Angry birds epic how to get gold coins

Key Takeaway:

  • Gold coins are an important currency in Angry Birds Epic, allowing players to upgrade characters and equipment, unlock new areas and features, and progress in the game.
  • To obtain gold coins, players can complete levels and defeat enemies, participate in daily bonus activities, or choose to purchase gold coins using real money.
  • To maximize gold coin earnings, players can farm gold coins in Chronicle Cave levels, utilize the Golden Pig Machine for rewards, and focus on leveling up and completing quests.

In this section, we will take a closer look at the world of Angry Birds Epic and delve into the importance of gold coins within the game. We’ll explore the game’s currency system and how it functions, highlighting the significance of accumulating gold coins for an enhanced gaming experience. Get ready to discover valuable insights that will help you master the art of acquiring gold coins in Angry Birds Epic.


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Overview of the game and its currency system

Gold coins make the game of Angry Birds Epic special. They are the main currency and players must earn them to progress and upgrade their characters.

Players can get gold coins by completing levels and defeating enemies. Daily bonus activities also reward players with gold coins. They can regularly do these activities to increase their stash and upgrade their characters.

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Those who want more coins quickly can purchase them using real money. This allows them to instantly add funds and buy in-game items. However, not everyone is comfortable with this option.

Gold coins are essential in Angry Birds Epic. They let players upgrade and unlock new areas. Players have to manage their wealth and use different methods to get more coins to maximize their gaming experience.

Importance of gold coins in the game

Gold coins are an essential part of Angry Birds Epic. They enable players to:

  • Upgrade characters and equipment.
  • Unlock new areas and features.
  • Complete levels and defeat enemies.
  • Participate in daily bonus activities.

Plus, there are other methods of getting gold coins, such as:

  • Farming gold coins in Chronicle Cave levels.
  • Using the Golden Pig Machine for more chances at gold coins.
  • Leveling up characters and completing quests for rewards.

Gold coins play a vital role in the Angry Birds Epic game. They are the currency system, helping players to progress, enhance characters and equipment, unlock new areas, and gain a sense of accomplishment. Understanding how to acquire gold coins is key to success!

Methods to obtain gold coins

Looking to boost your gold coin stash in Angry Birds Epic? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with effective methods to obtain those precious gold coins. From completing challenging levels and defeating enemies to taking advantage of daily bonus activities, and even exploring the option of using real money to purchase gold coins, we’ll walk you through the strategies that will help you amass a fortune in no time!

Completing levels and defeating enemies

Players can acquire gold coins in Angry Birds Epic by completing levels and defeating enemies. Overcoming challenges rewards you with coins. Each defeated enemy also drops coins as loot.

Accumulating more gold coins means you can purchase upgrades, unlock new areas and features, and enhance your gaming experience. So get ready to procrastinate with the addicting world of Angry Birds Epic! Gather coins and progress further!

Participating in daily bonus activities

Daily bonus activities like completing daily quests, playing mini-games, and logging in regularly can earn players gold coins. These activities offer rewards and tests for the player’s skills and abilities. Daily quests involve tasks and objectives that need effort and strategy. Mini-games provide a fun way to earn currency, from puzzles to timed challenges. Games can also give a daily login bonus, giving players gold coins just for logging into the game each day.

Engaging in these activities helps players get gold coins. It also adds excitement and variety to the overall gaming experience. By participating often, players can maximize their earning potential and progress further in the game.

Using real money to purchase gold coins

Players can purchase gold coins with real money in Angry Birds Epic. This currency system lets them boost their gameplay and progress in the game.

  • By paying real money, they can get coins to upgrade characters and equipment.
  • Purchasing coins gives access to new areas and features in the game with more challenges and rewards.
  • It’s a convenient option for players who don’t have the time or patience to earn coins in other ways.

Using real money offers a fast way to get gold coins. This allows players to quickly upgrade their experience and access content that would take lots of time and effort. But, they should think about their budget and priorities before spending money.

