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The organization’s honesty, dependability, and reputation are among the most important considerations when choosing a precious metals IRA provider, among many others. Remember that the precious metals IRA firm you decide on will directly impact the safety of your retirement savings.

The best precious metals investment companies are listed below. For those looking for an alternative to the stock market’s extreme volatility, investing in precious metals has shown to be a safe and secure bet in recent years.

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Best Precious Metals IRA Companies of 2023



Company Name

Trustlink Rating

Minimum Investment


1Goldco4.8 stars
4.8 ratings
$25,000* Setup Fees – $50
* Annual IRA Fees – $80-$100
* Storage Fees – $100 per Year
* Other Fees – $30
2American Hartford Gold4.9 stars
4.9 ratings on Trustpilot
$10,000* Annual IRA Fee – $75
* Accounts Valued – $100,000 or Less and $125 for Accounts Valued at $100,001 or More
* Annual Storage Fee – $100 Fee in Most Cases.
3Augusta Precious Metals4.9 stars
4.9 ratings
$50,000* Initial Setup Fee – $50
* Annual Custodian Fee – $100
* Annual Depository Fee – $100
4Birch Gold4.9 stars
4.9 ratings
$10,000* Initial Setup fee – $ 50
* Wire Transfer fee – $ 30
* Annual Maintenance fee – $ 80
* Annual Storage fee – $ 100



Trustlink    Rating4.8 stars
Minimum  Investment$25,000
Fees* Setup Fees – $50
* Annual IRA Fees – $80-$100
* Storage Fees – $100 per Year
* Other Fees – $30


Trustpilot Rating4.9 stars
Minimum Investment$10,000
Fees* Annual IRA Fee – $75
* Accounts Valued – $100,000 or Less and $125 for Accounts Valued at $100,001 or More
* Annual Storage Fee – $100 Fee in Most Cases


Trustlink Rating4.9 stars
Minimum Investment$50,000
Fees* Initial Setup Fee – $50
* Annual Custodian Fee – $100
* Annual Depository Fee – $100


Trustlink Rating4.9 stars
Minimum Investment$10,000
Fees* Initial Setup fee – $ 50
* Wire Transfer fee – $ 30
* Annual Maintenance fee – $ 80
* Annual Storage fee – $ 100


Editor’s Choice – The Best Gold IRA Company that Stands Out for its Exceptional Reliability and Highly Regarded Reputation



4.9 stars

Rated 4.9/5 Stars

Other Metals: Silver

Website Features: Educational resources, live chat, spot price charts

Why We Choose It

Goldco comes in first because of the comprehensive resources it offers to anyone who wants to open a gold IRA and is one of the top gold IRA companies. New investors can benefit significantly from their library of educational materials (webinars, articles, blog entries, and videos, among other things).

New investors can get help setting up accounts and making other transactions from specialized staff members. And though opening an IRA can be a stressful experience, they offer accommodating customer care.

The necessary forms are available online to initiate opening an SDIRA. After the account has been set up, an expert will help the client move funds from their old IRA to the new one.

A partner depository recognized by the Internal Revenue Service will hold the precious metals the investors select. From what we know firsthand, investors can choose between receiving their returns in cash or tangible goods.

Pros & Cons



  • Flexible customer care
  • They didn’t have to wait long for their gold assets.
  • Provides good buyback promises
  • Palladium and platinum buyers have few choices when it comes to precious metals.
  • Lack of clarity about how fees work


Featured Coins

A gold or silver IRA can be opened at Goldco. Goldco collaborates with mints to acquire gold coins of sufficient quality for gold IRAs, and these precious metal coins include:


      Gold Coins

      Silver Coins

  • Gold Australian Sea Turtle
  • Gold Freedom and Hope coins
  • Gold American Eagle gold coins
  • Gold Maple Leaf coins
  • Gold Marlin
  • Silver Washington Monument
  • Silver American Eagle coins
  • Silver Maple Leaf coins
  • Silver Lucky Dragon coins
  • Silver Military Guinea

Runner Up – A Bullion Price that Enjoys Widespread Recognition as an Ideal and Highly Favorable Option in the Market



4.8 stars

Rated 4.8/5 Stars

Other Metals: Silver

Website Features: Educational resources, live chat, spot price charts

Why We Choose It

American Hartford Gold is the second-best precious metals IRA provider. Compared to other IRA providers in the US, this one has some of the most helpful customer care representatives. We concluded that their prices and fees were fair after testing their product.

They also tested and found that their best gold IRA rollover method is simple and can be summarized into three easy stages. They offer a dedicated expert to address your questions and guide you through gold IRA account maintenance.

