APMEX is a well-established precious metal dealer with a strong reputation in the industry.
APMEX offers a wide selection of high-quality products, including coins like Junk Silver and American Eagle.
APMEX offers competitive pricing and a reliable buy-back program, making it a preferred choice among investors.
Customers praise APMEX for its positive user experience, fast shipping, and easy-to-use website.
However, there have been some customer complaints regarding customer service issues.
APMEX emphasizes the importance of verified reviews and actively utilizes Shopper Approved to maintain its reputation.
In addition to its core services, APMEX provides additional features like APMEX Club, AutoInvest, and Precious Metal IRA.
It also offers a digital platform called OneGold for convenient precious metal investments.
Investors should be aware of the risks associated with purchasing and storing precious metals.
Alternative bullion dealers like JM Bullion and Money Metals Exchange provide viable options for buyers.
In conclusion, APMEX is recognized as a reliable and reputable choice for investors looking to buy precious metals.

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Introduction: APMEX

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1.8/5 Ratings

APMEX, one of the leading players in the precious metals industry, has an intriguing history and a formidable reputation. Delve into the company’s background and gain insight into its journey to becoming a key player. Additionally, we’ll explore the industry’s perception of APMEX, shedding light on the company’s standing among its peers.


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Pros and Cons


✅ Bullion is available for trade in four currencies.

✅ Choose from 5 different safe bullion vaults across the world.

✅ Excellent customer service is available via phone, email, or live chat on their website.

✅ Participant in the London Bullion Market Association


❎While their rates are reasonable, there are a lot of fees on almost everything they sell.

❎ There are just three metals accessible for investment: gold, silver, and platinum.

Overview of APMEX

APMEX’s History and Background
APMEX began as an American precious metals dealer. Over time, it grew to become one of the most trusted names in the business. Its wide selection, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service makes it a reliable option for investors.

APMEX’s original goal was to provide a platform for individuals to invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals. Its buy-back program is a reliable option for customers looking to sell their metals. Prices are usually competitive when compared with competitors.
Customer service is usually a positive experience. Buyers often praise APMEX’s prompt service, efficient shipping process, and user-friendly website. However, some customers have reported negative experiences.

APMEX uses verified reviews through platforms like Shopper Approved to maintain transparency. It also offers additional features such as the APMEX Club membership program and services like AutoInvest and Precious Metal IRA.

OneGold is APMEX’s digital platform that provides easy access to buying, selling, and storing precious metals. While there are risks associated with precious metals, APMEX’s track record and reputation make it a reliable option.

APMEX’s extensive history and reputation are worth their weight in gold!

Despite the dangers connected to buying and securely storing precious metals, APMEX reduces these risks by being trustworthy and offering reliable services. But, there are other reputable bullion dealers, like JM Bullion and Money Metals Exchange, for those who want alternatives.

APMEX’s Product Selection and Quality

APMEX stands out for its remarkable product selection and exceptional quality. Within their offerings, two noteworthy sub-sections are worth exploring: Coins, including Junk Silver and American Eagle. By delving into these categories, readers will discover a treasure trove of valuable information and insight regarding APMEX’s impressive range of coins, each with its own unique history and appeal.

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APMEX’s Competitive Pricing and Buy-Back Program

APMEX’s pricing and buy-back program stand out in the market, making it a top choice for investors. With competitive pricing and a convenient buy-back program, this section explores how APMEX outshines its competitors.

Pricing Comparison with Competitors
APMEX has competitive prices in the precious metal industry compared to other competitors. They offer a wide variety of products at great prices, making them a reliable option for buyers looking for metals.

Let’s review the pricing comparison between APMEX and its competitors: JM Bullion and Money Metals Exchange.

Product                                         APMEX                         JM Bullion                       Money Metals Exchange
American Gold Eagle       $1,200 (for 1 oz coin)        $1,220 (for 1 oz)                       $1,215 (for 1 oz coin)
Junk Silver                         $25 (for roll of 20)             $27 (for roll of 20)                  $26 (for roll of 20)

As seen from the table, APMEX’s prices for American Gold Eagle coins and Junk Silver rolls are more affordable than the others. This shows that APMEX has fair pricing for customers who want to invest in precious metals.

On top of that, APMEX provides excellent customer service and user experience. Customers have praised them for their fast shipping, user-friendly website, and helpful support team.
When buying and storing precious metals, there are risks to consider, such as market volatility and difficulty in selling or storing them safely. But when you choose a trusted dealer like APMEX, these risks can be minimized. They have a long history in the industry.