For the ultimate gaming experience, use these tips to turn your characters into gold with gold coins in Angry Birds Epic!

How to use gold coins in the game

Discover the secrets of maximizing gold coins in Angry Birds Epic and elevate your gameplay to a whole new level. We’ll unveil the most effective strategies for utilizing gold coins in key aspects of the game, such as upgrading characters and equipment. Additionally, we’ll explore how gold coins can unlock new areas and features, giving you an edge in your quest for victory. Buckle up and get ready to wield the power of gold coins like a true gaming champion.

Upgrading characters and equipment

Strengthening Characters:

Upgrade characters to get more HP, attack power, defense and other stats. So they can cope with more damage, inflict more on enemies and fight better.

Enhancing Skills:

Upgrading unlocks new and improved skills. These could be powerful attacks, healing or buffs for the whole team.

Unlocking New Abilities:

Upgrades give characters new abilities. Special attacks or passive effects to gain an edge over certain enemies.

Improving Equipment:

Upgrade weapons, armor and accessories for better performance in battle. This could mean higher attack power, enhanced defense, increased critical hit chances or other modifiers.

Crafting New Equipment:

Some games allow players to upgrade equipment by combining materials or resources. This creates powerful gear with special properties.

Customization Options:

Upgrades also provide customization options for character appearances or visual effects. Players can make their favorite heroes’ look stand out with stat improvements.

Invest time and effort into upgrading and you’ll be better equipped to tackle tough levels and defeat enemies. Prioritize upgrades according to character roles or strengths. Increase attack power for damage dealers or boost defense for tanks. Strategize upgrades to optimize performance in battle.

Discover hidden treasures and unlock new worlds with the help of gold coins!

Unlocking new areas and features

Gold coins can be used to open up a world of possibilities! Players can use their coins to unlock new areas, bonus levels, exclusive items, and powerful equipment. These benefits offer strategic advantages during the game, plus they demonstrate a player’s skill and dedication. Unlocking these features expands the game world, keeps players engaged, and makes Angry Birds Epic highly replayable.

Tips for obtaining more gold coins

Looking to boost your gold coin collection in Angry Birds Epic? Look no further! In this section, we’ll uncover valuable tips and strategies for obtaining more gold coins. From farming gold coins in Chronicle Cave levels to utilizing the Golden Pig Machine and leveling up through completing quests, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to maximize your coin-gathering potential and level up your gameplay in no time!

Farming gold coins in Chronicle Cave levels

Farm Gold Coins in Chronicle Cave Levels? Yes, you can! Here’s how:

  1. Choose a level that fits your skill & capabilities. Each one has its own difficulty & rewards.
  2. Battle enemies & complete objectives. Higher chances of getting gold coins as rewards.
  3. Look out for treasure chests & bonus items. Gold coins may be hidden or require specific actions to unlock.
  4. Patience & persistence required. Replay levels multiple times to refine strategies & get more coins.

Global memes show that farms are great sources of gold coins. Use these four steps to farm gold coins in Chronicle Cave levels and enhance your Angry Birds Epic experience.


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Utilizing the Golden Pig Machine

The Golden Pig Machine is a great asset in Angry Birds Epic! It can be used to get gold coins. By using the strategies of the Golden Pig Machine, players can make the most out of it and get more gold coins.

This feature gives players an alternative way to get gold coins. Using the Golden Pig Machine strategically can give players resources to upgrade characters, unlock new areas and features.

To get the most out of the machine, players should:

  1. Take advantage of daily free spins. They offer a risk-free chance to get gold coins without spending any real money.
  2. Be aware of bonus events that give extra rewards. Participating in these events increases the chance of more gold coins.
  3. Manage resources and allocate them to spinning when they have extra funds. This way, they can use the feature without stopping other progress.

Level up and do quests to get more gold coins and level up the game!