American Hartford Gold also provides a precious metals IRA investor education program. Additionally, there are safe deposit boxes available for storing valuables. Then, when it’s ready, you can have it in cash or at your door.

They also get excellent reviews across several channels.

Pros & Cons




  • Their buy-back scheme doesn’t have any closing costs.
  • They educate their clients.
  • They have helpful customer service.
  • Incomplete pricing list
  • There is no delivery to other countries.


An Outstanding Buyback Program Renowned for its Exceptional Quality and Value



4.6 stars

Rated 4.6/5 Stars

Other Metals: Silver

Website Features: Educational resources, live chat, spot price charts

Why We Choose It

For a good reason, Augusta Precious Metals is one of the longest-running businesses here. Because of our firsthand experience, we can attest to their honesty as a distinguishing feature. They will itemize all the costs from the first consultation, allowing you to plan accordingly.

And if you have any questions or concerns about your gold IRA investments, their team of professionals is there to help. Augusta Precious Metals has the highest minimum investment requirement among these precious metals IRA providers. But there are no fees associated with making a purchase.

Through this product, our team learned that, contrary to their Transaction Agreement, their products are subject to bid and that, on average, the spread for their regular bullion products is 5%, and the space for their premium products is 33%.

The buyback program is excellent, and it relieves investors of the responsibility of liquidating actual precious metal assets, which we discovered by utilizing the product.

The company has teamed with the Delaware Depository, reputable gold IRA company storage facilities in the United States, for their storage needs. Since the account you’ll be using is self-directed, you won’t even have to worry about management costs.

Their two Stevie Awards prove their customer service and sales credibility, respectively. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a perfect score on Trustlink.

Pros & Cons




  • Pricing that takes into account costs
  • Teamed up with Delaware Depository as a place to store valuable metals.
  • There are many ways to invest in gold through an IRA, such as with rare metal coins, premium gold, and bullion.
  • High price to get in
  • Few choices for rare metals


The Team is Exceptional, Showcasing Outstanding Qualities and Skills that Set them Apart



4.5 stars

Rated 4.5/5 Stars

Other Metals: Silver

Website Features: Educational resources, live chat, spot price charts

Why We Choose It

Compared to other precious metals IRA providers, the minimum investment with Birch Gold Group is significantly cheaper. Our research showed that even novice investors might afford to play in the precious metals due to their low barrier to entry.

They’ve been around for 20 years, and over that time, they’ve built a solid reputation. Customer testimonials attest to Birch Gold’s credibility, praising the company’s excellence. Their finance team is strong, and they help and inform investors.

The services provided by Birch Gold are consistent with the company’s commitment to empathy, efficiency, investing education, and transparency. They use a flat rate pricing structure, which is excellent for businesses that buy in volume.

Pros & Cons




  • If you spend more than $10,000, shipping is free.
  • They have an excellent track record in the business of investing and banking.
  • After purchase, the money moves quickly to the depositories.
  • They need to find a way to deposit money overseas.
  • Some prices aren’t listed on their website, so you may need to call their customer service.


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What is a Precious Metals IRA?

Putting money down in precious metals is a popular way to prepare for retirement.

Investors can purchase and physically hold gold, silver, and other precious metals through a particular type of Individual Retirement Account called a precious metals IRA. This retirement plan design has several advantages, including tax deferral, diversification, and inflation protection.

Finding a trustworthy precious metals IRA custodian is crucial when opening one. Simply put, an IRA’s money is held and managed by a financial institution known as a custodian.

Do your homework and find the finest custodian for your physical precious metals IRA from among the many options. Putting money into a precious metals IRA is a straightforward process.

In conclusion, an IRA in precious metals is a fantastic way to save for retirement. It’s a great way to hedge against inflation and grow your money tax-deferred. Do your homework before deciding on a custodian for your precious metals IRA to ensure you get the finest service possible.

How Investing in Physical Gold and Silver Helps to Protect Your Savings

Buying actual gold and silver might be a good way to diversify your portfolio and safeguard your wealth. Key advantages of investing in these precious metals include:

Inflation Protection

Gold and silver are commodities that have maintained their worth over time, even during excessive inflation. Prices tend to climb when the value of fiat currencies falls due to inflation, protecting your purchasing power.

Investments in Solid, Secure, and Reliable Assets

Investors generally view Gold and silver as safe-haven investments during economic or geopolitical upheaval times. These metals have historically served as a haven for investors during economic downturns, protecting their wealth from market fluctuations.


Gold and silver bullion are good examples of tangible assets that can be included in a diversified investment portfolio. The value of precious metals can fluctuate independently of other investments due to their poor connection with more conventional assets like stocks and bonds. By spreading your investments, you reduce the risk of losing everything in a market crash.