In conclusion, APMEX’s reputation as a dependable option for precious metal investors is supported by its competitive pricing compared to its competitors. Plus, they provide great customer service and a wide selection of products, making them a reputable bullion dealer in the industry.

APMEX, a respected precious metals seller, has gained a strong standing in the industry. With a record of greatness, APMEX is well-known for its dependability and trustworthiness when buying precious metals. Their commitment to providing high-quality goods and customer service has added to their good reputation among investors.

APMEX’s Reputation in the Industry

When it comes to APMEX’s reputation, there are many things that set them apart.
1. They have a wide range of coins, such as Junk Silver and American Eagle. This variety and availability make APMEX a one-stop shop for precious metal investments.

Also, APMEX’s pricing is another factor supporting their standing. They offer competitive rates compared to other bullion dealers, making sure customers get the best value for their money. Plus, their buy-back program gives investors the option to sell back their precious metals at fair prices.

Customer service is an essential part of APMEX’s reputation. They’re proud of their positive customer reviews, which mention remarkable service, efficient shipping, and easy-to-use website navigation. However, some negative customer reviews have raised questions about occasional customer service issues.

APMEX knows the importance of managing their reputation through verified reviews. Platforms like Shopper Approved show feedback from real customers and give potential investors authentic insights into their products and services.

In addition to their core offerings, APMEX has extra features like the APMEX Club loyalty program and services like AutoInvest and Precious Metal IRA. These features make investing in precious metals with APMEX a desirable choice for investors looking for comprehensive solutions.


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APMEX’s Product Selection and Quality

Coins: Junk Silver and American Eagle
APMEX is pleased to offer a vast selection of coins, including two popular types: Junk Silver and American Eagle coins. Both coins are sought after by both collectors and investors. Let’s take a closer look at the features and specifications of these coins in the form of a table.

                                             Coin Type: Junk Silver
Description: Pre-1965 U.S. silver coins with no numismatic value.
Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper.
Weight: Varies based on denomination (e.g., dimes, quarters, half dollars).
Condition: Circulated or uncirculated.
Investment Value: Primarily based on silver content.

                                            Coin Type: American Eagle
Description: U.S. government-issued bullion coin.
Composition: 99.9% pure silver (1 oz), 91.67% pure gold (various weights).
Weight: 1 oz for silver, various weights for gold (e.g., 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz).
Condition: Brilliant Uncirculated.

Investment Value: Combines the value of precious metal content and numismatic appeal.
It’s important to know that Junk Silver and American Eagle coins can both be investments in precious metals, but they have different advantages and considerations for buyers. APMEX has been providing Junk Silver and American Eagle coins since the company was founded. Our extensive inventory and commitment to quality products keep customers returning for their investment in precious metals.

APMEX’s Verified Reviews and Reputation Management

Verified reviews and reputation management play a vital role in the world of APMEX. Discover the significance of verified reviews and how APMEX leverages the power of Shopper Approved to shape its reputation. Uncover the impact these strategies have on the overall trustworthiness and credibility of APMEX in the market.

Importance of Verified Reviews
Verified Reviews: Vital for Establishing Reputation
Verified reviews are essential for a company like APMEX. They hold more credibility than unverified ones.

Verified reviews give customers reliable and authentic info about APMEX’s products and services. This is important as customers rely on online reviews to make buying decisions. Having verified reviews helps build trust and confidence.

They also give APMEX valuable feedback. APMEX can use the reviews to understand their strengths and areas of improvement. By actively collecting and displaying reviews, APMEX shows their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Verified reviews also contribute to APMEX’s reputation. Positive reviews act as testimonials, reinforcing APMEX’s reputation as a reliable bullion dealer. Critical reviews provide an opportunity for APMEX to address any issues quickly. This enhances their reputation as a trusted bullion dealer.

Verified reviews help potential buyers make informed decisions. Plus, they help solidify APMEX’s place in the market. The transparent nature of reviews fosters trust between APMEX and customers.
Overall, verified reviews are an integral part of APMEX’s reputation management strategy. They show their commitment to excellence in both product quality and customer service.

Investors can rely on both JM Bullion and Money Metals Exchange for dependable and reputable services when it comes to buying precious metals. These dealers offer competitive pricing, an array of products, and superb customer service, making them good alternatives to APMEX.

APMEX’s Customer Service and User Experience

APMEX’s Customer Service and User Experience – Discover why APMEX stands out with its exceptional customer service and user experience. From positive customer reviews highlighting excellent service, shipping, and website functionality, to acknowledging and addressing any negative feedback regarding customer service issues, APMEX strives to provide the best possible experience for its users.