Leveling up and completing quests

Leveling up and completing quests in Angry Birds Epic are essential for progressing. Players receive rewards for doing so, such as experience points and gold coins. These coins can be used to upgrade characters and unlock new content. Leveling up signifies growth and makes characters more powerful. Quests add depth to gameplay by providing challenges beyond battles. Rewards motivate players to keep progressing while also providing a sense of satisfaction. The importance of leveling up and completing quests has been recognized since the game’s inception. It remains an integral part of the game’s mechanics and progression system.

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Got gold coins? In Angry Birds Epic, you need them! You can get ’em through battles, quests, and treasure chests. Plus, daily events and challenges give you more coins. Use the coins to get weapons and upgrades for the birds. That’ll let them take on tougher levels. With planning and smart gameplay, you can get lots of coins. Ultimately, gold coins are crucial to success in Angry Birds Epic.

They help you unlock powerful stuff and beat obstacles.

Some Facts About “Angry Birds Epic How to Get Gold Coins”:

  • ✅ Lucky Coins are the premium currency in Angry Birds Epic. (Source: Angry Birds Epic RPG Wiki)
  • ✅ Lucky Coins can be obtained for free by leveling up, completing daily bonuses, defeating the Golden Pig, opening chests, and completing Mysterious Sea – 10. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Lucky Coins have various uses in the game, such as rolling the Golden Pig Machine, renting a Mercenary Bird, upgrading equipment, purchasing items, and upgrading birds’ classes. (Source: Angry Birds Epic RPG Wiki)
  • ✅ Players are advised to play the Golden Pig daily to obtain Lucky Coins. (Source: Angry Birds Epic RPG Wiki)
  • ✅ Angry Birds Epic’s servers were shut down and replaced with a different feature called snouting. (Source: Team Research)


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FAQs about Angry Birds Epic How To Get Gold Coins

How can I obtain Lucky Coins in Angry Birds Epic?

To obtain Lucky Coins in Angry Birds Epic, there are a few methods you can try. You can receive 3 Lucky Coins when you level up, and additionally, you can earn more coins by completing daily bonuses, defeating the Golden Pig, opening chests, and completing Mysterious Sea – 10.

What are the uses of Lucky Coins in Angry Birds Epic?

Lucky Coins have various uses in the game. They can be used to roll the Golden Pig Machine to obtain random items and fill the rainbow bar. You can choose to roll once for 3 coins or roll ten times for 27 coins. Lucky Coins can also be used to rent a Mercenary Bird, wake up a friend’s bird during Weekly Dungeons or Chronicle Cave levels, revive your own birds if you fail a level, purchase classes for birds, upgrade the Cauldron and Anvil, buy potions and upgrades for birds’ classes, and much more.

How can I buy classes for my birds in Angry Birds Epic?

To buy classes for your birds in Angry Birds Epic, you will need to use your Lucky Coins. Saving up your coins is advised, as you can purchase classes for your birds with them. Upgrading the classes of your birds can greatly enhance their abilities and increase their chances of success in battles.

What is the Rainbow Bar in Angry Birds Epic and how can I fill it using Lucky Coins?

The Rainbow Bar in Angry Birds Epic is related to the Golden Pig Machine. Using Lucky Coins, you can roll the machine to obtain random items, and each roll fills the rainbow bar slightly. Rolling 10 times for 27 coins will fill even more of the rainbow bar. In older versions of the game, rolling for 15 coins filled the rainbow bar and had a higher chance of obtaining powerful items.

Can I wake up my friend’s bird in Weekly Dungeons or Chronicle Cave levels using Lucky Coins?

Yes, you can wake up your friend’s bird in Weekly Dungeons or Chronicle Cave levels using Lucky Coins. It costs 10 coins to wake up a friend’s bird, and this can be helpful in completing challenging levels and progressing further in the game.

What happens if I fail a level in Angry Birds Epic and how can Lucky Coins help?

If you fail a level in Angry Birds Epic, you have the option to revive your own birds using Lucky Coins. Reviving your birds costs 15 coins and allows you to continue playing the level instead of starting over. This can be particularly useful in difficult levels where you want to progress without losing your progress.


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