Bullion and Coin Purchases Within an Individual Retirement Account

One way to save for retirement and take advantage of tax breaks is via an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Different IRAs have different eligibility requirements and tax treatment, such as Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, and SIMPLE IRAs.

Specific forms of precious metals can be retained within a self-directed IRA by investing in physical bullion and metal coins. Investing in actual bullion or metal coins through your IRA is a smart move, and here are a few reasons why:

Metals that Qualify

You can put gold and silver in your IRA without getting in trouble with the IRS. Bullion coins and bars of various precious metals are examples of this. For metals to be included in an IRA, they must meet the IRS’s strict purity requirements.

Permission Slips

Precious metals can only be held in certain IRA-approved forms. Gold and silver bars and rounds from reputable mints and refineries are acceptable. There’s also the possibility that only coins minted by respective governments will do. These coins have requirements, such as a minimum purity and acceptance as legal money in their place of origin.

Advantages of Investing in Precious Metals Through Your IRA

Adding precious metals to a diversified Individual Retirement Account (IRA) portfolio might be a smart financial move for retirees. Among the many advantages of investing in precious metals through an IRA are the following:

Protect you from Inflation

Precious metals have traditionally shown little correlation with more conventional assets, making them a good diversification option. These metals in an IRA can help spread your investment risk and stabilize your portfolio. Precious metals’ tendency to outperform other assets during economic downturns and market volatility suggests they could be used as a hedge.

Keeping Your Money Safe

A proven track record of preserving their value through time, making them popular as long-term investments. Precious metals, on the other hand, tend to retain their value better than fiat currencies in times of economic instability or rapid inflation. You may shield your retirement funds from currency devaluation by keeping them in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Protective Investment

Gold and silver are sought after as haven investments by investors during times of geopolitical upheaval and global financial crises.


Silver and gold are among the most liquid of all assets. They are readily available for purchase and sale across several international markets through coins and bars. With this level of accessibility, your IRA money will always be ready when needed.

Tax Breaks

Depending on your sort of IRA, investing in precious metals within your IRA can provide tax advantages. Your precious metals investments may grow tax-free within a Roth IRA, and you may withdraw the funds tax-free during retirement.

In a Precious Metals IRA, What Kinds of Metals Can You Invest In?

A Precious Metals or self-directed IRA can legally hold certain precious metals until September 2021. In general, the following metals qualify:

Gold: A Precious Metals IRA can hold gold bullion and coins that the IRS approves.

Silver: Silver bullion and coins compliant with IRS standards. The silver bullion must be at least 0.999 fineness (99.9% purity), and the coins must adhere to several other measures.

Platinum: Platinum bullion and coins can be stored in a Precious Metals IRA if they conform to IRS requirements.

Palladium: Palladium bullion and coins that the IRS approves are good IRA investments. Palladium bullion coins must be at least 99.95% pure and have a minimum fineness of 0.9995.

Things to Look For in A Good Precious Metals IRA Company

While assessing a precious metals IRA firm, several crucial aspects should be considered to guarantee that you work with a trustworthy organization. There are two primary considerations:


The buyback program of a reputable precious metals IRA provider should be open and honest. This indicates they will buy back your precious metals if you ever decide to sell or liquidate them. Find a corporation that will buy back your shares at rates that are competitive with the market. See if they have a simple procedure for buying back your metals and if any fees are involved.

Gold IRA Expenses and Fees

Metals of high value There is no standard rate for the services IRA providers provide. Knowing these costs upfront will help you prevent unpleasant surprises later. Here are some examples of typical costs:

The annual maintenance charge pays for the upkeep of your IRA and any precious metals you want to hold within it. You can consider a tiered charge structure based on the worth of your account rather than a flat amount and look for a provider that offers reasonable annual fees.

Prices for Keeping Things in Storage

Companies that facilitate IRA accounts generally partner with depositories that impose storage fees due to the need for secure storage of precious physical metals. The company’s preferred depository’s storage fees should be affordable and in line with the market average.

When you buy or sell precious metals within your IRA, the company handling the transaction may charge you a fee. You can find a company with reasonable and clear transaction fees.

Service Charges

The costs of handling your IRA are reflected in these charges. It is crucial to enquire about and compare various companies’ administrative fees.

Packaging and Postage Fees

There may be shipping and handling fees if you physically possess your precious metals at any time. Please be prepared for these expenditures by learning about them beforehand.

Precious Metals IRA Accounts: How to Set One Up

Here are the steps to open a Precious Metals IRA account:

Choose a Gold IRA Custodian

The first thing you should do when starting a precious metals IRA finds a reliable custodian focusing on self-directed IRAs. Ensure the custodian has experience with alternative assets like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium and is approved by the IRS. They will make buying and keeping precious metals in your IRA easier.