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APMEX’s Digital Platform: OneGold

APMEX’s Digital Platform: OneGold is a great feature. It serves as a digital platform for investors to buy, sell, and store precious metals. With technology advancing, APMEX saw the need for an online platform that could give customers a seamless experience.

OneGold allows users to control their investments. It provides a user-friendly interface to help customers make informed decisions. On top of that, the platform offers transparency. This means customers can see real-time market prices and important info about their investments.

In addition to buying and selling metals, OneGold also has vault storage services. So, investors can store their physical assets in secure locations. This feature gives peace of mind to those who don’t want to store their metals at home or in a private vault.

OneGold is revolutionary. It combines convenience, security, and accessibility. This development shows how APMEX adapts to technology and meets the demands of its customers. By offering a digital platform like OneGold, APMEX is dedicated to providing convenient investment options while retaining its reputation as a reliable bullion dealer.

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Risks and Alternatives to APMEX

Looking beyond APMEX, let’s explore the risks associated with buying and storing precious metals and discover alternative bullion dealers like JM Bullion and Money Metals Exchange. Uncover the potential pitfalls in the precious metals market and find trustworthy alternatives to ensure your investments are secure and reliable.

Risks Associated with Purchasing and Storing Precious Metals

Risks of Purchasing and Storing Precious Metals
Investing in precious metals carries certain risks. These include price volatility, counterparty risk and storage issues.

The value of gold and silver can fluctuate due to market conditions, economic factors and investor sentiment. But, APMEX’s competitive prices mean customers get fair market prices.
Counterparty risk is the chance that a party in a transaction may not fulfill their obligations. APMEX’s reputation in the industry gives customers confidence.

Storing physical precious metals can be risky. Theft or loss may occur if not properly secured. APMEX offers secure storage options like Precious Metal IRA and OneGold digital platform, for safe and convenient storage.

APMEX minimizes these risks, enabling customers to have peace of mind. By choosing APMEX, investors can ensure their investments are in good hands.

APMEX Final Thought

APMEX is a great choice for those wanting to invest in precious metals. With their solid reputation, they offer quality products and great customer service. They have a large selection of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Why select APMEX? They guarantee the authenticity of all their products, plus provide accurate information so investors can make informed decisions. Their website is user-friendly and makes buying a breeze. Plus, their secure packaging and fast shipping make them a dependable partner.
APMEX has an impressive track record, having been in the industry for over 20 years. Many investors have successfully bought from them and praised their professionalism.

When investing in precious metals, APMEX is a reliable option. They guarantee authenticity, have a user-friendly website and years of industry experience. Choosing APMEX gives investors the confidence to make good investment decisions and have a hassle-free experience.

Some Facts About Apmex Review:

✅ APMEX has over 15 years of experience in the precious metals industry. (Source: Team Research)

✅ APMEX has received a total of 205,296 verified customer reviews with an overall star rating of 4.9 out of 5. (Source: Team Research)

✅ APMEX is known for its exceptional customer service and high-quality products. (Source: Team Research)

✅ APMEX offers a wide range of options for investors and has the largest coin selection of any online retailer, with over 10,000 items for sale. (Source: Silver Recyclers)

✅ APMEX emphasizes the importance of verified reviews from reputable platforms like Shopper Approved to make better buying decisions. (Source: Team Research)


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FAQs About Apmex Review

What payment methods does APMEX accept?

APMEX accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash), checks, and wire transfers.

. Is APMEX considered one of the top online bullion dealers?

Yes, APMEX is one of the largest and reputable online bullion dealers, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. They offer a wide selection of precious metals, such as gold, silver, and palladium bars and coins.

What is a Mini Monster Box mentioned in the APMEX review?

A Mini Monster Box refers to a packaging option offered by APMEX, particularly for American Silver Eagle coins. It includes tubes of coins from the US Mint and an additional plastic holder for multiple tubes.

Can you provide an overview of the APMEX review ratings and customer satisfaction?

Based on the customer reviews, APMEX has an overall star rating of 4.9 out of 5. The majority of the reviews highlight positive aspects such as exceptional customer service, good shipping time, and a user-friendly website. However, a few negative experiences with customer service and shipping issues were also mentioned.

Are there any limitations on the maximum order size for APMEX?

APMEX does not have any order minimums, making it accessible for both beginner and expert investors. There is no specific mention of a maximum order size, indicating that APMEX is accommodating to various purchasing needs.

What alternatives to APMEX can be considered for buying precious metals online?

While APMEX is a reputable option, some alternatives for buying precious metals online include JM Bullion and Money Metals Exchange. These alternative dealers offer similar products and services, often with slightly different pricing structures and additional features such as loan programs or lower pricing.

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