers a 401k program as the industry standard for retirement benefits. (Source: Glassdoor)
  • ✅ There is no pension plan offered by Cigna. (Source: Glassdoor)
  • ✅ Employees view the retirement plan as a great benefit with good match options and high ratings. (Source: Glassdoor)
  • ✅ Cigna offers comprehensive international healthcare coverage for retirees living abroad. (Source: Cigna Global)

FAQs about Cigna Retirement Plan

What is the Cigna Retirement Plan?

The Cigna Retirement Plan is a corporate pension fund that provides pension and retirement benefits to eligible employees of Cigna, a health services organization. It offers a monthly retirement benefit to participants upon reaching a specific age, based on years of credited service and compensation information.

Is there a lump sum cash payment option in the Cigna Pension Plan?

No, the Cigna Pension Plan does not offer a lump sum cash payment to the Alternate Payee. Instead, it provides a monthly benefit for either the lifetime of the participant or the Alternate Payee.

What is the Normal Retirement Age for the Cigna Retirement Plan?

The Normal Retirement Age for the Cigna Retirement Plan is not mentioned in the provided reference data. It is advisable to review the applicable Summary Plan Description for detailed information about the specific terms and options of the plan.

Is the Cigna Retirement Plan open to secondaries?

The reference data does not mention whether the Cigna Retirement Plan is open to secondaries. It is recommended to visit the official Cigna website or contact the plan administrator for more information.

What is the commitment size of the Cigna Pension Plan?

The commitment size of the Cigna Pension Plan is not mentioned in the provided reference data. Specific details about commitment analytics and investment allocations can be obtained by digging into the plan’s profile or contacting the plan administrator.

Who manages the Cigna Pension Plan?

The Cigna Pension Plan is managed by the executive management team. The primary contact for the plan is Jill Vaslow, who serves as the Vice President of Talent Strategy and Well-being & Plan Administrator.

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