Choose a Dealer

The next step after deciding on a custodian is to choose a precious metals merchant from whom you may buy gold, silver, platinum, or palladium for your IRA. Find a reputable merchant that offers a large variety of IRS-approved bullion coins and bars at reasonable prices. The smoothness of the transaction depends on the dealer’s familiarity with IRA rules.

Choose Which Items to Buy

Consult a precious metals dealer to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium through your IRA. Verify that the objects meet the IRS requirements for qualifying metals, such as minimum fineness standards. Among the most popular options are bullion coins issued by various governments, such as the American Gold Eagle, the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and others.

Pick a Storage

Once you have the precious metals, you must select where to keep them safe. IRA requires using a depository that the Internal Revenue Service approves. The best place to keep your precious metals is in secure, insured storage; your custodian can help you choose one.

Finish the Transaction

Your precious metals dealer will be able to supply the papers and instructions to complete the transaction once you’ve made your selections. To set up an IRA account, you will need to work with the custodian of your choice. After making a purchase, your IRA custodian will instruct the dealer to deliver the precious metals to the designated depository.

Final Thoughts – Best Precious Metals Investment Companies

The best precious metals investment companies offer a reliable and reputable service for investors looking to open a precious metals IRA account. These companies, such as Goldco Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, Augusta Precious Metals and Birch Gold Group provide a secure and safe option for those seeking an alternative to the stock market’s volatility. Their offerings include a variety of precious metals, such as gold and silver, and they provide expert guidance to help investors set up and manage their accounts. These companies offer transparent pricing and buyback programs, making them attractive choices for investors seeking to diversify and protect their retirement savings. Overall the best gold IRA provider is Goldco.

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Precious Metals IRA FAQs

When can I take money from my Precious Metals IRA, and are there any time limits?

With a Traditional Precious Metals IRA, you can withdraw tax and penalty-free funds as early as age 59 1/2. However, early withdrawal penalties and taxes may apply if distributions are taken before this age. Qualified distributions from a Roth Precious Metals IRA are tax-free after the account holder reaches age 59 1/2 and has held the account for at least five years.

Can I roll over my traditional IRA into a Roth IRA for precious metals?

The answer is yes, and the procedure is known as a “Roth IRA Conversion.” The funds from a Traditional IRA can be transferred into a Precious Metals Roth IRA. You must pay income taxes on the converted amount before the money is added to your Roth IRA. Those anticipating a considerable increase in the value of their precious metals investments over time may find the tax-free withdrawals available through a Roth IRA to be an enticing alternative.

Do I own the metals in a Precious Metals IRA, or only the certificates to them?

We hold that physical possession is the sole reliable indicator of the actual value of a thing. When you start a Gold, you will have legal title and complete discretion over real gold and silver. They will be kept in a private, FDIC-insured depository that is both IRS-approved and geographically separate from any banks.

How do I roll over my existing retirement funds into a precious metals individual retirement account?

The direct trustee-to-trustee transfer and the 60-day rollover are available to you without incurring any taxes or penalties.

Your retirement savings can be transferred directly from your existing IRA provider to your new Precious Metals IRA provider using the trustee-to-trustee transfer.

A check will be mailed to your house within 60 days if you choose the 60-day rollover option from your current IRA account provider. You can deposit the cheque by sending it to the address of your new Precious Metals IRA custodian. If you complete this within 60 days, you won’t have any more taxes or fines.

This may seem challenging, but rest assured that your retirement assets are in good hands. They will pair you with a specialized Gold expert who can advise you on your IRA custodian options. So that you may reap the benefits with minimal effort, they will also fill out all the paperwork for your written consent, make all the right calls with you, and then follow up on the procedure completed by the custodians.

Can a maximum amount be put into a Precious Metals IRA each year?

Like traditional IRAs, Precious Metals IRAs have yearly contribution limits. For people under 50 in 2021, the maximum contribution is $6,000; those 50 or older can add $1,000 as a “catch-up” contribution, bringing the total to $7,000. As you know, IRS inflation changes could affect contribution limitations in the future.

I have an established IRA; can I put precious metals in it?

Precious metals can be added to an existing IRA through a “Precious Metals IRA Rollover” or “Transfer.” Next, the new custodian will assist you with purchasing the metals and storing them in a location recognized by the IRS.

How can I find a trustworthy provider to manage my precious metals IRA?

Working with a dependable Precious Metals IRA firm is crucial for peace of mind and financial security. You should find a firm with a good reputation, lots of experience with precious metals IRAs, and transparent pricing policies. Insist that the corporation only deals with trusted precious metals vendors and secure vaults. You can get more information to assist you in deciding by reading consumer reviews and consulting with financial advisors.

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